Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I don't have time to do a whole post about the retrograde right now, but here is the link to a search of every Mercury retro post on this blog.

There is so much planetary activity right now, as we shift into the Higher Consciousness.  Please be very mindful.  Stay in the moment and pay attention.


Thursday, June 20, 2013


... and Mercury is inter-solar, about to go "retrograde", on the 26th.  Saddle up, jackaroo, Matilda is about to waltz like she has never waltzed before.

This is the Tarot's Tower card, number 16 of the Major Arcana.  Illumination and transformation.  Could be great, might be awful.  And if you are already dealing with something major, this might come "Out of the Blue."  I expect there will be a lot of UFO sightings, or other strange phenomena this week. Lots of ghosties and Pixies.

Magickal peeps will need to surf the Empathic waves.  To be able to feel what another person is feeling right now will help when you can help.  When you can't help it may feel like you are drowning.  Stay in the moment, stay in your Self.

If you are driving or using machinery, please be extra cautious.  These are times to orient yourself each day in a kind of Zen Monk frame of mind-- a flexible yielding to the storms of life, centred in kindness and compassion for the suffering of others, while constantly re-focusing on your own joy, and releasing your own sorrow as it comes.

Divine or devastating, this too shall pass. 

We are in the New Age now, and things are changing.  The shift that is happening this week is not just in our world, but a Cosmic shift, something Universal.  Everything is changing as we humans move up the evolutionary scale to a Higher Love Consciousness.  

Praises, Thanks, and Blessings!!! 


If you are an Ent Lover please help in mourning this travesty against one of the most benevolent and powerful entities in University City, Washington Universities Scotch Elm.

One of my poems, which describes the Tower energy in the world today.


Who is the Caesar whose empire is crumbling?
The Martin Luther to send church towers tumbling?
From Cape Canaveral will a new Columbus set sail?
And where are King Arthur, Merlin, and The Grail?

Copyright 2005

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


This was originally an EDIT on the Post "Segue."  But the image was too cheerful for the sad news of that post.

EDIT: The band at Ye Ole Haunt was Monkeysoop from San Antonio.  Their drummer Erica also reads palms and draws caricatures.  She did this one of me!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!


My roommate and friend passed yesterday from a long battle with cancer.  This is the first of many changes that will be happening in my life in the next week or two.

But for today, a moment to breathe, and to celebrate life.

I will be at Ye Ole Haunt today, Wednesday June 19th.

Love your life, peeps.  Even if you believe in reincarnation, or are an immortal, this is the only life you got, and there is SO MUCH good stuff in it.  Witnessing my friend's struggles, especially toward the end, really made me see how important it is to always reach for the best thing in each moment.

And that when it is bleakest, all the more reason to search for the tiniest bit of hope and goodness, and nurture and praise it.


If you are looking for the image of an "Ericature" of me, please see this post.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Life is a sexually transmitted disease and the mortality rate is one hundred percent.”-- R. D. Laing   

(That's William S. Burroughs in the photograph, not R.D. Laing.)

I swear I thought I had blogged this before.

The number one question that people that have never had a tarot card reading ask me, and that is not to say all newbies, but a majority, is: Am I gonna die?

As a tarot reader, psychic, medium, and plain old human being, I just want to answer the most asked question and say, yes, you are going to die.

You are going to die and so is everyone that you know, someday, somehow, either with foreknowledge or without warning. You are definitely going to die and you can even choose your own death, at any time, with very little effort. Having an oracle tell you when or how you are going to die will not change the fact. 

Dying is certain. Living life to its fullest, reaching in every minute for the best and most hopeful and most wonderful, in that moment, that is the uncertainty. The living of life. The loving of it. The appreciation of who you are. The love affair with yourself that all of the spirits of the dead tell me they wish they had spent more time on while they were in bodies.

Don't wait until you are dying or dead to really love your life.


On the other side there is life without death, we do not come to these bodies for LIFE, but instead for life that ends in DEATH. To experience this physical dimension as a limited and ephemeral existence (ephemeral even as a multiple reincarnated "immortal soul"), it is still not the same as what "life" "eternal" is on the other side.


Duff's in the Central West End is closing after 41 years of business at the end of June.

I associate Duff's with Lawyers and Poets. The high ceilings and solid wood pew-like tables and chairs create an atmosphere that summons the erudite folk for pints and educated conversations.

Most of my recent memories from Duff's, since moving back three years ago, are from Chance Operations,   I attended the premiere Chance Operations and I hope to attend the last one that will be held at Duff's, on June 24th.  (It is rumoured they will be moving to another location.)

Also a Secretary's Day luncheon with an attorney employer, a few random drinks, on a few different nights, with a few different people, going between Brennan's and Balaban's or Dressel's.

One of the strongest memories I have is a night at Duff's back in 1983 or so.  When I was 15 I became a radical political activist.  A bit of a recap for anyone that doesn't know my history: shortly before I turned 12 I had started drinking, having sex, and smoking cigarettes.  Drugs followed quickly.  I was a runaway, often on the streets, and living an extremely sexualised life involving too many older and often very dangerous men.

During the summer of my 15th year I was desperate to get away from the life I was living.  I initially embraced punk rock and revolutionary communism because it scared off all the men I didn't like. I cut my hair short and started hanging out in the Delmar Loop and Central West End with punk rockers, people of colour, and homosexuals. It was like magic.  Poof!  Suddenly I was free of all my old ties, with very little drama, threats, or bodily harm.

However,  I continued to be an activist for the next nine or ten years because of experiences like that night in Duff's, 30 years ago.

One thing that I did almost every day as a political activist was to sell revolutionary newspapers. Daniel Sheehan of the Christic Institute was speaking at Washington University Law School, and I went (alone, I think) to sell papers to the crowd waiting to go in, and also to attend.

(The question and answer period of talks like these were considered as important as selling the newspapers.  Because often a question could be framed in such a way as promote propaganda and invite debate on the revolution.)

I knew who Sheehan was because of the Silkwood case and Kerr-McGee.  The Christic Institute had become a major source of information about the deeds of the US government and corporations.  In addition to Karen Silkwood, the Institute had been involved with the La Penca bombing (the movie Above the Law with Steven Seagal was based on the information uncovered by the Christic Institute) and defended many other activists, including both of the Berrigans.

Afterward I ended up in conversation with several other attendees and Sheehan himself.  He invited me to come with his party to Duff's, along with Wash. U. professors and students and attorneys.  It was not just the thrill of being included, but to be taken seriously by someone like Sheehan.

In the last three years, without all of my many journals and diaries and scrapbooks  to assist me, my memories have become somewhat eroded.  This night is still very strong, but the details are gone-- what questions I asked during the Q&A, what Sheehan and I discussed, etc.  Those things were recorded in archives I do not have access too, currently.

I recall that he asked me a lot of questions.  I was somewhat infamous for turning my High School upside down, attempting to bring two controversial Salvadoran refugees to speak at assembly.  (They didn't make it to the High School, but they did end up speaking at the College next to the High School.)

At that time in my life I'd had very few experiences with men that weren't sexual.  I had a distant, stern uncle that visited my grandmother once a year, and a crazy grandfather (a former attorney) that I almost never saw and was embarrassed of when I did.

Even the "nice" boys from my grandmother's neighbourhood (where I went to High School) were always groping me in private, or cornering me, or seducing me.  (I ended up with the not nice boys because at least they still acknowledged me after they got what wanted.  Even if it was angry or abusive, at least it was male attention.)

To not only have a man like Sheehan paying attention to me because of my MIND was unbelievable.  I had been having other experiences like this, with other revolutionaries and activists, but Sheehan was a kind of radical celebrity.  And while I don't remember the exact details of the questions, I do remember that he was genuinely interested in my life and who I was.  If his libido had anything to do with it he hid it very well.

This memory is so strong, and warms me still on the coldest nights, because Sheehan's attention elevated me.  While I might have understood that on some unconscious level, it came to me like an epiphany when I saw the notice about Duff's closing in my facebook feed.

Just recently I was having a conversation with someone about the different types of Dominants and Submissives.  Or perhaps methods of Domination and types of Submissives.  It isn't all about flogging and ball torture.

In fact, there are many Dominants that do not engage in anything physical.  The relationship can be entirely mental or emotional.

But in particular I was relating a story from my own experience, when I was very interested in and learning about the BDSM community and lifestyle.  Too Dominant to train as another's Submissive, "learning the ropes" so to speak, I called a Submissive I knew and ordered him to be my Slave and teach me to be a Dominant.

One of the first things he taught me, and a common misunderstanding outside of the community, is that there is a big difference between humiliation of the Sub, as the lesser in an unequal relationship, and the type of Dominant he wanted and thought me to inherently be.

That is, the Dominatrix, without even uttering a word, is so powerful to the Submissive, that not only is his submissiveness summoned and then commanded by the Mistress, her power is such that it actually ELEVATES the Sub.

"When you fight Xena and she kicks your ass," he told me, "you become one of an elite group of warriors that has even FOUGHT Xena, or encountered her."

I suppose this reminisce is not so much about Duff's, itself, but for me this warm memory of my encounter with a truly amazing and inspiring man, that alone would be enough to keep the place alive in my heart until the day I, too, retire.

RIP Duff's.


Monday, June 3, 2013


So the search hits for "Night of the Watchers" began about a week ago.

The only record of this night that I know of was in the old Witches Almanac.  Elizabeth Pepper recorded the night in the Almanac.  "Night of the Watchers" as the entry on the night of June 5th. After she died they ran an article explaining that no one knew her source.

The Watchers are called by many names-- the Girgori, the Elioud, the Elohim that are the 7th rank of Angelic Hierarchy.

All agree they were a type of Angel, some or all of whom came to  earth and mated with mortal women, creating part or all of the Nephilim, who either are giants, half giants, or from the sky. 

I mused (incorrectly) that the night was based on Enochian Ceremonial Magick and must therefore actually be the night of June 6th, having to do with numerology.

Feel free to read what I have written in the links below, and I would also start with everything on Wikipedia regarding Elohim. Watcher Angels, Nephilim, Sons of God, etc.

Last year I got a glimpse of the Greatness of this Mystery.

This is not a Mystery that can be revealed via human language to human consciousness.  You have to open to the Watchers themselves.

And like most Great Mystery's, the path to it is somewhat labyrinthine.  Re-reading my own entries makes that clear.  Only the dedicated can really pursue the "answer."


Night of The Watcher posts on my old Conjurings Blog.

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