Tuesday, December 31, 2013


For magickal peeps the New Year was at Samhain.

This Chik Phil A Day event, or rather, the facecrack, er facebook, PAGE about this event has been sucking up a lot of my time.  (You can click that link and see the post I wrote about it on Sunday.)

I always want to see as much of the "Circle of Truths" in any situation.  That Circle currently sits at 7 billion viewpoints.  So I in this case I need to see the polar opposite of my viewpoint.  That's the one that always the most difficult, or the most easy.  It's usually the first one to attempt.

For one thing, as a writer of fiction, I would like to be able to represent this kind of person so accurately that they would see themselves in the character.  I know I don't really understand them, because I cannot summon their reasoning organically.  I cannot fathom what ridiculousness is coming next.

And I refuse to believe they are all "evil" or incapable of transformation. 

And I would like to find a way that everyone could live on this planet together.  You know, "can't we all just get along?"  Everything starts with knowledge and understanding. 

I really do believe that we are in the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius, the New Age of Electronic Fire, and the Age of Avatars.  I think conservatives and zealots of all beliefs are NOT backward or the tail end.  I think they are the wrecking ball and crew.  The last vestiges of the old world are crumbling, and they are the ones running around pointing it out to us.  In the New Age the conservatives and zealots are the guys that show up at the very end, to demolish the foundation and cart the stones away.

"Look! Look! Gays can get married! Oh no, marriage is over!! It's doomed!!!"  The rest of us had figured that out based on the rate of divorce and people choosing to cohabitate or remain unattached.  And gays, please dude, you just can't handle conversations about sex publicly, regardless of who is doing what to whom.  Probably half the people reading that got hard or wet just seeing the word "vagina" and "asshole" come out of Robertson's mouth.

Get too reactive and just push against something like this and you can inadvertently strengthen it.  To quote my own poem

I don't want to fertilize the weeds.  Nor do I necessarily want to destroy them.  I just want to know how to keep them out of my garden.  Or how to use them to my advantage.

Or even get a few of these rigid zealots to question their own beliefs very thoroughly and deeply. Or even DEFEND them with any sort of logic I could understand.  I have seen a lot of people "break out of hell" by arguing full force with someone that held opposing beliefs.  Not always, but sometimes, a person like that is looking for a way out.  They want you to convince them.  But to convince them you have to understand them.

So that is something I have in common with these people.  We both want to lead people out of hell.  Although, of course, I also want to lead them away from a god that can send you to hell for eternity. But there is a parallel there.  It is a start.

What is the highest possible vision I have of the "Born-Again", evangelical Christian?  I am trying to go from what the purest, most ideal vision of their faith I can find. 

They really see their "choice" to "accept" Jesus as their Lord and Savior as something they do out of "love".  I have to put all that in quotes.  Because my use of those words as they use them do not seem to match exactly.

But I am really trying.

They feel more fear at a world that doesn't have that god.  I am afraid of that god. Whenever I have encountered him it has been out of fear of that hell, and also many times fear of what was happening in my own life, and not from feeling the overwhelming feeling of love and understanding and peace with the Universe. 

It was always with the desire to find a certain and safe refuge from the things I found horrifying in the world.  But I always found as much horror in those non-denominational churches and conservative Christian theology as I found outside.

But I can't assume that all of them feel that way.  I have to assume that a God that offers everlasting reward and freedom from suffering and complete exoneration for every mistake or misdeed is the only thing they have ever found that gives them strength.

Again, being pushy, greedy, narcissistic, infantile, and ignorant, which I often think is the case, is not the highest ideal.  Plus, all people can be those things, regardless of religion or ideaology. It's just that all zealots are so sure that they are right for themselves and for everyone else, that there is no room for diversity.  Because everything that is different is a threat. 

Satan is more important than God in their construct.  Would they still love their God without Satan?  We will never know.  It just is, there is no questioning of it.  Even entertaining the idea is too dangerous, because people already live in sin and to deny that even for a second leads to ruin.

Their God has given humans free will to choose, but only so that they can choose him.  There is really no other choice that matters.  Once you make the choice for Jesus to be your Lord and Saviour and do your best to follow the Bible based lifestyle, any mistake you make is forgiven. 

But Hell is actually the lynchpin of the whole conservative Christian outlook.  Everyone burns in hell without Jesus.  No matter how much they love God, they cannot ever go back and look to see if they would love their God without Hell.  Not even the smallest sins can be forgiven and hell avoided, without Jesus the Lord and Saviour.

But anything, no matter how evil, can be forgiven if you accept Jesus and the "traditional values" package.

On a personal note I realised that one reason this was bothering me so much is all the men I knew that were like Phil Roberston, and even looked like him.  I watched that show once.  It was enough.  I was 13 and surrounded by older men that talked all that same macho, religious, racist, crap as the Duck Dynasty show stars.  That show and that GQ interview were just way too familiar and painful to me.

Especially now that I live here again, and sometimes see one of them, or a brother, or a sign with a business someone still owns.  And I all I can think is "yuck."  And I just threw myself at them, because I was so desperate for any male attention, even wildly inappropriate and illegal.  I had so many abandonment issues and felt so unloved and unlovable.

But if I'd ever gotten my wish that one of them would have done as I wished-- if I had in fact been one of those "15 year old girls that would pick your ducks"-- I would be stuck with one of them and probably have children with them.  Some guy 10 to 25 years older than I was that got up and went to church with his family the morning after fucking me.

It's like I escaped from what have truly been a hell for me.  Thank you birth control and abortions, women's equality, freedom of speech, and freedom of and from religion, that I was able to escape that fate and live to appreciate it.

But also I don't want to live in that construct anymore.

No matter how I wrap my mind around it, there doesn't seem to be any peaceful coexistence in the New Age.  They either have to be completely ignored and/or completely out legislated.  Because there is no middle ground with them on issues like abortion and gay marriage.  Because no matter how lofty and ideal I try to go with their ideals, the bottom line is is White Might has been Right, and Manifest Destiny and our God told us to take this Land, and our God is the only God.

These people are losing their privilege in this world. And they are all about this world, regardless of what they say about how they are living for Jesus.

So I suppose we can look forward to some more of these shenanigans, and we shall all decide if we want to respond or not.  And in the meantime just keep looking forward to the young people and the future.

Which seems appropriate for the last post of the calendar year.  Been busy writing something book-length, so I suppose I shall continue to be sporadic.

Blessings Peeps!

One of my finer comments and replies:
Redneck Dog Maw = the bitch with the pups

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Okay so there is an event being promoted on facebook

When I first saw the event in my feed, I thought "wtf? this can't be real."  I went to the page and it was filled with people making fun of the event.  So I thought, "right, it is a hoax."  No way are 60 thousand people stupid enough to do this.

I was happily commenting and poking fun at the occasional right wing whack job that posted.  Then the event admin posted something about how the "vile LGBTQ" (that q is for queer) had completely taken over the page and "shown their true colours" (rainbow).

I was having so much fun, and making all of my wonderful points about the religious zealots and haters, that I thought I would compile them here for any other pagan/godless/queers/queer supporters that wanted to use them.

1) Heaven is a gated community filled with intolerant people.  They find most people disgusting and amoral and just plain BAD.  The only conclusion here is that what they call Hell is really only torture for them.  For the rest of us it will probably be a lot of fun, since those intolerant people won't be around.  Bring on the Rapture!  Let the Apocalypse reign it's fire! More space on the planet for us sinners! YAY!

2) No matter what you say about a zealous, conservative Christian (the Christian Taliban) you can NEVER trump their God.  You don't have the threat of eternal torture and suffering.  You can call them any name you like, but making them suffer only gets them brownie points with their God.  They were made in his image, and he is a the TOP when it comes to Haters.  This is a God that had no qualms about impregnating his own human mother so that he could be born on earth as a human, and crucify himself (this God really loves gory torture and painful sacrifice) to wash away "original sin" which He also created.  I can't think of any other deity that spews as much hate as the conservative Christian God... except maybe the zealous Islamic Allah.

3) These people don't worship because they "love God".  Love is an act of free will, and the Bible tells you that God is angry, vengeful, spying old man that needs constant attention and obedience.  You love Him or you go to Hell.  Refer to points one and two.

4) They need everyone to behave as they do because they think things like "gay marriage leads to bestiality and pedophilia."  See there are people out there that need a strict God to tell them how to behave, because they can't tell the difference between consenting adults and children and/or animals!  They think that the rest of us will run mad in the streets, raping anything in our way, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THEY WOULD DO.  Think about it.  Same thing with their feelings of oppression.  Phil Robertson's show being suspended is a violation of their "free speech."  When you really look at how crazy that is, you see that these are people that are afraid.  And they should be...

5) They should be scared.  Their way of life doesn't work for the rest of us anymore.  A black man was elected President.  Most people support gay marriage.  Marijuana is becoming legal.  White Conservative "I will send you to hell if you don't accept me as your Lord and Saviour" Jesus isn't in control anymore and without Him they have no power.  Being white and Christian isn't enough anymore.

6) These people don't really believe what they say.  If they truly believed that they only had 80 years here with us sinners, and an eternity with their God in Heaven, they would not be worried about the rest of us.  (Nor would they likely be watching Duck Dynasty.)  The Bible makes it pretty clear that there are only 144,000 places in Heaven and that is it.  Plus that "your name is already written", or possibly, it ISN'T written.  Then you will be in hell, with people like me.  And Chaz Bono. 

7) This is not about "doing what is right" or "standing up for what you believe in".  Read the Old Testement enough and you learn God is crap shoot.  Who is God's best man? Job?  Well, God is bored and wants to play a game with the Devil so he fucks with Job.  And what about that lovely set up with Abraham and his son? Oh, and the best one, Judas.  How was Jesus to be crucified if no one had turned him in? If God the The Father set this up for Himself on Earth, why did Judas take the blame? No wonder these people are so confused.

8) If you want to have some fun, suggest to them that all of the sinners they see are actually an illusion created by the Devil.  Lucifer's original job was to strengthen the resolve of the righteous man by offering him temptation.  Now, temptation is a funny thing.  Think of it like this: if you are on a diet and someone offers you a piece of cake and you say no, that is fine.  But if you say "no" and then try to stop everyone else from eating it, and spend all your time pointing out all the cakes in the world, your really have a problem.  You haven't actually rejected the temptation.  The reverse, you are OBSESSED by it.  As Jesus famously said:
"But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart."
Westboro Baptist Church, by that standard, is committing homosexual acts by the truckload. 

9) Christian conservatives are basically Catholic.  They got rid of the Apocrypha, but kept the other books the early Catholic Church chose for the Bible.  Even in original Aramaic and Greek, they are still going with a canon that was chosen by the Catholic Church.  And they never question it.  Mary Magdalene is never associated with the stoned prostitute in the Bible.  It is all a piece of Catholic fiction from Saint Augustine, meant to divide women into whores or Madonnas.  No new writings about Jesus have ever been accepted by the Protestant churches.  Not the Gospel of Thomas, or Judas, or Mary Magdalene.  No Nag Hammadi scrolls. Nothing.  Next time a "Christian" tells you they are different from the Catholics, point this out.

10)  If Hitler had accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour before he killed himself, he would go to Heaven, right?  Because God loves everyone that accepts Him as Lord and Saviour.  Unless you are gay.  Or get an abortion.  Or was it just that Hitler, when it was suggested that he had a Jewish grand-parent, re-wrote his own Aryan birth laws to exclude only himself and Jesus?  For people that say they are just here to earn their "reward" in "heaven" (see point number 1) they sure are interested in the laws here on earth.

These points aren't as good as when you have the comments of these little Limbaugh quoting robots to go up against directly, but I hope they will help those of you that find yourself having a conversation with one of these people.  Do it right, and you can be as successful as Matt Damon's Angel Loki in the beginning of the film Dogma, when he convinces a nun to give up her vows.

For the record, I love Jesus.  I actually believe that he was one of the first Macro Humans, and that in the future we will all be like him-- able to heal ourselves, levitate, resurrect the dead, and most importantly, understand that we will only have a good life when we love everyone and create a world of tolerance and understanding.

I think there are as many Gods as there are people. I think Science is a kind of God, although I know many atheists would not like that characterization. And the more people with a loving and accepting God, the better off we will all be.  As long as a person's God is a hater and torturer and condemner, we will have people that hate and torture and condemn.  There is no salvation in a God that offers it only through fear of hell.  In fact, it leads to evil.  If a person has already "sinned" and is "beyond redemption" what is left for them but to embrace the hate? 

Give me a God that understands and nurtures and accepts.  One that truly leads, and leads somewhere worth going.  

Of course, as demonstrated above, most of this is not about God.  It's about self-righteousness.  Here are some exact quotes from the page:
Please come out and support National Chick-Phil-A Day. Tuesday Jan. 12 2014 Stand up and be counted for free speech when you visit Chick-fil-a !


Reading the thoughtless worldly godless views of some of these fokes is sad. They dont know Jesus is the only way to heaven. This whole thing is an issue of the heart.

I thing some people will be wishing they had a back bone to stand for the truth when the world stands for SIN and wickness. Satan trys to twist the truth.. God loves everyone and hates their sin. So if you think christians are going around supporting a lifestyle of sin you are mistaken.  

Im praying for you to see what your seeking for. God is your creator and he is your God too even though you have rejected him.

Some don't understand what the battles are all about and are making false assumptions. Chick-fil-A and Duck Dynasty are taking a stand for marriage being made of one man and one woman. They are not attacking people for being gay. They are not like those of 'Westboro'. Please know that Westboro does not represent the God of the Bible. They represent themselves as God and are trying to bring God's judgment down on America because of Gay people. The Bible teaches that marriage is made of one man and one woman. It also teaches us that every person has sinned, whether it be lying, stealing, pornography, witchcraft, pride, anger, murder, abortion, evil thoughts, manipulation, disrespect toward authority, and several other things, including homosexuality. God offers salvation to all of us through the Cross of Jesus Christ. God also loves people and wants people to be free from bondage. The bondage of sin is not good for any of us, but the Enemy of our souls tells us that God wants to take our fun away and give us things that are not good. God wants us to be free so we can know Him, and we can experience His power and forgiveness of sins, plus have eternal life in Him. He paid a serious price so we could have that. The ball is in our courts determining whether we will respond or not. We are not here to hate people but to offer them what God has provided, so they can be set free. God set us free and had mercy on us. Now we will share the good news with others. Thanks for supporting Chick-fil-A and Phil Robertson as they stand up for what is right and true.

All I have to say is I love god and I read the bible and I am a proud Christian. I support phil 100% and I pray for all you nonbelievers that may God have mercy on your soul come Judgment Day...
(That last one was a woman that had the Confederate Flag as her cover photo. Nuff said.)
Remember peeps, their Jesus only loves you if you love him-- like hookers used to ask for their pay "Do you love me sweetie? Cause I could love you."  (Now they say "are you looking for some business?", damn commerce has taken over everything ;)  If you don't love him (or you are gay), he still loves you, but you have to go to hell.  


PS-- also, feel free to tell them you will make an offering to Ganesh or pray to Allah (or Hecate or Zeus) for their salvation.  Then point out that they most likely feel the same you do about having them pray for you.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


 I have been trying to stick to the esoteric and mystical, but an incomprehensible and atrocious human rights violation has come to my attention, and I simply cannot keep quiet.

Can you imagine being told that an employer is not required to give you a break for any reason, including going to the bathroom, regardless of the work you do, or the length of your workday?  If you were to be fired for taking a bathroom break, it would not be investigated.  If you don't like it, go work somewhere else.

You've seen those headlines, right?  Chinese factory locks women in for twelve hour days sewing t-shirts for Wal-Mart, employees not allowed to use toilet facilities?  US (or UN or whatever) to sanction China, etc?

Well, I am not talking about China, I am talking about the US of A.  Today I spoke with what I assume was a human being at the Missouri Department of Labour.  I am used to care-free Cali, with it's (perhaps formerly) employee-friendly labour laws, which include a paid ten minute break for every two hours of work, and mandatory half hour unpaid lunch break for any shift over 6 hours.

Imagine my surprise at discovering that not only does Missouri not require employees get a break, but also under federal law there is no break requirement.  (If an employer DOES give breaks to employees, the Federal government regulates those, but breaks are not a requirement.  States CAN require that employees be given a break.  But it is state by state.)

An employer can legally require you to take a piss test, but is not legally obligated to let you take a piss while working. 

Now, if you are discriminated against for disability or race, that is another thing.  Or if all the other employees are given a break and you are not, and you can show that you were personally discriminated against, they will "investigate".  But basically, Missouri is a "RIGHT TO WORK" to state, which means, you have the right to work but not to pee and if you don't like it, don't work there.

I also learned that employers can record you (and their customers) both audio and visual, and to control you socialising with other employees (if an employer forbids you to have contact with co-workers outside of work, probably to prevent unionising).

Basically, the only thing they can't tell you is who to vote for.  As you can see, your politicians are working very hard to make sure your "freedom" to give them a job is a safe.

But your bladder and intestines? Screw that.  There are more regulations on a woman's uterus than there is on a worker's bladder.

God bless America, right?  Thank Goddess I am Pagan.  Right now, I wish I there was some way to opt out of being an American.

NO LEGAL RIGHT TO GO TO THE BATHROOM.  Remember that next time you hear someone talking about jobs, free-market, and the American Way.

BTW, if you pee your pants, you will be fired.  And forget unemployment, your employer controls that, too.

Spread the word. Please.

Link to Federal Law

Minors in the entertainment industry are very protected, ask anyone, including me, that has ever worked on a film set with minors.  One of the reasons twins are so popular, the laws regarding how much and for how long they can work are very strictly governed.  Thank the film unions for that.

Link to Missouri Law

For your state, Google "employee breaks" and your state Dept of Labor.

PS- Why isn't THIS the top story on every news broadcast? Obamacare, yo'mama care, you don't have the right to pee while someone is paying you $7.35 an hour.

EDIT:  Someone just sent me this link.  In further hilarity, OSHA requires bathrooms be made available, but no break required for people to use them.  The article has it all wrong (the idiot that wrote it read the part about the employer designated breaks being regulated and assumed that meant breaks were guaranteed).

It does provide a link where you can see the five states that legally allow you to go the bathroom without getting fired.  Illinois is one of them.

EDIT EDIT: Sorry, for clarification purposes, I was not fired from a job for using the bathroom, but I did work at a store where employees were not allowed any breaks at all, except to use the toilet, even when another employee was there.  In California that is illegal.  Until I called the Missouri Department of Labor (are those human beings that work there?  Or are they those Reagan era aliens from the movie They Live?) I did not know that workers have no legal right to take a bathroom break. 

The whole "right to work" and overprotection of employers and underprotection of employees is shocking to me, even before learning this.  An employer has the right to check my background, credit, and piss.  But I am not allowed to check theirs.  I cannot tell you how many small businesses I have worked for that did not keep adequate payroll funds, usually because the owner was out buying him or herself new shoes or vacations or drugs.  Why do I not have the same right to check out an employer?  Why is there not financial transparency on all businesses?  I am expected to commit myself to an employer but if that employer is a bad manager and the business closes down or goes bankrupt without paying me, I have very little recourse to get my money.  Not to mention I am out of a job because my employer did not do his.  How is that fair?

Of course, the Federal Government proved that it is a terrible employer.  Look forward to that shut down again in January.

I don't understand a country that does not insure that workers are treated like human beings.  I don't know what to do change this.  All I can do is write this blog and hope people read it, and maybe a strong worker's rights movement will begin to grow.

(Both images are from the movie THEY LIVE.)

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Technically, last night at sunset could have served as the official Samhain date, with the sun at 15 degrees of Scorpio this afternoon here in the U.S.  If you have read any of the many posts about calculating the Fire Festival and Celtic New Year then you know that the sun position is an approximation of the position of the Pleiades lining up with the centre of the Milky Way galaxy (the "opening of the door" or "lifting of the veil" between the worlds).

I look at the ephemeris and then ask the stars and the spirits, and I came to the conclusion it begins tonight at sunset, although I know there are some that celebrated last night.  I feel the spirits very strongly today.  One in particular.  I had the privilege this year of witnessing a dear friend pass out of this life in June.  The experience was not what I had expected.

I had thought that it would be like in the movies, in particular, like the movie Ghost.  That there would be a bright light and that I would "see" the spirit depart.  But from the perspective of the living, the portal to the otherworld is actually very far away.  I felt the spirits descend, but as if they had come a great distance.  The land of the dead did not open up to me as I had expected. 

Upon reflection I realised this is necessarily so. We, the living, are left behind.  The spirit remains near the body and watches over the mourners, but the doorway does not remain open for long.  Not open the way it is Samhain, when all the spirits of the deceased get their free pass to visit the living again.

I have been lucky, to learn so much from the dead over the years.  What is important while one is alive is not always what is important to the deceased.  The number one thing the dead want to say to the living is "I love you, and my love for you is still here, even though I am gone.  Anything that transpired between us in life cannot diminish that love."

Memory is the doorway for the spirits, and it is important on this night to think only of the good memories, if possible.  To forgive and forget old gripes and wipe away all debts.  The Magickal New Year is tomorrow, and time to begin anew.

Light a fire or a candle tonight, invite your ancestors and departed to feast with you.  Leave them offerings of food.  Write them letters of love and of your adventures here on earth, and burn the letter in the Samhain fires.

This body is just a shell we inhabit while we are here in this incarnation.  But all that we are, and have been, and will ever be, lives on.

Feast well, my living friends, and count your blessings.  Open your heart to the coming prosperity of the New Year.  Align yourself with the Higher Love Vibration.


Thursday, October 31, 2013


Regular readers might find me to be a broken record, but I suppose I am something of an evangelist for true Samhain.  I am not trying to take away from another way of celebrating Samhain, but instead wish that all witches knew the true roots of this, our most important Feast Day.

Samhain is from sunset on November 7th to sunset on November 8th this year (2013).

Samhain ("sou-en" or "sow-en") is the ancestor of Halloween, or All Hallows Eve.  The Druids discovered the day and marked it.  It occurs when the sun is approximately 15 degrees of Scorpio, the actual calculation (the opening of the doorway between the worlds) having to do with the position of the Pleiades in relation to the centre of the Milky Way galaxy. The Catholic Church took the Feast for themselves, and at the time, the Eve was on the 31st. (An alternate theory is that they specifically chose a date when there was no chance of the spirits being present, to divert people away from an otherworld that was not Catholic.)

The Druids marked a new day when the sun set, not at sunrise, or midnight.  Samhain was the Druidic New Year.  It began at sunset, and Samhain itself was considered the Twilight of the Year.  The period between Samhain and the Winter Solstice- the rebirth of the sun, the "dawn" of the year- was considered a fallow time.  Many witches, myself included, do not practice magick during this time.

The Celts were mainly pastoral, that is herders, not agricultural farmers.  Bealtaine, which marked the other half of their year, was the Feast of Fertility, the mating of the herds and the departure of shepherds to the fields. (They had only two divisions to the year- probably not marking the other "Quarter Days", the modern Pagan Feasts of Imbolc and Lughnassadh. Samhain remains the month name for November in Irish, and Bealtaine the name for May).

The week preceding Samhain was the annual slaughter of the animals, an echo of this remains in the Circle chant "Red Blood/ White Bone/ Black Earth/ Harvest Home" of  modern witches.  The Feast itself lasted a week.

Halloween is mostly an American tradition.  A melting pot of beliefs from different European traditions, along with the addition of New World foods.  Irish children would have carried a carved turnip in their pockets, as protection from visiting spirits with malevolent intent.  The "tricks and treats" were for the dead- people would leave out offerings to appease the spirits, and also be prepared with various "tricks" (charms and riddles) to ward off ghouls and non-human entities. 

(It's not just Mercury retrograde messing with you right now. The pixies are out of control this year.  Leave them a dish of cream with some honey and ring a bell.  Hopefully they will stop stealing your keys and messing with your electronic devices.)

If you tune into the energies, Samhain is unmistakeable.  It is the busiest night of the year for Mediums.  I celebrate with a Feast for my ancestors and I burn Chinese Hell Money in the bonfire for them, along with other offerings- letters, incense and herbs. I put out a jack o lantern out and a few apples or pomegranates for the hungry ghosts, and leave a candle burning all night.

Happy Halloween, and Samhain Blessings!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


"Wort" is an old word for "herb". "Simple" is an old name for a medicine with only one ingredient, usually a wort. Come join us for the Magickal Harvest!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Part of being an immortal means living through the revolution and overthrow of the favourite lifestyle.  Of always having to watch everything one has loved become archaic.

A continuity and inevitable reverse of karma-- the grifter becomes the mark, the ugly becomes the beauty, the poor becomes rich.

You will see yourself reviled, without the rose coloured glasses of reincarnation, and you will join in the disgust.

For the enlightened immortal, one has to constantly expand in self-love, and de-FRAG (remove all fear, resentment, anger and guilt).  We are here to experience the last days of the old age, and the first days of the New Age.

We cannot live fully in either world, knowing that there are aspects of this world we will have to reject, and also things we have to accept in the New Age.

The pendulum that is swinging between this world and the next has a rhythm.  It has a binary programme that all of us can access.  It was swinging faster, but now that it has gathered momentum it is swinging wider.

We all have to become more fluid.

We will experience some extremes in order to learn how to mitigate them in ourselves.  The best trait for an immnortal is dexterity.

The NowEver is becoming stronger, as the souls that inhabit human bodies in this Earthly dimension remember their own immortality and eternal nature.

Uranus, ruler of the Unexpected and Unexplainable, is the ruler of zombies and the undead hordes. Uranus is the ruler of the Zodiac House of Aquarius. **

The fascination with zombies and the brain eating dead is actually rooted in both the great number of psychic awakenings that are happening, and the fact that the majority of people have not yet experienced it yet, AND our global awareness of each other, and all aspects of human live, thanks to the internet and mass media, etc.

The ghosts of the past and of other people with cultures and ways that may be hostile to our own is literally overwhelming us.

Remember to take a moment everyday, especially if you are a witch, to connect with the sky, with the earth, and with the sea.  Rejoice in her abundant fertility, that she is able to support all 7 billion of us.  Affirm that we are all healing and growing and there is enough for everyone.

Affirm that we will learn to create a sustainable existense for ourselves, and that we are heading toward a Utopian future.

Affirm it for yourself first, and then all others.

For many people in this world, the most unexpected and unexplainable thing would be if everything did turn out all right, and that everything really was all good.

Happy Full Moon Peeps!

** (Saturn was the ruler until the very end of the Age of Pisces, at least in European astrology, I believe, following the manner of Royal Houses-- although of course, backward in procession- as the planetary rulers, like certain Gods and Dieties, actually age in the exact opposite direction of our time here.  So Olympian Saturn gives birth to Titan Father.)

And Scorpio might rule the underworld and death and passion, but the the undead hoards and zombies belong to Uranus.  (Although, if you are doing magick, the Egyptian Pantheons are actually the best for resurrection and possession, etc. Some of the other African systms might work better, but too often the magick requires too heavy a price.)



I like this dude. I hope he is enjoying the irony of his life, irregardless of how difficult it seems to many others. That just his choice in his name creates such strong reactions and judgements.  

He is a poster child for the Rush Limbaugh, big Pharma, marijuana horror stories.  How terrifying he must be to those scared small-minded mortals!   I.e., omg if you smoke pot you might change your name to something silly!  Wouldn't that just be the worse thing EVER? Much worse than a government shut down or chemical warfare!

I think marijuana is part of the shift.  Like LSD in the Hippie days.  We're channeling the other dimension and the new "Senses" and/or "Powers" partly through "Higher" consciousness.  The Gamma brainwaves.

(Big Pharma is also part of this, the need for altered states of consciousness via outside chemistry and botany, but not in a direction that seems it will survive the New Age.  Although as we learn to shift to other consciousnesses, and especially the God consciousness-- the Macro love energy, as in the book 2150 A.D.--I do think all physical enhancement will stop, except for festivals and stuff.)

I can imagine a possibility that his life is easier now just being the famous really crazy stoner, than continuing to function in the one dimensional, gossip and media dominated, shared reality.  The muggle world where there is so much guilt and shame and lies is exhausting!

We came here to experience this physical dimension, but the muggle belief that this is the only level of reality, and that there is even such a thing as "crazy", is really limiting and kind of boring.  Having a conversation with this guy is more appealing in many ways than having a convo with one of my idols or heroes, like Bowie.  

And because he is not rich and does not have any apparent power, all of the interactions he has with other people would mean that because of his name, you really accepted the part of him that is utterly rejected by society.

I wonder if Beezow is Loki's current Avatar?

Thursday, August 15, 2013



Thursday, August 1, 2013


The Quarter Days are not fixed dates.

This is a link to all posts regarding calculating Lughnassadh:

Happy August 1st Peeps!

Monday, July 22, 2013


Readings, Telekinesis, Spells and Magick, Astrology information, Henna tattoos, AND LOTS MORE!!!!

The first of a monthly series at Ye Ole Haunt in Old North!

Every month will feature a different theme with different guest oracles and musical and magickal folk.

The premiere is "Stars and Spirits". Astrology, Cosmic Mysticism, and the blessings of Lady Stardust! Come learn about some of the different types of astrology (Western, Chinese, and Vedic), test your own psychic and telekinetic powers, and take part in a seance.

Readings available from Stef Russell, Lady Rae, and another reader TBA.

Henna tattoos and other astrology and astronomy themed art by Allison Sands.

Music by Edgefield C Johnston

We begin the afternoon with a bit of information on the Stars and the Spirits.

The first musical set starts at 2:30.

At 3:15 we will be conducting a Seance, and participants can nominate spirits for us to contact. We will also see what non-living entities are "haunting" Ye Ole Haunt. The more Mediums in attendance the better!

Another live music set begins at 3:45. During that time we will also have a Ouija Board for you to try your "hand" at, and for those that are interested we will make magickal protection charm sachets for personal use.

At 4:30 we will be (attempting) to demonstrate telekinesis by levitating a bottle of spirits (pun intended ;o)

There will be readings and henna art throughout the afternoon.

This will be a good time for newbies and for longtime practitioners of the Metaphysical Arts!

Admission is free, and it is all ages. There is a parking lot right across the street, and Crown Candy is just down the street.

The next Supernatural Saturday won't be until August 24th, and the theme will be "Worts: Herb and Plant Magick"

YE OLE HAUNT 1319 Saint Louis Avenue, Old North, 63106 314.588.7149


Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Before we begin, let me just note that this is the final Wednesday in this Mercury "retrograde".

Sometimes people say "I wish I was totally in flow of the current energy."  Well, if things are wonky, to put it mildly, you are, unfortunately, in the flow.

If you are having a total meltdown or are completely overwhelmed, just STOP.  BREATHE.


I know that is easier said than done, trust me.  Just have faith that SOMEHOW everything is working out.

(I don't know if I have faith, though, because I hear the dead peeps so clearly.  I have belief.)

They tell me that in the after life, a Medium like me is a ghost.  As bright and shimmery, as otherwordly, as much a reminder of the otherworld.

Today I learned something new from the ghosts, from the inhabitants of the lower astral. I was feeling totally overwhelmed and completely under-capable.

The dead peeps suggested looking at life how a ghost that was suddenly re-animated would view it. 

Not a spirit that has crossed over, but as one of those lost and lonely earthbound ghosts, like Jacob Marley.  Marley himself cannot come back and correct the errors he made during his own life, so he passes this gift of prescient hind-sight on to his business partner and kindred spirit, Ebeneezer Scrooge.

Oh to be given the chance again, to be stuck in traffic, miss a bus, sweat profusely in intolerable heat, not have enough money to pay a bill, not be able to work out a problem that has come up again and again....

It seem ridiculous, doesn't it?  To have fun at a funeral?  To feel the depth of life's joy at the height of  misery and misfortune?  To enjoy the feeling of suffering, just to be having a feeling?

But that is what the dead peeps counsel: LOVE YOUR LIFE. LOVE YOUR LIFE.  LOVE YOUR LIFE.


Have fun with it.

Won't it be fun, to find out how you solve this insurmountable problem?

Won't it just be delightful, to see how this misery sorts itself out?

So maybe it you won't always be able to get there. To really feel the fun. But keep that as your focus.

Reach for it.  Know it is there.  Remember those on the other side.

... It is going to be so much fun to see how I manage/get out of/overcome this situation?...

Be real careful on the 20th while Mercury stations and goes direct.  Be patient.  Carry some lavender.  Don't get too discouraged.


Sunday, July 14, 2013


I wish every white person in America would ask him or herself the following questions:

Am I afraid of black people?

 Especially black men?

Why am I afraid of black people?

Do I believe that they are different from people with white skin and that the problems in the black community are based on genetics and not environment?

Are any of my beliefs based in MY OWN actual life experiences?

How much of my understanding of black folks and culture comes from the media?

 Have I ever known any black people well enough to be comfortable enough to "forget" they are black?

Am I capable of interacting with black people, especially black men, as individual human beings, separate from skin colour and culture?

Can I imagine MYSELF as a black person?

If I can see myself as George Zimmerman, can I also see myself as Trayvon Martin?

Please don't post your answers to me, just know the answers for yourself.

If  you are black or another culture-- please feel free to ask yourself these questions and change all the colour words around. 

Ask yourself questions about what you believe all the time.  Never be afraid to look through another person's lens.  It is not wrong to try to see something from the POV of your enemy or opposition.  It is not wrong to try to believe or see something from a detestable point of view.

If it is truly detestable to you, it might leave you with a bad taste in your mouth, but it won't turn you into a Tea Bagger, or whatever.  In fact, it will most likely do the opposite. You will be able to explain your POV more clearly.

I will be posting more on this later.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Tomorrow will be a great day for all magickal peeps to beam out the Higher Love Vibrations on the Cosmic Consciousness Channel.  (HLV on the CCC.)

New moon in a few hours, then Void moon for almost 24 hours. On the day of the Mercury Retrograde conjunction, and a bunch of other wacky aspects, I feel a bit of fear and trembling, the old girl herself wobbling on her axis. Let's all move slowly and carefully tomorrow. Perhaps save the New Moon magick and spells for the appearance of the crescent in a few nights?

For Magickal Peeps there is a truly miraculous window of opportunity- having to do partly with Saturn and Pluto, but partly with the void moon and Merc retro energy making everything so static. Great power is available, but it has to be used properly by the magickal peeps, because the mundane world is going to be on shut down and sleepwalking mode. 

GATHER THE MOJO IN A JAR FOR LATER USE. Unless you are an uber-world walker/shape shifter/reality wrangler. In which case, end world hunger or win the lotto.

Or both.

I have it on good authority that some broken wands might get fixed tonight.  Witches know that children are the wisest of the humans.  When a child tells you something, they are telling you something more important than any news show report.  One knows less as one ages and "matures".  Maturity will be the death of a witch or other magickal person.  It is not the elderly or the "old souls" that are truly wise, it is the young.  They can still see the elves and understand that snowstorms can come on a summer day.  

The Moon is new (knew) in Cancer, The Lady's own sign.  This is the sign of the mother, the heart and the emotions, and nurturing love.   It is fitting that she is void, on such a day, with Jupiter in her court, she should not have to work.  

It is the perfect day for the Texas women's March: http://www.popularresistance.org/texas-march-to-stand-with-women-july-8/  

The Matriarchy is rising. 

Peace out Peeps.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I don't have time to do a whole post about the retrograde right now, but here is the link to a search of every Mercury retro post on this blog.

There is so much planetary activity right now, as we shift into the Higher Consciousness.  Please be very mindful.  Stay in the moment and pay attention.



Thursday, June 20, 2013


... and Mercury is inter-solar, about to go "retrograde", on the 26th.  Saddle up, jackaroo, Matilda is about to waltz like she has never waltzed before.

This is the Tarot's Tower card, number 16 of the Major Arcana.  Illumination and transformation.  Could be great, might be awful.  And if you are already dealing with something major, this might come "Out of the Blue."  I expect there will be a lot of UFO sightings, or other strange phenomena this week. Lots of ghosties and Pixies.

Magickal peeps will need to surf the Empathic waves.  To be able to feel what another person is feeling right now will help when you can help.  When you can't help it may feel like you are drowning.  Stay in the moment, stay in your Self.

If you are driving or using machinery, please be extra cautious.  These are times to orient yourself each day in a kind of Zen Monk frame of mind-- a flexible yielding to the storms of life, centred in kindness and compassion for the suffering of others, while constantly re-focusing on your own joy, and releasing your own sorrow as it comes.

Divine or devastating, this too shall pass. 

We are in the New Age now, and things are changing.  The shift that is happening this week is not just in our world, but a Cosmic shift, something Universal.  Everything is changing as we humans move up the evolutionary scale to a Higher Love Consciousness.  

Praises, Thanks, and Blessings!!! 


If you are an Ent Lover please help in mourning this travesty against one of the most benevolent and powerful entities in University City, Washington Universities Scotch Elm.


One of my poems, which describes the Tower energy in the world today.


Who is the Caesar whose empire is crumbling?
The Martin Luther to send church towers tumbling?
From Cape Canaveral will a new Columbus set sail?
And where are King Arthur, Merlin, and The Grail?

Copyright 2005


Wednesday, June 19, 2013


This was originally an EDIT on the Post "Segue."  But the image was too cheerful for the sad news of that post.

EDIT: The band at Ye Ole Haunt was Monkeysoop from San Antonio.  Their drummer Erica also reads palms and draws caricatures.  She did this one of me!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!



My roommate and friend passed yesterday from a long battle with cancer.  This is the first of many changes that will be happening in my life in the next week or two.

But for today, a moment to breathe, and to celebrate life.

I will be at Ye Ole Haunt today, Wednesday June 19th.

Love your life, peeps.  Even if you believe in reincarnation, or are an immortal, this is the only life you got, and there is SO MUCH good stuff in it.  Witnessing my friend's struggles, especially toward the end, really made me see how important it is to always reach for the best thing in each moment.

And that when it is bleakest, all the more reason to search for the tiniest bit of hope and goodness, and nurture and praise it.


If you are looking for the image of an "Ericature" of me, please see this post.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Life is a sexually transmitted disease and the mortality rate is one hundred percent.”-- R. D. Laing   

(That's William S. Burroughs in the photograph, not R.D. Laing.)

I swear I thought I had blogged this before.

The number one question that people that have never had a tarot card reading ask me, and that is not to say all newbies, but a majority, is: Am I gonna die?

As a tarot reader, psychic, medium, and plain old human being, I just want to answer the most asked question and say, yes, you are going to die.

You are going to die and so is everyone that you know, someday, somehow, either with foreknowledge or without warning. You are definitely going to die and you can even choose your own death, at any time, with very little effort. Having an oracle tell you when or how you are going to die will not change the fact. 

Dying is certain. Living life to its fullest, reaching in every minute for the best and most hopeful and most wonderful, in that moment, that is the uncertainty. The living of life. The loving of it. The appreciation of who you are. The love affair with yourself that all of the spirits of the dead tell me they wish they had spent more time on while they were in bodies.

Don't wait until you are dying or dead to really love your life.


On the other side there is life without death, we do not come to these bodies for LIFE, but instead for life that ends in DEATH. To experience this physical dimension as a limited and ephemeral existence (ephemeral even as a multiple reincarnated "immortal soul"), it is still not the same as what "life" "eternal" is on the other side.


Duff's in the Central West End is closing after 41 years of business at the end of June.

I associate Duff's with Lawyers and Poets. The high ceilings and solid wood pew-like tables and chairs create an atmosphere that summons the erudite folk for pints and educated conversations.

Most of my recent memories from Duff's, since moving back three years ago, are from Chance Operations,   I attended the premiere Chance Operations and I hope to attend the last one that will be held at Duff's, on June 24th.  (It is rumoured they will be moving to another location.)

Also a Secretary's Day luncheon with an attorney employer, a few random drinks, on a few different nights, with a few different people, going between Brennan's and Balaban's or Dressel's.

One of the strongest memories I have is a night at Duff's back in 1983 or so.  When I was 15 I became a radical political activist.  A bit of a recap for anyone that doesn't know my history: shortly before I turned 12 I had started drinking, having sex, and smoking cigarettes.  Drugs followed quickly.  I was a runaway, often on the streets, and living an extremely sexualised life involving too many older and often very dangerous men.

During the summer of my 15th year I was desperate to get away from the life I was living.  I initially embraced punk rock and revolutionary communism because it scared off all the men I didn't like. I cut my hair short and started hanging out in the Delmar Loop and Central West End with punk rockers, people of colour, and homosexuals. It was like magic.  Poof!  Suddenly I was free of all my old ties, with very little drama, threats, or bodily harm.

However,  I continued to be an activist for the next nine or ten years because of experiences like that night in Duff's, 30 years ago.

One thing that I did almost every day as a political activist was to sell revolutionary newspapers. Daniel Sheehan of the Christic Institute was speaking at Washington University Law School, and I went (alone, I think) to sell papers to the crowd waiting to go in, and also to attend.

(The question and answer period of talks like these were considered as important as selling the newspapers.  Because often a question could be framed in such a way as promote propaganda and invite debate on the revolution.)

I knew who Sheehan was because of the Silkwood case and Kerr-McGee.  The Christic Institute had become a major source of information about the deeds of the US government and corporations.  In addition to Karen Silkwood, the Institute had been involved with the La Penca bombing (the movie Above the Law with Steven Seagal was based on the information uncovered by the Christic Institute) and defended many other activists, including both of the Berrigans.

Afterward I ended up in conversation with several other attendees and Sheehan himself.  He invited me to come with his party to Duff's, along with Wash. U. professors and students and attorneys.  It was not just the thrill of being included, but to be taken seriously by someone like Sheehan.

In the last three years, without all of my many journals and diaries and scrapbooks  to assist me, my memories have become somewhat eroded.  This night is still very strong, but the details are gone-- what questions I asked during the Q&A, what Sheehan and I discussed, etc.  Those things were recorded in archives I do not have access too, currently.

I recall that he asked me a lot of questions.  I was somewhat infamous for turning my High School upside down, attempting to bring two controversial Salvadoran refugees to speak at assembly.  (They didn't make it to the High School, but they did end up speaking at the College next to the High School.)

At that time in my life I'd had very few experiences with men that weren't sexual.  I had a distant, stern uncle that visited my grandmother once a year, and a crazy grandfather (a former attorney) that I almost never saw and was embarrassed of when I did.

Even the "nice" boys from my grandmother's neighbourhood (where I went to High School) were always groping me in private, or cornering me, or seducing me.  (I ended up with the not nice boys because at least they still acknowledged me after they got what wanted.  Even if it was angry or abusive, at least it was male attention.)

To not only have a man like Sheehan paying attention to me because of my MIND was unbelievable.  I had been having other experiences like this, with other revolutionaries and activists, but Sheehan was a kind of radical celebrity.  And while I don't remember the exact details of the questions, I do remember that he was genuinely interested in my life and who I was.  If his libido had anything to do with it he hid it very well.

This memory is so strong, and warms me still on the coldest nights, because Sheehan's attention elevated me.  While I might have understood that on some unconscious level, it came to me like an epiphany when I saw the notice about Duff's closing in my facebook feed.

Just recently I was having a conversation with someone about the different types of Dominants and Submissives.  Or perhaps methods of Domination and types of Submissives.  It isn't all about flogging and ball torture.

In fact, there are many Dominants that do not engage in anything physical.  The relationship can be entirely mental or emotional.

But in particular I was relating a story from my own experience, when I was very interested in and learning about the BDSM community and lifestyle.  Too Dominant to train as another's Submissive, "learning the ropes" so to speak, I called a Submissive I knew and ordered him to be my Slave and teach me to be a Dominant.

One of the first things he taught me, and a common misunderstanding outside of the community, is that there is a big difference between humiliation of the Sub, as the lesser in an unequal relationship, and the type of Dominant he wanted and thought me to inherently be.

That is, the Dominatrix, without even uttering a word, is so powerful to the Submissive, that not only is his submissiveness summoned and then commanded by the Mistress, her power is such that it actually ELEVATES the Sub.

"When you fight Xena and she kicks your ass," he told me, "you become one of an elite group of warriors that has even FOUGHT Xena, or encountered her."

I suppose this reminisce is not so much about Duff's, itself, but for me this warm memory of my encounter with a truly amazing and inspiring man, that alone would be enough to keep the place alive in my heart until the day I, too, retire.

RIP Duff's.


Monday, June 3, 2013


So the search hits for "Night of the Watchers" began about a week ago.

The only record of this night that I know of was in the old Witches Almanac.  Elizabeth Pepper recorded the night in the Almanac.  "Night of the Watchers" as the entry on the night of June 5th. After she died they ran an article explaining that no one knew her source.

The Watchers are called by many names-- the Girgori, the Elioud, the Elohim that are the 7th rank of Angelic Hierarchy.

All agree they were a type of Angel, some or all of whom came to  earth and mated with mortal women, creating part or all of the Nephilim, who either are giants, half giants, or from the sky. 

I mused (incorrectly) that the night was based on Enochian Ceremonial Magick and must therefore actually be the night of June 6th, having to do with numerology.

Feel free to read what I have written in the links below, and I would also start with everything on Wikipedia regarding Elohim. Watcher Angels, Nephilim, Sons of God, etc.

Last year I got a glimpse of the Greatness of this Mystery.

This is not a Mystery that can be revealed via human language to human consciousness.  You have to open to the Watchers themselves.

And like most Great Mystery's, the path to it is somewhat labyrinthine.  Re-reading my own entries makes that clear.  Only the dedicated can really pursue the "answer."


Night of The Watcher posts on my old Conjurings Blog. 

Night of The Watchers posts on Rae of Light.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Part of being a member of Magickal Peeps,...etc..., Witches Union (Local #739) is that I get the astral telegrams about shifts happening that don't necessarily effect me, or occur in my sector of reality. 

Maybe like me, you have been wondering just WHAT the ----- (expletive of your choice) is going on?  Did Mercury never go direct?  Is the moon void of course every day?  Has a portion of the population become completely unhinged?

What happened to all the Peace, Love, and Understanding that we thought would come shining in after the Mayan Apocalypse/ Dawning of the Age of Aquarius on December 21, 2012?

This post will most apply if you are one of the people that heard the angels (or the drones lol) back in  January of 2012.  Of if you have unveiled the mystery of the visiting Elohim (and know not to reveal it :).

This is deeply esoteric, mystical, astral, extra-terrestrial and inter-dimensional, and not my strongest suit.  But even the trees are talking about it.  There has been a strange "holding of the breath" of nature and the elements just recently-- last week, perhaps?  Or a bit longer.

I went to see another member of Local 739 who always has the deep astral information.

She told me about some cyber-psychics (or something like that) that use a computer programme to make predictions.  There were no predictions to be made after December 21, 2012, because a "Blank Space" was created for five months, to end today.

Which explains A LOT about the weather and storms, and also activity in space. (Human and stellar/meteoric.)

During this time there was a withdrawal of the "extra" otherworldly support that many humans had been receiving (since the Grand Cross in August of 1999, that was really the start of the Mayan Apocalypse/Beginning of The New Age).

And, then poof, they are all gone, but still watching from on high.

So that is where all the Angels/Aliens/Light Beings went.  And that is why the chaos has been either completely objective and removed, almost curious or strange, OR way too personal, subjective and intimate.

Basically, whatever you are doing in this life, as this earthly incarnation, that resonates with the shift on a Universal and Trans-Dimensional Level, was being tested.

Or perhaps more accurately, given the chance to perform on its own, through your own power.  Like in the movie Finding Nemo when the Sea Turtle Dude allows the wee one to swim without supervision.

But you know, even if you are an extraordinary swimmer, or a superheroine, or a Jedi Knight, with your feet firmly on the ground and a firm grasp of yourself,  it is still slippery when everyone else around you is losing their marbles.

I can't say what the next ten days will hold, because tonight we will go around a new corner, and a new horizon will come into view.


To navigate your personal destiny, if you want to see what the star maps hold, I'd check out www.astro.com and www.astropro.com.

And Mercury doesn't go "retro" again until the end of June.  I hope we can find a new "normal" to deviate from by that time!

Here is another piece of the cosmic puzzle:

Monday, May 13, 2013


Mother's Day has become the new Bealtaine.  At least in the U.S.

(I thought I had posted this last year, but did it in video format. Then took it down. I have mixed feelings about being on camera.  I am much happier being on the other side.)

I think this switch is an appropriate update to the annual line up with the spirit world.  (Samhain being the visiting spirits of the departed, and Bealtaine being the spirits due to be blossom and be born in the coming year.)

Bealtaine is about fertility, and the Goddess, and the cycle of life continuing.  Granted, Bealtaine is also about a mating frenzy and fertility bonfire on Bealtaine Eve.

But the more sacred aspects of it would have been celebrated at dawn, for the blessing of the season upon the pregnant mares, and the future foals and lambs and calves.

Mother's Day is celebrated with brunch, or luncheons.  But, of course, we aren't pastoral tribes people anymore, either.   Brunch is a much better fit for our modern culture.

And it retains the custom of giving bouquets of flowers.  Every Mother is the Goddess, receiving offerings from her people.


Thursday, May 9, 2013


(EDIT: I got some blog hits for people looking for the spiritual meaning of a Ring of Fire eclipse.  Eclipses either remove something, or remove something from sight.  Either way, this time, you will still see or feel its power.  OR, you could use this energy to ascend the consciousness scale about your own life and power and choose to move in a new pattern. Take an active, creative, magickal/Macro approach and DANCE with the Universe, instead of move in unison with it... Or just fall in love, as Johnny Cash's song advised.  http://youtu.be/gRlj5vjp3Ko)

(2ND EDIT 5 Sept 2014: Also some hits on "spiritual meaning of  a ring of fire" and I assume the seeker saw this while awake, not in a dream.  Also assume that the seeker was not standing inside the Circle, which would, IMO, be more in the realm of Ceremonial Magick.    Was the ring of fire in the ocean or other body of water?  A lot of the meaning has to do with how the ring of fire came about, and also what was happening around it, and most importantly, what the viewer was doing/thinking when s/he saw the ring of fire.  If it were me, and I saw it on land or at sea, I would assume that a primordial earth or water creature was being summoned by some entity, human or otherwise, and the ring of fire was containing or protecting it.  Hope this helps.)

Today is the New Moon in Taurus! Feel that gorgeous Spring energy!!! So green and beautiful.  Today, and tomorrow, are truly days to feel the Blessing of the Lady!!!!

And there is a "Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse".  Something is being removed or removed from our vision.  A new beginning is often a final end, as well.

We will have another such eclipse just at Samhain, in the Fall. What an interesting second half of the magickal year we are going to have!


The moon goes void tonight at 19:28 CDT so I think if you can do a late afternoon magickal crafting session, do so.  I am gonna go run around here in a minute and see if I can't get the materials together to make some Money Bottles, a la Scott Cunningham.  This is the best time of the year for all "waxing" spells.  Especially money and fertility! And love!!!**

Also, things started or begun during a waxing Taurus moon have the best chance of enduring and increasing in value.

I have a draft about Sunrise at Bealtaine, but I am so filled with poetry to write, and so awed admiration for the Spring and this good weather-- it is difficult to make myself blog or do any work!! I am so in love with world right now!


** A note about Love Spells- taken from my old Conjurings blog:
I need to make a statement here about love spells vs. Bewitchment. You don't want to put a spell on a specific person because that is a) wrong, and b) putting a spell on a specific person, or bewitching them, is like getting a tow truck to tow you around in a car that doesn't run just so you can feel like you are driving. A brand new Mercedes hitched up to a tow truck is still just a car that doesn't run. Period. You are better off in a second hand jeep that stalls than that Mercedes. Bewitchment is too much energy and it is destructive and wasteful. And don't forget, karma is heavier for witches and those that live their lives consciously. What you do to another you open the door to be done to you. Trust me on this, I am sorry to say, because I know this first hand.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Today is only Bealtaine if you need all your Fire Festivals to conform to modern calendars or the Catholic Church.  If you want to celebrate the High Holy Pagan F**k and Fertility Festival, you need to wait until Cinco de Mayo.  Still, a gorgeous spring day, and I am sure this Eve will be just fine for frolicking, if you cannot wait. ;o) 



Thursday, April 25, 2013


The moon is full in Scorpio today at 14:57 Central Daylight Time.

I liked this full moon report a lot!  Check it out for the astrology.  http://www.examiner.com/article/lunatic-alert-full-moon-lunar-eclipse-sidereal-virgo-aries-on-april-25-2013

And this was good for the astronomy of the "shallow" eclipse.  http://www.universetoday.com/101550/a-shallow-lunar-eclipse-coming-on-april-25/

Part of an eclipse trio, not a pair, btw.  Tonight might be the best night of the year to conceive-- a child, a business, a garden, a dream.  Anything.

This is the night of the year when you "sow" the harvest.  This is the twin of the full moon near Samhain at the end of the magickal New Year.

Bealtaine is coming, and Spring is full upon us, almost unbearable here in the fertile, green confluence.  Bealtaine is the mid point of the magickal year.  The Lady to Samhain's Lord, Life to Death, New Spirits entering the world to the Departed and Lost.

Plant the seeds, bless the seedlings and sprouts, welcome the returning fecundity. Envision the crops at the height of summer and at harvest time, at their best.  Every molecule in the air wants to be part of the waxing Spring energy.

Like thistle-seed moats floating in the breeze, seeking a place to sprout, the energy right now is seeking dreams in which to take root and grow.

Reach out with your heart to all the goodness that the future holds for you!!!

Let your light shine and your heart soar!!!  (And if you are on the Astral Plane, mount your broomsticks or dragon ;o)


PS-- if you are an Ent-Wife, like me, you might notice that in Spring, trees are like babies and change everyday.  There is no stronger magick right now than observing and appreciating the growth of the green earth.  xoxoxox

Friday, April 12, 2013


"Years ago my mother used to say to me, she'd say, 'In this world, Elwood, you must be ... oh so smart, or oh so pleasant.' Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant. You may quote me."--- Elwood P. Dowd in the movie Harvey
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The moon was New on Wednesday, April 10, at 4:35 AM here in Saint Louis.  It is the first new moon of the astrological New Year, and Mercury is up to speed.

Cast your spell.

The time and the energy right now is SO powerful.  Possibilities that have never existed before are opening up in so many ways.  The past is cleansed, the present is blessed, and the future is ripe with opportunities.

For me, this profound shift has occurred not because the world changed, or that I changed worlds. Since returning here, particularly at the end of 09, I have been living in a Haunted House of my past.

There are places here, where every experience is really two: what is happening in the present, and then also comparing it to what my experiences were in the past at that same location, or among the same or similar people.

 But I wanted to get over it, and release it.  Sometimes that meant getting angry and sometimes it meant letting go of anger.

And sometimes, a rare and magickal moment comes along.  A golden moment.

Something unexpected shows up.  It's the beginning of every great story and every great adventure in the story.

I was just watching Harvey, the movie with Jimmy Stewart and the giant hare Harvey, the Pooka.

Elwood P. Dowd, Jimmy Stewart's character, has this to say about golden moments:  

"Harvey and I have things to do... we sit in the bars... have a drink or two... play the juke box. Very soon the faces of all the other people turn towards me and they smile. They say: 'We don't know your name, mister, but you're a very nice fellow.' Harvey and I warm ourselves in these golden moments. We came as strangers - soon we have friends. They come over. They sit with us. They drink with us. They talk to us. They tell us about the great big terrible things they've done and the great big wonderful things they're going to do. Their hopes, their regrets. Their loves, their hates. All very large, because nobody ever brings anything small into a bar."

I was at a bar the other night, a rare place, where such moments have the occasion to happen.   Even the name is rare "Blue Moon", Pop's Blue Moon to be precise. 

I was listening to a new reggae band, the YardSqaud, on the Hill.

I went out to have a drink that night originally, to escape- to have a few drinks and just forget about my life for a minute.  What I remembered while I was there is that I need to forget about my past, and start paying attention to all the great experiences this city has to offer me right now in my present.

The only time a person can truly get overwhelmed is to live beyond the present time and company.

"I always have a wonderful time, wherever I am, whoever I'm with."  --Elwood P. Dowd

If I were the author of a story "Lady Rae's Adventures in 2013 Saint Louis" I could not have imagined a better place for her to be! And this is a city of numerous, multiple good bars and entertainment venues.

I will be reading tarot cards there beginning this Saturday, April 13, from 4:30 to 7:30.  The readings are $5 and usually 5 or 10 minutes and usually 3 cards, generally good for one situation or question, or just to see where you are at, at the moment.  If you only what happy news, ask for the Happy Hour reading. :D

The readings are held in a private area in the back room. Come have a chat with me and my Pooka.  ;P

Happy Spring New Moon!!!!

Well, I've wrestled with reality for 35 years, Doctor, and I'm happy to state I finally won out over it. --Elwood P. Dowd