Monday, April 3, 2017


One thing I love about North County is the abundance of owls. Saturday night after midnight there was a HUGE HOOTENANNY going on! I went outside and there must have been 5 owls- maybe as many as 8- clustered in the trees around the house.

OMGoddess I have never heard so many different owl sounds! And I actually saw a few of them flying from tree to tree! I was a little kid again it was so OWLSOME! My eyes were saucer plates and my mouth was a big O and a I kept getting thrill chills and shivers of excitement!

Since someone said it was mating season, I couldn't help but engage in anthromorphic imaginings of the hootenanny:

Big Owls: "Hey women, look at me, look look look at meeeeee. Hey babeeeee, look at meeee."
Females: "Ho hum"
Big Owls: "I make the biggest eggs! I build the strongest nests! I have two snakes cleaning up after me!"
Females: "Meh"
Not So Big or Loud Owl: "Baby, let's talk about you. How are you doing? Wanna get out of these place and go somewhere else? I know a place where the mice are so thick all you gotta do is land on the ground to catch one! Then I'll rub your claws and pick 'em clean. You got such pretty claws and I LOOOOVE your beak."
Females: "Mmmmm, hmmmm, yeah, I could use my claws cleaned."
Females fly away with Not So Big or Loud or Macho Owl.
Big Owls sit in tree sulking. From far away Not So Big Owl: "See ya later losers!"

PS- I don't know if Owls clean each other's claws.  I was thinking of the owl version of a manicure. 

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