Monday, December 20, 2010


Shanahachie, shaman, sage, soothsayer and storyteller: Tonight is the night you are quiet and you listen inside. That you listen to your soul tell your story to yourself.

Tonight is truly a magickal night. Not just that full moon lunar eclipse and solstice occur together-- a very rare event-- but also who is here to witness it.

Tonight is the first night of the Age of Avatars.

The New Enlightened are born (bourne) tonight.

We are now in the new times. The new generation. What used to be miracles will become quite commonplace.

(I believe that many of us will be as healthy and young as we are now in 2094, when an eclipse and solstice occur together again.)

Yes, we live in an unlimited Universe. Yes, anyone can have anything they can envision in their mind, and energize by thought and desire and belief, to bring to themselves, manifest in this world.

But not everyone can see the same things. Witches are magickal people that can see themselves flying-with or without broomsticks.

Witches can see the creatures that ride moonbeams, know the spirits that surround a person they have never met, talk to a tree, or befriend a thunder god.

Witches can see the threads of each person's life and spirit that weave together and make the tapestry of this human life and world.

That is why the cosmic visionaries of the world-- The New Enlightened, the magickal folk-- must peel away the layers of the mundane life to reveal the miraculous in 2011.

We must make ritual of every day life.

Let us praise the electricity tomorrow, each time we turn on a light switch, or log on, or plug in the slow cooker.

Let each setting of the table become the laying of an altar. Let each road that is driven become a sacred path. Let each family become a new pantheon.

And tomorrow night, with the Yule log, and the Feast, and the merriment, let us--the New Ones-- look ahead, and see what alterations we might need to make for a brighter future. What rituals we need to create for every day.

Perhaps it is as simple as blessing the water each time we turn on the tap, or making sure we hug someone each day, or refusing to relate to anyone- even those as appalling as the Westboro Baptist church people- as anything less than the Divine entombed in flesh.

Tomorrow night burn away the last of the old year, along with some herbs and fruits. Make the hearth a beautiful and welcoming place for loved ones to gather.

(I hope in years to come the Yule log will revive in tradition. Nothing invigorates the Season's spirits more, than to have a bright and fragrant fire.)

Hopefully you will be somewhere lively! Don't forget some libations! Say a blessing for all that you love, and all that loves you. (Don't forget me. ;o)

If you are not in the environment you wish to be in, I hope you will consider using your powers to create a celebration with those you are with!

You might also sing a song to the passing of the Crow Shaman, Don Van Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart. He has left this incarnation to travel on the astral. I know he will visit as many hearths tomorrow night as he can. Especially those with guitars.

I urge you, muggle, mortal, or witch/wizard, to leave an offering somewhere, or make a donation (of coins especially) to a charity, or to someone in need.

(I have a bag of 193 pennies, 4 dimes, and 2 nickels-- all "found" throughout the year-- to be left at a location not yet determined.)

No night of the year has as much potential for miracles as tomorrow night. The birth of all things begins with the birth of the sun. Let us greet the dawn of the year!

With warmth and light, and Merry Wishes for a Bright Yule and Blessed Year!
Lady Rae

Saturday, December 4, 2010


The new moon in Sagitarius takes place during the fallow time of year.

Fallow, perhaps, for planting, growing, or harvesting. But now is the time of year when you must go through the catalogue of seeds.

What dreams shall be planted this year? What wishes will be liberated from their shells?

Tonight is the night to dream, and to dream big:
Live to 2150 A.D from this incarnation;
Become Immortal;
Balance your check book;
Find a lover...

Let your mind and heart soar; let your soul be free.

Find the seeds. Let the dreamer wake the world to a new reality.

Tomorrow, begin anew, with all possibilities before you.

Love to you from my heart to yours,
L.A. Lady Rae

Saturday, November 20, 2010


The full moon in Taurus is the deepest, and darkest, point of the year. We want, and need, to gather together, to find our roots. We need to form bonds, and find companionship.

The darkness lies before us, and we need the reassurance of each other's light.

Give what you have to give, especially thanks for your blessings, and be willing to put aside preferences and selfish desires for the time being.

Soon the light will return, will be reborn, but until then, allow others the benefit of your inner light, and the warmth that only you have to give.

With love from my heart to yours,
Lady Rae

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Samhain is passed. All the of the spirits have been appeased for the year. And even if they haven't, their yearly visa to this dimension has expired, and the last transport has left.

Just the living and the ghosts remain. (And maybe the aliens... are humans, collectively, ready for the uniting "other" to appear in the sky?)

Samhain begins at sunset because for the Druids, a new day began when the old one went to bed-- in other words, when the sun set. As the day began in darkness, so must the year. Samahin to Yule was the dusk to pre-dawn twilight of the year.

And from Samhain to Yule there is rest in all endeavours in the other world. There is far too much to do in this one, this mundane world, especially in years of abundance.

The harvest is over. But there is still plenty of work to do. Preserving, putting up, planning for the winter ahead.

And Yuletide dreams are beginning. Soon there would be only the small points of light in the darkness, and time to rest from the labours of summer.

There will be merriment, and new beginnings. And gifts, coloured lights, candies, much drinking and toasting, great logs to be burned with fragrant herbs. And long nights for reuniting with old friends, and sharing the year's adventures.

But until then, there are memories of the things we lost this year. Mourning for those that have died.

And the hearth to clean after summer's neglect. There might be a chill in the air. A moment of sharpness, until the fire is lit.

Stay warm.

With love from my heart to yours,
Lady Rae

Saturday, November 6, 2010


The Feast of Samhain is the ancestor of Halloween.  The Celtic Brahmins, the Druids, discovered it.  When the sun reaches 15 degrees of Scorpio the doorway between the worlds opens, and for a day (or night, really) the dead can return and visit their old "haunts".  (I do love my puns!)

When the Catholic Church converted this to their own Feast schedule this occurred about November 1st, which is still the Feast of All Souls.  Since the Church was against discourse with spirits, they did not give a hoot that over the centuries, the date shifted.  (Due to both the stars and the changes made to calendars.)

Moreover, because the Celts measured a day from sunset to sunset, "All Hallows" began the night before, "All Hallows Eve", i.e., 'Hallow'e'en.  Ironically, where the remnants of Samhain remain in what were the Celtic countries, it is mostly with superstition and/or fear. 

(Irish children might carry a carved turnip-- not a pumpkin-- in their pockets, to keep them safe from scarey ghouls.  A Gaulish mother that mourns the spirit of "lost" child might leave a plate of food on the doorstep and a candle in the window.)

Samhain was the New Year for the Celts, and it was a week long fire festival. It is interesting to note that Guy Fawkes Day--much closer to the current Samhain than Halloween-- gets the English gathered around a fire, burning an effigy (the old year, the past sins, the mistakes and betrayals), just as their ancestors did.

It bothers me a lot that the modern day pagan community does not understand this, and that so many magickal almanacs and coven still mark Samhain as synonomous with Halloween.  The actual night is unmistakeable.  Even if you have figured it wrong on the calendar, a witch will feel the night itself.

Like Irish children I carry a carved turnip in my pocket when I am out haunting the night.  As a witch and a medium I see and feel alot more than I want to on a regular night of the year.  On Samhain it is not a bad idea to have a guardian! 

(For novices, I don't have time here to go into how the making of turnip creates the guardian spirit--or really, attracts the guardian to inhabit it-- but I invite you to try it and meet the Samhain guards yourself.)

I usually watch the sunset, and let the old year sink with it.  Time to start anew.  Yesterday I paid as many old debts as I could.  Throughout the remainder of today I will contact people that I have fallen out of touch with, and send a "hi" to my witch friends in Los Angeles and other parts of the world.

I usually write letters to my friends and loved ones on the other side.  I write to my grandmother, whom I love and miss alot, and I also write to people that I have had conflicts with, or issues that were not resolved while they were living.  I generally burn these in the fire with some Hell Money. 

I adopted the practice of burning Hell Money from the Chinese.  They burn it at their New Year to honour their ancestors.  (The first year I did it at Samhain the spirits loved it, although my grandmother did joke that she had to go to the After-life Chinatown to spend it.  I replied that Protestants didn't make Hell Money.) You can buy it at almost any place in Chinatown in Los Angeles.  I have not found any here.

I also "feast" with some apples and pomegranates, and the usual bit of wine and crackers.  Because the Celts were mostly a pastoral people-- and both Samhain and its bright twin Bealtaine were centred around the flocks and herds-- meat is not inappropriate.  In fact, this was probably one of the few times of year when meat was abundant. Likely to the point of being sickening, as the neo-Pagan circle chant/dance suggests:

Red blood
White bone
Black Earth
Harvest home!

The weeks leading to Samhain were the slaughter time.  The colours of Samhain were not the colours of Halloween. Not the bright orange leaves of fall against the dark night sky, but instead the blood and bones of the animals against the no longer green, but black and dying, earth.

Samhain Eve is a time for releasing the past and looking ahead to the future.  Cull the herds and flocks in your life of the sick, the dying, the no longer useful.  Let go of old ways and habits.  Think ahead to what you would like in the coming year.  Meditate on your life.  Tonight is an excellent night for divination, as well as communion with your ancestors.

From Samhain to Yule is traditionally the fallow time of year for magick.  During this time it is best to attend to matters that belong solely to this world.  (Any charms a witch might make for Holiday gifts needed to be finished by now.)  Even the spirits deserve a rest from the work of this world.  Both human spirits- both of the dead and the witch him/herself- and the entities of nature.

This year, Samhain is more important than ever.  My own life, the lives of the people around me, the spirits of the dead, and the stars tell me this.  The New Moon in Scorpio was late last night-- here in St. Louis it was just about midnight!- and tonight we have Samhain Eve.

Neptune the nebulous and lover of dreamy reveries, drugs, and oil, goes direct today. You will snap out of it, perhaps to fall into another daydream. Venus is retrograde right now in Scorpio. She is going back over relationships.  She doesn't want us to throw out the baby with bathwater, but the water is probably getting pretty murky!

Mercury is leaving Scorpio in a few days to head into Sagittarius.  Let's not become too rigid or insistent, or too zealous in our quest for "truth"--whatever that might mean.  At least for the next few weeks-- until after the 18th when Jupiter and Venus go direct-- through the full moon on the 21st, the best thing for a witch to do is lay low and avoid the radar.

We are living in a very contentious time.  Everything is changing.  It is the end of the world as we know it.  For some people this is a scarey apocalypse.  Those rigidly entrenched in set ways of thinking seem to be suffering the most.  Do not interfere with anyone else's doomsday. 

I often advise myself and friends to go through this stretch like Mindy on the Animaniacs.  Mindy is a little cartoon girl that likes to wander off on adventures that take her through VERY precarious situations.  This is great source of stress for her dog Buttons.  He is always trying to "save" her.  Which means that the falling anvil or piano always misses her and lands on him.

Don't be Buttons.  Be Mindy.

My other great comparison is that of vampire killers.  Don't be Blade or Buffy.  They are always out, looking for a fight, going into crypts and tombs and putting themselves in mortal danger.  If you want to fight vampires, be the sun, instead. 

Woe to the vampire that forgets the time of the sunrise. The sun is actually more efficient at killing vampires than either Buffy or Blade. But it is nothing personal. And the sun does not need to hunt, or seek out or do anything but shine, which it would be doing regardless if there were vampires or not. The sun is simply going about its business.

Go about your business. Set your course for the year ahead. Shine your light.

Happy Magickal New Year!!!

With love from my heart to yours,
Lady Rae

EDIT: Two points I forgot to mention.  1) Teetolars and sober folk might find themselves imbibing.  Don't be too hard on yourself.  2) Sometimes the gust of spirits coming in for a visit temporarily drops temperatures, even in Cali.  Don't be surprised if the temps warm up again next week. And in here in St. Louis, the weathermen are predicting at least a warm Monday.  I would look more around Wednesday to fortyish nights and low fifties days, at least through Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 5, 2010


I will be posting later tonight on exactly what Samhain is, and why it is such an important day.  However, like most of us, I have mundane responsibilties that I must attend to, so I thought I would share my recent facebook status.  (You can find me on Facebook as Lady Rae.)

Tonight is the last night of the old year.  Saturday at sunset begins Samhain.  The old Druidic New Year, and the ancestor of Halloween.  The cauldron is brewing some strange potions and charms!  In this wonderful dimension, on this amazing planet, you can tap into whatever it is you want.  Tap lightly this year, but tap for good, blessings, Love, Peace, Understanding.  Give thanks for this bountiful Harvest.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


For me, the air is always filled with things that look like soap bubbles. Except they are made of light, and shimmery, but have that opalescence that soap bubbles have, like pearls. Or perhaps they look more like fairy snow globes, floating around, waiting to be shook up. 

I don't know if they are created by other people, or if they are just waiting for someone to look at them, and maybe take one home.  But I see and feel them the most strongly during magickal times, and always in the moonlight.  They might even be visible to the physical eye in the moonlight.

Each contains ideas, and feelings, and thoughts. Here is one such fairy bubble, that I shook up and then took home with me, during this magickal "Blue" moon.


No Mayan would be able to live in this world.  It is the end of the world as they knew it.

Humans are a greater danger to nature, than nature is to humans. In human history, this is a real first.  When the wolves howl it is because they are afraid. We are hunting them, and in greater numbers than ever they hunted us! Few animals can survive in our habitat. 

We must now shift into a reality where we do not compete with nature or with ourselves. There is no need for greed.  Or waste.  There is no shortage of human invention.  There is no "unsolvable" problem! We can--and do-- think circles around ourselves all day!

We have achieved the climax of every story written until now.  Our "bibles"-- all of our mythologies-- have been fulfilled.  (Except for the Messiah, the Saviour, and more on that in a moment.)

And we could easily write a billion- -six billion, in fact-- new Bibles.  Each person on this planet could write one of their very own.

Literacy, and books, and writing materials!  Goodness gracious, great balls of fire! We have toilet paper AND paper to write documents! (Toilet paper is, in my opinion, one of the greatest inventions of the last century.)

And in just one, modest American law or escrow office the staff will shred in one year the entire, irreplaceable, ashen, 350 year collection of the legendary library at Alexandria!

In my miniscule 44-year life I have seen the manuscript writing process change drastically. I remember re-typing my manuscripts over and over again, during each edit. That was just twenty years ago. (I have not become a faster writer, the tools that I use for writing can keep up with me now.) 

Humour and references from just twenty years ago, in movies or songs, don't always make sense anymore.

(Some of this is that we do create for the moment, now, because we can.  Our "throwaway culture".  Some of this is because we've evoloved now to shift in consciousness and synthesize knowledge more quickly. ) 

And we can send all of these stories magickally, and instantly!  The Illiad (book, movie, recorded books, and with many versions to choose from) and/or The Jersey Housewives reality show can be made accessible to millions, in seconds!

And it hasn't even been 600 years- a mere twinkle on the Mayan calendar- since the Gutenberg took manuscript copying out of the painstakingly slow and often censoring/fabricating/embroidering/omitting hands of the Catholic Church!

We can call each other instantly. Until 100 years ago it was not even possible to hear the voice of someone that wasn't within hearing distance of one's own ears! It was possible to spend your entire life surrounded by mostly the same people, or conversely, move away and never see your hometown or family again.

People often would not know the circumstances (or date or location) of a loved one's death.  Or even know a child had married, or had a grandchild, much less seen a video recording of these events! What other generation until ours has been able to jump back into someone's life instantly after a thirty year absence, and thousands of miles--across oceans--via facebook?

We are learning to communicate telepathically.  The internet is the facilitator in a shared reality that will help us to understand how each of us a part of a larger whole. We are "an objective being experiencing this reality subjectively", as the comedian Bill Hicks says.

Once the Divine was everything, and we were part of it.  Now we are everything, and the Divine is part of us.  Our outer differences will continue to matter less and less as we learn more and more, about each other and about ourselves.

Some people eat rice like this, and other people eat rice like that, but each enjoys rice. And there is plenty of rice.  It's just not distributed properly because we haven't adjusted yet to a mindset of abundance.

(Food economist and activist Vandana Shiva says "starvation and obesity are two sides of the same coin", and further, that both are diets lacking proper nutrition.)

And if not rice, then the process of eating, or the necessity to eat, is shared. And to look at the more unpleasant side of human behaviour, we are seeing how even those that "hate" the "haters" are still hating.

We all have the capacity to hate, to have anger. We all have the same emotions.  And all of us are vulnerable to feeling lack of love.  Or feeling that we are seperated from feeling good, or having the knowledge to make the best decision. 

But all this is changing as we share ourselves with the world. This giant discussion that we are all having.  When has the Round Table-- the fireside, the council, the gathering-- been this large?

Six billion people with only six degrees of seperation. Wow.

We are moving into a place of sharing.  Of abundance.  Collectively, we are children becoming adults.

But everything is all topsy-turvy as we re-balance at a new point in human evolution. It is the end of the world as the Mayans knew it, and the beginning of us.  Our saviour may not be a man that says "love thy neighbour as thyself" and "turn the other cheek".

Things are becoming their opposites.  So much so that the end of the world is nothing more than a new beginning! 

I think now our saviour must say "love thyself", and "turn thy cheek away.  In fact, turn not just thy cheek, but thy whole face, towards thy own inner light". Look to your own nirvana, heaven, or paradise within. In the God/dess in you.

We must now take full responsibility for the world we live in, and love it.  We must love ourselves and our world, as once our Gods- our Fathers and Mothers, or Godless Nature- loved us.  We must become our own "parents".

We cannot look back to the lost Garden of Eden, instead we must look to create it within, in our own lives.  We have conquered galaxies far, far away, and our own species has floated far above the moon, sitting in a tin can rocket.  Now we must conquer ourselves.

All of the Heirophants and gurus and avatars and messiahs and wizards and Doctor/ates that walk the earth right now are preaching positive thought, self-love, and total faith in the good life.

This includes Joel Osteen, Michael Beckwith, Louise L. Hay, Dr Andrew Weill, Starhawk, and also Will Smith and Angelina Jolie.  And Stephen J. Gould, and Stephen Hawking! Science, Religion, and Apathy are all in agreement, at least on one thing! 

Accentuate the positive, as the "old" song goes.

The Secret has been revealed, the Old Gods resurrected, the archeological site excavated and declared Holy by all the opposing religions and the forensic anthropologists.  The missing link has been found, and all of his/her kin.

(And even the old heresies are being reversed.  In 1992 Galileo was reinstated by the Mother Church in Rome.  The Library at Alexandria was commemorated and resurrected in 2002. Quantum physicists are "proving" theories first advanced by Meta-physicists.)

Stories from the Bible and the Illiad, and the DNA from the first human ancestor have lived for thousand of years unchanged.  This was the world of the Mayan Calendar. 

This is the end of the world as the Mayans, and everyone up until now, knew it.

And this is the beginning of us.  The commencement of the "quick as lightning" people.  The "there is enough" and "anyone is everyone".  A collective of individuals.

(I believe this is the beginning of the world as described in the book 2150 A.D. by Thea Alexander.) 

There are 6 billion of us. Six billion realites. Six billion rationalties. Six billion God/desses.

We are creating a new mythology, but of one, single person, made up of the multitudes.  We have found what is common in all of us, and now we can truly enjoy our own individuality. 

And we can all claim our right to live in the world we want to live in. And we do not need to focus on anyone but ourselves to do this.  The world is too populated for us to keep insisting that everyone agree with us.  We must learn to focus on our own "good", as the word means "coming from God." 

The universe is limitless.  It is NOT possible to think a thought, or imagine something, that is NOT possible. If you can see it, you can have it. For you.  What is right for you may not be right for another.  So what is good for you?

We do need to sort carefully through the old rules, and test each new rule that we make, one at a time, to make sure it is sound. We are strangers in a strange land. The land of ourselves.  We are the aliens among us.

Your heart, your feelings, are your "emotional guidance system", as the Hicks' Abraham puts it. (The Law Of Attraction by Ester and Jerry Hicks.) Focus on what makes you feel good.

Be patient. Have fun. Trust yourself. Find people that you love, that make you laugh.  Take freely of what is offered to you. Share whatever you have to offer.

With love from my heart to yours,
Lady Rae

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Dog-sitting for a friend the other day, I had occasion to be out earlier than usual.  I live on a street lined with oak trees, and all are filled with their fruits right now.  As a great grouping of starlings, or perhaps grackles, came through-- many taking positions among the top branches of the oaks-- hundreds of acorns came raining down on the cars and streets beneath.

People often ask me "how do you know (this or that) is an omen, and not just a coincidence?"  And in many spiritual traditions certain birds, or natural occurrences--such as falling acorns-- have meanings ascribed to them.  If one is not familiar with auguries, it would seem that no Druid or Native American would have made it through the day without witnessing hundreds of supernatural signs. 

For example, I rarely saw bats, hawks, or owls in Los Angeles.  And in St. Louis I rarely see or hear crows (because of a recent deadly virus that killed off a lot of crows and ravens in Missouri).  All of these creatures are regular messengers from the spirit world (or the subconscious, or the other). The rarer the occurrence, of course, the more likely it is an omen.  But that is not always true.

What non-believers and non-magickal folks don't get is the accompaniment. Perhaps a mood that washes over you when you hear the fish crow "caw-cawing", or the pressure on your spine when a breeze stirs the leaves before you as you stroll down the street. Or seeings the vapour, or mist, that surrounds spirits of the dead attached to the one white butterfly that flies past you, that makes it different from all the other white butterflies.

As much as I wish the starling startled acorns had been a sign of "riches raining down upon me" or the coming harvest of some long, and patiently awaited dream, I felt no such prescience that morning.  Mostly I just felt I was being pelted. 

So, while it was, up until that morning, a rare occurrence, it did not have the earmarks of an omen.  In fact, I listen for it now, in the morning, when I am up early. 

Now, a few days later, a wounded butterfly was on my doorstep, and later that day a night moth with patterns like eyes on its' wings in the bathroom.  Both were draped in accidents, injuries, and possible death.  There was little I could do to prevent the things signal from occurring, but that is another post, for another day.

With love from my heart to yours,
Lady Rae

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Superbowl prediction
Saturday, February 2, 2008 6:58 PM

From Rachael XXXXXXXXX Sat Feb 2 16:58:46 2008

Received: from [] by via HTTP; Sat, 02 Feb 2008 16:58:46 PST
Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2008 16:58:46 -0800 (PST)

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Subject: Superbowl prediction

XXXXXXXXXX (I erased the email addresses that I sent this message to.)

MIME-Version: 1.0

Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="0-435351477-1202000326=:70172"
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Well, if you remember the incident last year where I predicted a team that wasn't playing, you will see this as the expirement I see it as: can I get good enough with numbers to live a lazy gamblers life?

New York Giants 17 Patriots 14

That is what I kept seeing. Then I saw

Patriots 22

I don't know. I am not confident enough to hit "everyone" on this mail, but to my friends and football fans, well, you know I don't follow the football, especially the American kind.

Friends in LA, I must tell you, I have not seen one betting sheet with the little squares. Who knew I would be homesick for something so silly?

Go Team!!!

EDIT: My 2012 post

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Well it is quite shameful, how rarely I have posted since starting this blog.  I have no excuses.  (I blame facebook, and the ease of posting status updates to communicate quickly with other magickal folk on my friend's list... shameful and lazy, I know...)

However, last night a new friend called to ask me "What is the meaning of a full moon? What exactly happens for you, that you celebrate it each month?"

To really understand the power of the full moon, we have to travel back in time.  It is only in the last 100 years (150 at the most) that humans have had things like electricity, and forms of transportation that weren't animal based (and therefore vulnerable to predators, like wolves).

Except in the most remote and undeveloped of areas we do not need the moon's companionable light for our travels.  We have cars, GPS, iPhones and all sorts of things.  We can live luxuriously in places formerly uninhabitable to humans: the city of  Las Vegas,the Burning Man festival, scientific stations on Antarctica.  Poverty is the only thing that keeps us from comfort now.  (Barring natural disasters, etc.)

Humans have set foot on the moon.  Probably someday it will be a tourist destination, perhaps especially popular with witches.

But for most of humanity's tenancy on planet earth, the moon was the night traveller's, the witches, and the lovers, best friend.

Especially for witches!  Save new moon nights for magick (and dark moon nights for banishing and cursing), but the full moon was the time to meet with the coven and the Elders, to dance with the faery folk, for animal familiars to shapeshift, and, of course, to ride broomsticks across the sky.

And if you are a witch (or a psychic, or a mystic, and perhaps if you are a Jedi Knight from this Galaxy) the more work you do with the moon, the more you will begin to feel her energy.  And how powerful she is.

She has no light of her own.  She illuminates by travelling into the darkness to reflect the light of the sun.  Moonlight is sunlight that is safe to look at directly with mortal eyes.  It can heal all sorts of ailments. (And actually get rid of warts, which is how I believe warts and witches came to be intertwined. Although now it is a bit mixed up, with witches supposedly having more warts than other people!?)

Astrologically, the full moon is a sun-moon opposition.  An opposition is usually considered a negative aspect.  However, typically the full moon is the emotional high point of the "month"; the peak of the inner life.

Mythologically, there are many stories about her.  The most famous among modern day pagans is probably the story of Aradia, the daughter of the moon and an avatar sent here to teach witches magick.

But my favourite is the story of Selene and Endymion.  Selene was an older Greek goddess (related to the Titans) that was both the body of the moon, the planet, and also the moon and moon's light at fullness.  (Artemis/Diana was the waxing moon, and Hecate was the waning dark moon.)

Selene fell in love with a beautiful mortal named Endymion.  His beauty was so great it angered the other gods, and eventually he was marked for death.  Selene pleaded that he be spared, because she loved him so, and Endymion was sentenced to sleep eternally instead.

Each month Selene, unable to keep her gaze from her beloved, turns her face towards him (waxing), and then away (waning).  The full moon is when she is looking at her sleeping lover, and it is said she will deny no lovers' request when put before her at this time.

The full moon in Pisces is always the "fullest" of the year, at least in the Northern Hemisphere.  The sun is in the sign of Virgo, the only barren earth sign.  (Barren because you cannot plant in fields about to be harvested.)

During Virgo, there is no lack, no scarcity.  The fruits of the earth are all in full bloom. (Again, you must travel back at least 150 years ago, when nature had much more control over our food supply.)

The Martyr, the Sacrificial "cold" fish, is at emotional climax right now.  Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and comes at the end of winter.  The cruellest loss for our ancestors came at this time.  Green was a promise hanging in the air--about to burst through the ground--but often that promise was not enough to save those that had endured starvation and exposure during hard winters. Gruesome discoveries were often made during the sun in Pisces, before facebook and iphones could alert us to deaths and illness among loved ones.

But during the moon in Pisces, when the sun is Virgo, the Martyr can feast, can look ahead and perhaps store some sunshine, some plenty, for those cold and hard months in late winter; and maybe even try to seduce his maiden mate.

I wouldn't recommend eating fish during your full moon feast.  And you might not be as randy as you were last month during the Aquarius full moon (or as "horny" as you will be next month, during the Aries full moon!), but that's okay.

What this moon is really about is plenty.  "Fullness" in its truest sense.  This is a time to really appreciate everything that you have, and all the work that you have done since March.  And with Virgo's Mercury ruler retrograde right now, I would say now is a good time to really go over your plans for the future and revise and  edit... if you aren't feeling to indolent with the luxuries of summer!

Celebrate, laugh, eat, drink.  Make Merry!!!!

And if you are a witch, ride your broomstick across the night sky, across the face of the moon, and don't touch down on earth until sunrise!

With Love from my heart to yours!
Lady Rae

Friday, March 26, 2010


Have you been looking at the back of those quarters these days?

The quarters aren't just for the states anymore.  Six have been issued in honour of Puerto Rico, Guam, and other "territories". (And one for D.C.)

I believe that this is a forerunner to the U.S. laying claim to these colonies, commonwealths, and territories. The U.S. needs land.

So, I guess Puerto Rico will finally get electoral votes!  (Or maybe during the course of acquiring these new states, we will eliminate the elitist electoral votes, and rely totally on popular votes!)


Thursday, February 25, 2010


A man I knew died today. He was an acquaintance from the ragged gang of punkrockers that were found in the Delmar Loop back in the early eighties.

I want to write a homage to him but I have an urgent matter at hand. I thought I might make note of a few things that I have learned from the dead that comfort me when someone I love passes.

On the other side everything is complete. We say that "life" is "eternal" but there is no death on the other side, and no time. You have already lived, and you are about to live, and you have never lived. So your own spirit comes to meet you, and the spirits of all the people you love and care about also come to meet you.

A part of you is still here as a kind of "ghost". (Until the funeral, as far as I can tell, and sometimes longer, and in the case of really hard core empiricists, only long enough to experience "brain death".) But there is another part of you-- a more enduring part--that is already in "heaven" or the afterlife, or whatever you think of it as.

And you do seem to have as much choice in what you believe and experience in your after-life as you do here. However, I will comment that a family member that was a very strict religious person in life, encouraged me to use my gift as a Medium with her family. And then also a client's deceased friend that was an atheist dropped in with a message that she had been wrong in life to not believe in an afterlife. (Although she did not regret, nor was she in any punished for not believing this while she was in this life.)

If you have lost a loved one I can tell you it is like in the tv shows and movies. They are standing right by you, trying to comfort you. For them, it is just a blink of an eye until they will see you again.

Just remember them and speak out loud. Light candles, and place flowers, and pictures about. Tell stories about the person. The dead can come back to this dimension through our memories of them. (That is why happy memories are best-- so they don't have to journey through the bad ones to get to you.)

And all is forgiven. The number one thing the dead say to the living is "I love you." Love is what makes us live forever.

In Los Angeles spirits of the dead can get the white cabbage moth to do their bidding year round, although I also know a guy who comes with a rose beetle. And indoors in winter fruit flies are often the carriers of the dead.

Sometimes it is a little breeze, or a branch or twig snapping. Every now and again a bird, or small animal.

I'm sorry I don't have time to write more! Karl, you are celebrated, and you are missed!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Because I have consolidated several blogs here, I thought I might add a little label here, of which blog a post would have appeared on. Hopefully this makes it easier for my long-time readers.

This post would have appeared on my Conjurings blog.

I've just read The Law Of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks. It is a must-read for any entity wishing to master this dimension. Because the book is channelled by a collective of Angels and Spirits called "Abraham", it is very clear. These two people did not write a book, they simply took dictation.

Basically, you can live in any reality that you want. You can be a ballerina or a cowboy or a lazy layabout. It does not matter. We are here to experience anything we put into our minds and ponder with enough emotion-- either fear or joy or anger or happiness.


That includes the stuff we don't want. The greater part of the book is an instruction manual on how to keep focusing on what you want by remaining centred in a feeling of joy and harmony.

It's all in my head... really...

One thing that this book makes clear that others like it (that I have read) do not, is that there is no "purpose" that you have to stick with once you are in this life. And you can free yourself of all past life karma by moving your awareness away from karma and past lives. Simply stop thinking about them and go back to thinking about this life, and this moment.

"Stay in the moment; stay in me," I always say.

However, if you find an interest in seeking out your past lives you may. Of course! It is part of your reality! If it stops bringing you joy, stop doing it.

For me, this idea of "no contract or commitment" was very liberating. Because of my psychic sensibilities, I am always somewhat aware of the movements of my greater Self in the astral dimension. While I have known for some time that my thoughts control much of my experience, I viewed karma as an almost non-renegotiable contract. Something I had to think around. Constantly. Karma was always in my awareness.

And then, too, for so long I did not realise I was feeling the feelings of other people. And even understanding this now I am often greatly swayed by people that are emoting strongly-- about anything-- in my presence. (I am perhaps not so much kind as simply possessed?)

This can go to the point of being against myself in an argument. In other words, being able to see and feel the other persons' perspective to the point it is hard for me to defend myself. Even if my "side" was less harmful, or "right". Or, worse, this awareness would send me into a rage of helplessness at how different my desires were from what I was feeling from the other person.

Thanks to the book, I now see that by not immediately releasing whatever I perceived coming from the other person that contradicted my own joyful feelings, I was maintaining that which I did not want.

Seek and ye shall find. So always seek joy, the Abraham Collective suggests. In it lies your true happiness and authenticity. If your karma or thoughts of your past make you feel bad, think of something else or find a new way to think about them.

Like everything else in this world, the only power, the sole, true power, is in the moment. This one. Right now. Not one moment ahead and not one moment before. If you do not bring karma or the past or unhappiness into this moment it will not exist in your reality. (Unless you choose it in order to experience feelings of satisfaction from sacrifice or loyalty or something.)

Without karma, and through the power of contemplation, I can live in any reality I can conjure. All I need is the compass of joyful feelings and thoughts centered on what I want. If the two-- joyful feeling and desire-- are in contradiction then karma can intervene, or things may not work out as I wish. (Or perhaps I do not feel I deserve what I want, or do not think I can get it, etc.  The lack of a joyful feeling tells me that my head is not "right" with my heart.)

This new understanding has completely changed my life. Outwardly I am the same. But my internal processes have all shut down temporarily, in order that they might be re-worked. I have felt this drift, caught this current, many times before. (To a lesser degree!) I anticipate that once I have fully integrated with this new reality change will happen very swiftly.

Sometimes the really big changes in a person's life aren't the ones that are visible to the outside.

With much love from my heart to yours,
Lady Rae

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Welcome! Welcome!! Welcome!!!

Many people have commented to me that my view of the world is very different. People are often curious about how I experience this life. Rae Of Light is a "guided tour of my reality."

Welcome to my world.

I believe that there are 6 billion different realities on this planet-- as many as there are people. I think there are as many "Gods" as there are people, too. None of them are right-- or wrong-- for anyone but that individual person.

All of the religions are like languages to God/dess, the Divine, the Highest. Even the religions of heroin and hate. The Divine is in everything and can be found in everything. Even things that destroy and hurt us. It is our frail mortality that forces the Gods into such narrow confines, speaking outdated languages. The Divine is immortal and diverse. The Divine is fluent in all tongues.

(I don't blame the atheist. As creator of his world, he decides to distribute Divinity evenly to everything, and worship nothing. Like the person who, in ignorance of the issues, decides not to vote lest he do harm to his own good. Or worship nothing but what is empirical, so that nothing that cannot be considered a shared reality can be left out.)
I feel the feelings of people around me, and I always hear a kind of whispering with names and words that come up later, and sometimes I will even hear a conversation taking place somewhere far away, or a conversation someone is having with themselves.

I have several spirits that surround me that I speak with frequently throughout the day, as well as Angels and nature entities and spirits. I also come in contact with lost spirits looking for mediums, as well as what some people would call "demons." (Strong thought-forms filled with anger, despair, etc. Or spirits that are angry or greedy, or simply not human-friendly, like spirit leeches or somesuch.)

I believe that like attracts like; every thought and feeling and belief is a magnet.

I see all of us inside of a type of sphere--literally and figuratively. And then we are all inside of our own "reality bubble" as well. How we each appear in other people's bubbles may not be how we appear to ourselves in our own bubbles. And we have no control over that.

I  see that we are all encompassed by an aura and an auric shield like a sphere around our bodies, as if the physical body was the filament in a round light bulb.

I see colour and shadows and marks and sigils and spirits and energy and angels around inside of your bubble. Different for each person, and often different in different parts of a person's life.

Sometimes I see little thought strings like webs that stretch out to the things and people we think about. And the fabric of thought and feeling and magick and earth and heaven that weave as we each go through our lives here on this plane, so that our lives go on "forever" on the astral plane.

We are surrounded by each other's bubbles. We do create and feed and discard and generally share among our individual realities. But we do not have an objective "shared" reality. (Other than gravity, the necessity for sleep and eating, that sort of thing. Although I do believe that even many of those things are negotiable.)

Television and the internet might make you think that the whole world knew of Michael Jackson's passing, but there are people who don't even know who he was. (Probably not many, but still. You get my point.)  There is a diversity of life experiences on this planet.

And nature plays a part in the deception as well. We all inhabit human bodies. We tend to echo each other and form similar patterns based on natural activities like eating, sleeping, and sex. We share things like gravity, this planet, emotional states, and so forth.

Many people come to believe that because we share this natural world, all of our realities must be the same. Further, because there are so many different experiences possible in this world, and therefore too many things to fit into any one reality, many believe that we in fact must all share one very limited reality. One that other people experience the "wrong" way. (I.e., differently than how they think it should be experienced.)

I believe there is a limitless way to experience this universe and this human dimension. I am learning not to judge. I am learning to let go of the things I don't like, in order to experience more of what I do like.

Further, I believe that many of the really hurtful things that happen here are because we think we are all fighting for what is "right". We do not think there is enough for everyone. We think that we have to get everyone else to conform to and share our reality.

I have no desire to disturb the empirical or rigidly religious person. (Or any person!) I have experienced those realities myself and find them to be valid. I have held a smorgasbord of beliefs in my 44 years. More than once I have found myself opposing something that I had once fought as hard to uphold!

These contrasting changes through the years have enriched my view of this life. I am able to understand and interact with many different types of people on a higher level than their "beliefs". Perhaps that is why it is so easy for me to live in this Universe of Multiverses.

I am able to share in the reality of other people and enjoy it as they enjoy it, and understand it as they understand it. For some reason, a great many people I meet find this very uplifting. It makes them feel validated, and they like having someone to share what they love.

I like to experience new things, or old things in new ways. And I enjoy sending out positive energy, being loving, and sharing information that I have learned that has helped me to lead a more joyous and fulfilling life.

Certainly there are some people and places that I prefer more than others. I try to stay focused on what I want and the good things I have. However, I find myself in circumstances that are not to my liking at times.

G.K. Chesterton had a good way of looking at life. He said "An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered and an adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered." I always gain something from every experience.

And even among long-time friends and comfortable, familiar circumstances I try to remain in a constant state of courteous, observant, non-judgement; always staying open to enjoyable possibilities and new opportunities. I do not care for stagnation. I like vitality and growth. I try to keep everything fresh.

I think of myself as a sort of spiritual anthropologist and constant tourist. A priestess of the six billion Dieties that peek out from the eyes of my sisters and brothers upon this planet.   A translator, transcriber, archeologist, and linguist. A True Believer. A believer in You.


Currently I have four blogs and I would like to consolidate them into one place. Each one serves a function. Conjurings for the "business" of being a psychic, medium, and witch; Toodler is my personal blog, and therefore hard to pigeonhole. I have a blog about a neighbourhood I like, and a fourth about a kind of art project I do. (Well, that last one has been inactive and doesn't really count.)

Still, three blogs plus all the social networking sites! I need to simplify and consolidate in all of my affairs right now. I need clarity.

I have known for some months now that a huge breakthrough and change in my life was coming. This new blog is a new "face" to wear out in the cyber-world. Ironically, after setting the blog up, I found myself unable to access it because I not only forgot my password, I had answered my own security question incorrectly! The correct answer did not work! Doi!

Granted, we are in the middle of a major Mars aspect astrologically that is creating some Mercury inter-solar type of problems that I have dubbed "Mars mix-ups". Like accidents, but the consequences aren't as severe. It's more like stumbles and stubbed toes. As with my inability to access this blog for a number of days.

However, as dawn broke with this new understanding I'd been anticipating, I was able to remember the "incorrect-correct" answer to my security question and log in. Finally!

It seems my new face would not appear until I had grown into it. One does not become a Jedi Knight through ceremony, but rather through mastery.

The Force is with me right now, regardless of how turbulent the ride.

With love from my heart to yours,
Lady Rae

Saturday, January 16, 2010


A few weeks ago I purchased a copy of The Magic Of Findhorn by Paul Hawken at a library book sale. It was 25 cents for the hardcover First Edition with a still-in-decent-condition dust jacket. When I got home I opened it up and discovered that the inside cover is signed by the two founders of Findhorn, Peter and Elaine Caddy. "With Love" from Elaine, in fact.

Findhorn is a miraculous garden in the north of Scotland. The soil is very poor and sandy, yet 40 pound cabbages and large flowers and other delights have been produced there. The Caddy's have been able to communicate with the spirits in the plants themselves, the Devas, and have grown the garden "psychically."

University City, and perhaps St. Louis overall, is my Findhorn. Not so much that the soil is barren-- although the culture here is harsh after so many years in laid back L.A.! --, it's more that I know this is the place I can produce miraculous results. A place where I can commune with the spirits that will tell me what I need to blossom and grow.

And there are so many spirits and interesting entities here! Los Angeles has it's otherworldly inhabitants, but they are mostly human. There is a theory among many of St. Louis' mystically minded citizens that this was the original Egypt. The mounds in Cahokia and in Forest Park are ancient pyramids. There are many spirits of all kinds here.  And very active.

I do feel an energy here that is deeply primal and very powerful. This blog will also document the interesting astral and spiritual encounters one can have in this city.

My garden has not yet blossomed yet, but I knew when I saw the Caddy's signatures in the book that I was right (write?) to leave L.A. However, the thought of abandoning my "skanky lady" (as I like to call the lovely but overly generous and open-legged LaLa Land) permanently is still too difficult a thought to bear!

Hence, I chose the new nom de guerre L.A. Lady Rae to remind me of my Angel City. My PKA has the added bonus of sounding like a cross between a Madame and psychic, which isn't an entirely incorrect depiction. (This blogs address is actually laladyrae.blogspot. Unfortunately, raeoflight on both blogspot and gmail was taken!)

Peter Caddy of Findhorn fame had one cornerstone belief. It was that the most powerful force in the Universe was "being in the right place, at the right time, in the right way." That is how miracles like 40 pound cabbages--grown without fertilizer or even proper soil-- are not only produced, but made to be commonplace.

There are miracles abundant in every moment of every day, waiting to be experienced and made ordinary. All things are truly possible!

It is the right time and right place for a Rae of Light to shine!

With love from my heart to yours, welcome to my new blog!
Lady Rae

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


PLEASE NOTE: The date on this blog post. This is from the book I take to tarot readings, which always has a copy of the current location.  But I didn't want to put the text of the book into my current blog posts, so I chose dates BEFORE I had started blogging.  I keep meaning to move to Wordpress, where you can organize your blog by more than just dates and pages.

I am available for readings via phone, email, chat, and in person (St Louis area).  Please call or text my cell (text preferred, if you can) 818 968 5815

These documents are the contents of the "Book" I leave at the various locations where I read tarot cards.  They answer most of the questions people have about readings.






You may also find this post, A Guided Tour of My Reality, interesting.


--Mary K.

I want to carry you around in my pocket! After the reading, I felt a lot of comfort and satisfaction with my life and the path that I am on with my career. Learning who my guardians are and what their purpose are is an amazing discovery to my lucky breaks and strange disappointments. I am grateful for my guardians and for you, Rae.
Thank you,
--Jill C.

I wanted to take this opportunity to spread the good word about Rae and the help she has been to me in communicating with my mom and dad.

My parents have both crossed over. In the last year, Rae has been the link between myself and them. I am so happy to have this connection to them, and Rae regularly gives me accurate messages. It's the next best thing to having them here with me. More times than I can count, she has passed on to me words that have real meaning in my life. It's difficult to put this into words but there are times when she is so accurate, it is almost eerie. The only way you will know that I speak the truth is to enlist her services for yourself.

It has been such a comfort to know my parents are there with me, helping me navigae all of life's journeys big and small. This wouldn't be possible without Rae; I recommend her highly to anyone and everyone.

I found Rae to be a wonderful guide to the connectivity with the earth and universe. I found myself green and golden with the earth and silvery with the stars and sun, all the while feeling elated and free! Rae showed me pathways to the future and releases from the past, and I heard my elders speak with and through her as she passed messages on that illuminated the ways I could choose and the darkness I sought to avoid or leave behind.

When we finished, I felt cleansed and strong and I knew that I had regained my power that I had been letting slip away for too long. I look forward to the next time we search together and I would recommend the experience to everyone.
--Alaine J.

My reaction was one of inner calmness; where you understand organically that you aligned yourself internally. All the chochra colors ignited themselves through breathe and voice. The visualization/meditation gave me a peaceful openness to allow in the spirits that came to Rachael as they became known to her. You never know who will show up and it's a wonderful surprise. Thank you,
--Jane M.


Lady Rae aka “Rae Of Light”

I will ask you to think about your question or situation while I shuffle. When the cards are shuffled I will ask you to cut the cards. Cut them intuitively, wherever the deck “feels” like it needs to be cut.

Generally I prefer that you do NOT tell me what your question is, at least until after I have finished my first reading of your cards. At that time I will answer any questions you might have. I feel I can give you a better reading that way. Also, if you choose to keep your question private, then I can allow the cards to answer you directly.

I don't believe the cards do anything “super” natural or evil. They are tools for accessing the wisdom and knowledge of the subconscious and higher spiritual energies. The cards, and I, merely work as conduits for this information.

I generally do not remember the contents of a reading, tarot or psychic. If you want to record the reading or take notes, please feel free.*

 I offer the “HAPPY HOUR” Tarot reading for $5**. This is usually three cards, Past, Present, and Future, pertaining to one situation or question.
If you want to schedule a longer more in-depth consultation, either in person, by phone, or email/chat, I generally ask $35-50 (depending on where the reading takes place) for a full 12 card “Celtic Cross” reading, or we can create a custom spread tailored to your situation or question. I am also available for parties and events.

818.968.5815 cell

* (The human brain sits in a kind of chemical "soup". There is a "soup" for your brain when it is awake, and another for when you sleep, and another for meditation. That is why sleep dreams recede from memory so quickly upon waking. I believe that my brain's "soup" must change when I do a reading, because when I do recall a reading, which is rare and usually requires a lot of prompting, it has the same disjointed feeling as remembering a dream.)

**City of St. Louis: suggested donation/ for entertainment purposes only




Some of the other tools I use for accessing the subconscious, that you will see set up on the table:

A Candle – to honour the Light.

A Lady's Fan – to cool tempers and dispel old energies from the Air.

A Bell – To signal the beginning and end of each reading.

A “Decision-making Stone”- A rock that is just the right shape and size for holding while making a weighty decision or choice.

A “Mirror of the Goddess” – A seemingly ordinary compact, the mirror allows The Lady, The Goddess, to view you with her eyes of Love.

Frank” - My “Watchover Voodoo Doll: “To stop bad things being thought about you and improve your thoughts about others.”

A small statue of the Hindu Deity Ganesha, as all endeavours go better with his blessings of abundance and reassuring presence.


I am originally from Saint Louis, but lived in Los Angeles from 1985 until 2008. I have been reading tarot cards since 1991. In 2002 I developed sufficiently to work as a Spirit Medium and Psychic. The cards, spirits and my own abilities continue to astound me, even after 22 years.
One of my most notable public achievements was predicting the exact score of the 2008 Superbowl the night before the game in an email. (There is a copy of it in this book.) I have not been able to duplicate these results again, sadly, and wish that I had placed a bet that year!
However, being psychic is not the same as being “all-knowing” or omnipotent. I am not a guru or a saint. I have an unusual ability to communicate with entities that many people cannot. There are spirits in bodies (the living) and spirits without bodies (“ghosts”). Just because I can “hear” and “see” more than other people does not mean that I am perfect.
I am able to see multiple viewpoints, partly because of my abilities, partly because I have had an uncommon and unusual life, with a lot of varied experiences. I grew up in a family with hereditary mental illness and a lot of dysfunction. When I was a teenager I often ran away from home, going as far as Southern California when I was only 13. (I moved to Los Angeles as an adult in 1985.)
I was for many years a radical political activist and atheist when I was young. While I do not hold these beliefs at all anymore, I would not trade the experiences I had, talking to people from all countries, cultures, and walks of life about politics and government.
I have worked at many different jobs and doing different kinds of work. Everything from an artist's model, film industry (distribution, effects, and Producer’s Assistant), personal assistant, and also spent many years as a secretarial “temporary”.
I am a Life Coach and Consultant via The Dream Garden ( I help people identify and achieve their goals for happier and more fulfilling lives. Some of this is “hands on”: doing odd jobs, usually cleaning, organizing and/or bookkeeping for hoarders or the chronically busy and overwhelmed. I also provide a type unofficial problem resolution and mediation service, as I am a very effective problem solver.
For example, in 2008 a friend and client signed a contract with an auto dealership without reading the financial terms correctly. The contract charged $8,000 more than she had understood. After an almost two hour meeting with the dealer, manager, salesperson, and my client, I was able to get the full amount reduced from the purchase price and interest on the car. (The Dealer actually offered me a sales job, I was so persuasive.)
I am a true Bohemian Libertine, a free spirit, with a strong aversion to Authority. I am a Pagan and Witch, and in my opinion that has nothing to do with the Christian God or Devil. I believe that religions are like languages to the Divine, and that every religion is a valid path for the Believer.
I believe music will heal your soul and set you free.
I am a writer and poet. Essays, opinions, poems, and lefty political rants can be found on my Rae Of Light Blog:
I can be reached by email or by phone 818.968.5815

EDIT 22Jan2016: This is taken from my "book" for Tarot on the Spot.  A loose-leaf binder with information on readings. I forget to update these posts, unless they get a lot of activity (hits) and show up in my blog's stats. If you are going to call my cell, please text me or email me first.  I live in an area with a lot of cell service issues, and may not get your call. I am also on Skype: scottish.toodler  Again, email or text me first if you want a reading or need to contact me.