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Superbowl prediction
Saturday, February 2, 2008 6:58 PM

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Subject: Superbowl prediction

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Well, if you remember the incident last year where I predicted a team that wasn't playing, you will see this as the expirement I see it as: can I get good enough with numbers to live a lazy gamblers life?

New York Giants 17 Patriots 14

That is what I kept seeing. Then I saw

Patriots 22

I don't know. I am not confident enough to hit "everyone" on this mail, but to my friends and football fans, well, you know I don't follow the football, especially the American kind.

Friends in LA, I must tell you, I have not seen one betting sheet with the little squares. Who knew I would be homesick for something so silly?

Go Team!!!

EDIT: My 2012 post

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