Saturday, October 23, 2010


For me, the air is always filled with things that look like soap bubbles. Except they are made of light, and shimmery, but have that opalescence that soap bubbles have, like pearls. Or perhaps they look more like fairy snow globes, floating around, waiting to be shook up. 

I don't know if they are created by other people, or if they are just waiting for someone to look at them, and maybe take one home.  But I see and feel them the most strongly during magickal times, and always in the moonlight.  They might even be visible to the physical eye in the moonlight.

Each contains ideas, and feelings, and thoughts. Here is one such fairy bubble, that I shook up and then took home with me, during this magickal "Blue" moon.


No Mayan would be able to live in this world.  It is the end of the world as they knew it.

Humans are a greater danger to nature, than nature is to humans. In human history, this is a real first.  When the wolves howl it is because they are afraid. We are hunting them, and in greater numbers than ever they hunted us! Few animals can survive in our habitat. 

We must now shift into a reality where we do not compete with nature or with ourselves. There is no need for greed.  Or waste.  There is no shortage of human invention.  There is no "unsolvable" problem! We can--and do-- think circles around ourselves all day!

We have achieved the climax of every story written until now.  Our "bibles"-- all of our mythologies-- have been fulfilled.  (Except for the Messiah, the Saviour, and more on that in a moment.)

And we could easily write a billion- -six billion, in fact-- new Bibles.  Each person on this planet could write one of their very own.

Literacy, and books, and writing materials!  Goodness gracious, great balls of fire! We have toilet paper AND paper to write documents! (Toilet paper is, in my opinion, one of the greatest inventions of the last century.)

And in just one, modest American law or escrow office the staff will shred in one year the entire, irreplaceable, ashen, 350 year collection of the legendary library at Alexandria!

In my miniscule 44-year life I have seen the manuscript writing process change drastically. I remember re-typing my manuscripts over and over again, during each edit. That was just twenty years ago. (I have not become a faster writer, the tools that I use for writing can keep up with me now.) 

Humour and references from just twenty years ago, in movies or songs, don't always make sense anymore.

(Some of this is that we do create for the moment, now, because we can.  Our "throwaway culture".  Some of this is because we've evoloved now to shift in consciousness and synthesize knowledge more quickly. ) 

And we can send all of these stories magickally, and instantly!  The Illiad (book, movie, recorded books, and with many versions to choose from) and/or The Jersey Housewives reality show can be made accessible to millions, in seconds!

And it hasn't even been 600 years- a mere twinkle on the Mayan calendar- since the Gutenberg took manuscript copying out of the painstakingly slow and often censoring/fabricating/embroidering/omitting hands of the Catholic Church!

We can call each other instantly. Until 100 years ago it was not even possible to hear the voice of someone that wasn't within hearing distance of one's own ears! It was possible to spend your entire life surrounded by mostly the same people, or conversely, move away and never see your hometown or family again.

People often would not know the circumstances (or date or location) of a loved one's death.  Or even know a child had married, or had a grandchild, much less seen a video recording of these events! What other generation until ours has been able to jump back into someone's life instantly after a thirty year absence, and thousands of miles--across oceans--via facebook?

We are learning to communicate telepathically.  The internet is the facilitator in a shared reality that will help us to understand how each of us a part of a larger whole. We are "an objective being experiencing this reality subjectively", as the comedian Bill Hicks says.

Once the Divine was everything, and we were part of it.  Now we are everything, and the Divine is part of us.  Our outer differences will continue to matter less and less as we learn more and more, about each other and about ourselves.

Some people eat rice like this, and other people eat rice like that, but each enjoys rice. And there is plenty of rice.  It's just not distributed properly because we haven't adjusted yet to a mindset of abundance.

(Food economist and activist Vandana Shiva says "starvation and obesity are two sides of the same coin", and further, that both are diets lacking proper nutrition.)

And if not rice, then the process of eating, or the necessity to eat, is shared. And to look at the more unpleasant side of human behaviour, we are seeing how even those that "hate" the "haters" are still hating.

We all have the capacity to hate, to have anger. We all have the same emotions.  And all of us are vulnerable to feeling lack of love.  Or feeling that we are seperated from feeling good, or having the knowledge to make the best decision. 

But all this is changing as we share ourselves with the world. This giant discussion that we are all having.  When has the Round Table-- the fireside, the council, the gathering-- been this large?

Six billion people with only six degrees of seperation. Wow.

We are moving into a place of sharing.  Of abundance.  Collectively, we are children becoming adults.

But everything is all topsy-turvy as we re-balance at a new point in human evolution. It is the end of the world as the Mayans knew it, and the beginning of us.  Our saviour may not be a man that says "love thy neighbour as thyself" and "turn the other cheek".

Things are becoming their opposites.  So much so that the end of the world is nothing more than a new beginning! 

I think now our saviour must say "love thyself", and "turn thy cheek away.  In fact, turn not just thy cheek, but thy whole face, towards thy own inner light". Look to your own nirvana, heaven, or paradise within. In the God/dess in you.

We must now take full responsibility for the world we live in, and love it.  We must love ourselves and our world, as once our Gods- our Fathers and Mothers, or Godless Nature- loved us.  We must become our own "parents".

We cannot look back to the lost Garden of Eden, instead we must look to create it within, in our own lives.  We have conquered galaxies far, far away, and our own species has floated far above the moon, sitting in a tin can rocket.  Now we must conquer ourselves.

All of the Heirophants and gurus and avatars and messiahs and wizards and Doctor/ates that walk the earth right now are preaching positive thought, self-love, and total faith in the good life.

This includes Joel Osteen, Michael Beckwith, Louise L. Hay, Dr Andrew Weill, Starhawk, and also Will Smith and Angelina Jolie.  And Stephen J. Gould, and Stephen Hawking! Science, Religion, and Apathy are all in agreement, at least on one thing! 

Accentuate the positive, as the "old" song goes.

The Secret has been revealed, the Old Gods resurrected, the archeological site excavated and declared Holy by all the opposing religions and the forensic anthropologists.  The missing link has been found, and all of his/her kin.

(And even the old heresies are being reversed.  In 1992 Galileo was reinstated by the Mother Church in Rome.  The Library at Alexandria was commemorated and resurrected in 2002. Quantum physicists are "proving" theories first advanced by Meta-physicists.)

Stories from the Bible and the Illiad, and the DNA from the first human ancestor have lived for thousand of years unchanged.  This was the world of the Mayan Calendar. 

This is the end of the world as the Mayans, and everyone up until now, knew it.

And this is the beginning of us.  The commencement of the "quick as lightning" people.  The "there is enough" and "anyone is everyone".  A collective of individuals.

(I believe this is the beginning of the world as described in the book 2150 A.D. by Thea Alexander.) 

There are 6 billion of us. Six billion realites. Six billion rationalties. Six billion God/desses.

We are creating a new mythology, but of one, single person, made up of the multitudes.  We have found what is common in all of us, and now we can truly enjoy our own individuality. 

And we can all claim our right to live in the world we want to live in. And we do not need to focus on anyone but ourselves to do this.  The world is too populated for us to keep insisting that everyone agree with us.  We must learn to focus on our own "good", as the word means "coming from God." 

The universe is limitless.  It is NOT possible to think a thought, or imagine something, that is NOT possible. If you can see it, you can have it. For you.  What is right for you may not be right for another.  So what is good for you?

We do need to sort carefully through the old rules, and test each new rule that we make, one at a time, to make sure it is sound. We are strangers in a strange land. The land of ourselves.  We are the aliens among us.

Your heart, your feelings, are your "emotional guidance system", as the Hicks' Abraham puts it. (The Law Of Attraction by Ester and Jerry Hicks.) Focus on what makes you feel good.

Be patient. Have fun. Trust yourself. Find people that you love, that make you laugh.  Take freely of what is offered to you. Share whatever you have to offer.

With love from my heart to yours,
Lady Rae

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Dog-sitting for a friend the other day, I had occasion to be out earlier than usual.  I live on a street lined with oak trees, and all are filled with their fruits right now.  As a great grouping of starlings, or perhaps grackles, came through-- many taking positions among the top branches of the oaks-- hundreds of acorns came raining down on the cars and streets beneath.

People often ask me "how do you know (this or that) is an omen, and not just a coincidence?"  And in many spiritual traditions certain birds, or natural occurrences--such as falling acorns-- have meanings ascribed to them.  If one is not familiar with auguries, it would seem that no Druid or Native American would have made it through the day without witnessing hundreds of supernatural signs. 

For example, I rarely saw bats, hawks, or owls in Los Angeles.  And in St. Louis I rarely see or hear crows (because of a recent deadly virus that killed off a lot of crows and ravens in Missouri).  All of these creatures are regular messengers from the spirit world (or the subconscious, or the other). The rarer the occurrence, of course, the more likely it is an omen.  But that is not always true.

What non-believers and non-magickal folks don't get is the accompaniment. Perhaps a mood that washes over you when you hear the fish crow "caw-cawing", or the pressure on your spine when a breeze stirs the leaves before you as you stroll down the street. Or seeings the vapour, or mist, that surrounds spirits of the dead attached to the one white butterfly that flies past you, that makes it different from all the other white butterflies.

As much as I wish the starling startled acorns had been a sign of "riches raining down upon me" or the coming harvest of some long, and patiently awaited dream, I felt no such prescience that morning.  Mostly I just felt I was being pelted. 

So, while it was, up until that morning, a rare occurrence, it did not have the earmarks of an omen.  In fact, I listen for it now, in the morning, when I am up early. 

Now, a few days later, a wounded butterfly was on my doorstep, and later that day a night moth with patterns like eyes on its' wings in the bathroom.  Both were draped in accidents, injuries, and possible death.  There was little I could do to prevent the things signal from occurring, but that is another post, for another day.

With love from my heart to yours,
Lady Rae