Wednesday, June 7, 2017


The Watcher Angels don't visit the same anymore.  That's part of the Mystery.  It's a knowledge that can only be gained by esoteric means, and only individually.  Once you see them, you see the Mystery, and then you understand what has changed in the last few years.  Sorry to seem so vague, but this is directed at those that are seeking the revelation I had.  A stronger hint might take the revelation away from me.  It is too powerful and fragile to be revealed.

The Strong Sun Full Moon is coming up in two days.  The full moon is a sun-moon opposition.  One of the few oppositions we celebrate.  The biggest brightest full moon is during the darkest days and longest nights of the year, and the weakest full moon is during the longest, brightest days of the year.

Hence "strong sun" full moon.

This is the moment during the year when the inner and emotional landscape are the least illuminated.  And this is also the last full moon of the "waxing" half of the year.  This is when our day to day lives, our mundane, mortal, shitting, breathing, eating, fucking, lives, are strongest and most able to make the changes in our emotional, personal and inner lives that illuminated during the full moon before the winter solstice.

In terms of the global shift- the move to 5D consciousness and an Aquarian Age lifestyle, and the collapse of the Old Piscean Age structures of ego and martyrdom, of possessions and wealth and violent power- this is also turning point.

Choices need to be made or changes will be forced and uncomfortable.  Kindred, what is your next step?  Do you withdraw from this world and begin creating the communities and structures necessary for the transition?  Do you join the people fighting to dismantle these larger structures and make them adapt? Do you settle down in one place and put in roots, or do you hit the road?

If you live in the USA, especially the St. Louis area, I am still advising keep stocked up on supplies in case of emergency, developing personal networks and meeting places in case of disaster or widespread internet and electricity outtages.

If you are in St. Louis I think the more focus on transforming this region, the better.  This may not be true in other areas.  This full moon will give you the clarity you need for yourself and your area.

If you are standing on the sidelines, you will need a written note or pass.  Because things are going to be moving around, and if your karma isn't straight and you are taking a holiday from an authentic life for yourself, it's gonna be a mess.  A six month mess at least.

I'd say it's vital to stretch your comfort level.  Maybe that's just me.

As always, the most important thing is to keep your focus on the world you want to see, without denying the world that you do see, or that others see.  Your inner vision is your compass.  Stay on True North.

There is no saving of others, and no saviours coming to save you.  You are your only power, and your power has to be authentic to work right now.

But also, don't forget to celebrate, and sample the sweet strawberries and smell the thick clover fields, and laugh in the sunshine with the children who will inherit the future you are fighting for,

Blessings peeps,

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