Sunday, June 12, 2016


Love and Healing and Prayers and Tears for Orlando...

Even though I have been feeling and "seeing" 2016 for the last 8 years, there was a lot I wasn't ready for.  The surviving part, means dog paddling, and a lot of projects and dreams and desires get set aside.  Maybe it is that way right now for a lot of magickal peeps, or maybe, as usual, I overplan and then lag...

Third Eye hindsight is always 20/20.  The night of June 11th has been on my mind.  I see posts on social media from other 5D/New Age/ Magickal peeps saying the same thing.  But I didn't foresee Orlando.  But last night was explosive.  I imagine there were many, many small explosions.  There was one in my nieghbourhood- over 20 car windows shattered with BB gun pellets.

This country is in love with violence and guns.

This is the Old Age collapsing.  The Piscean Martyr, overstaying his welcome, stinking up the house like a fish after 3 days.  

There aren't enough New Age structures in place, and the "centre cannot hold".  This is the widening gyre.  What will survive is what always survives- life, creativity, love, nature.  But human existence cannot continue as it has for the last 2000 years.  

This the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Avatars and Electronic Fire.  There will be no ONE saviour, no ONE god, because we are all moving into a time where each human encompasses the Divine.  Aquarius is unpredictable, random, electric.  Incarnate souls that are trapped in the Piscean Age may have to die to be able to shift their consciousness to the Higher Dimensions of the New Age.

Within one hundred years we will all be more "psychic" than the most clairvoyant among us now.  But those of us that have those abilities now are becoming somewhat invisible.  As the collapse becomes more serious, more destructive and dangerous, we cannot always expect to predict things.  

The old stories of people's that vanished from sight- like the Irish Sidhe- and went to live in another land beyond the sunset, that could happen to us.  It is possible that the 5D world will have to break off from the 3D world in order to survive the violent end of the Piscean Age.  

You are safe where ever you go, as long as you de-FRAG (cleanse yourself of Fear Resentment Anger and Guilt) and keep Love in your heart and in your aura like a shield of protection.

But there are no guarantees this year either.  Keep counting your blessings, focusing on what you love and appreciate, and loving and appreciating yourself unconditionally.

This is a year to keep your power in your own life.  Among people you know and love.  The combination of collapsing Piscean Age structures, and the incoming Aquarian Age energies, is tricky to navigate without a solid New Age foundation.  (People in collective communities will likely have a good year.  In fact, any New Age structure could benefit from the random, chance, Uranian bolts out of the blue.)

Whatever you are doing, focus as much of your good intentions on it, and try not to get too distracted by what if's and if I'd only, etc.  Through Samhain, magickal folk especially need to be super conscious of intentions 24/7.

And this is a year to change habits and modes of living.  To put intention into health, safety, fitness, protection, diet, etc. This is a big personal struggle for me, but I am deeply motivated by seeing how clear my past visions of 2016 were, which means I need to heed the visions of the next 8 years, which require me being much healthier.

(It may be that if you are too "pure and healthy" you may need to develop a tolerance for junk food and pollution, because even though the majority in this country need to move towards cleaner diets and ways of living, we can't be sure the shitstorm isn't going to create a situation where we will all be eating "Soylent Green" or pollution will get very bad.)

Nurture the New Age in your heart and mind as much as you can.  Keep your spirits and your chin up, and honour the memories of those that you love by living the best life you can create.  Stay in the moment. Light your candles and say your prayers and cast your Circles and give Praises, Thanks, and Blessings to everything you appreciate.  Keep the world you want to live in safe and strong in your heart, even if the outer world seems doomed.

There is Protection and Power and Prosperity,
Above you and Below you
Behind you and Before you
To your Right and to your Left
From With In you and All Around You.

There is Love and Light and Peace,
Above you and Below you
Behind you and Before you
To your Right and to your Left
From With In you and All Around You.

May your path be filled with Blessings and Kindness and Understanding.

PS- I still plan to publish 2 more issues of Supernatural Saint Louis, and last issue covers Night of the Watchers, and what happened this year.  I got a lot of hits again, and I am sorry that the issue wasn't up.

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