Saturday, March 19, 2011


I generally avoid joining things.  I have no desire to legally marry.  I've never formally joined a church or coven or political organisation that required more than a signature, and no committment beyond the dry ink.

I was infamous as a teenager here, for my association with one radical political party.  For seven years of my life I gave a good part of my days and nights, and give a goodly portion of my income to this organisation- but I never officially joined.

So perhaps, given that you don't so much "join" the Wayseers as proclaim the title, it might be a little much to say I "joined" the Wayseer Movement, but I feel as excited as if I had joined a movement, officially, and for the first time.

(They do have a subscription service to their website, but the cost is very low and they offer a free 30-day trial.  I do not think it is wrong for spiritual people to make money, as long as it is not the main focus.)

"Unlike nine out of ten people your mind is irrepressible!"

I would actually call the Wayseer the Macro Human, as depicted in the "fictional" book 2150 A.D. by Thea Alexander.  But it doesn't matter what the name is-- the outcome is the same.  The shift in human consciousness that is occurring is taking shape.

Over the next one hundred years that statistic will reverse.  Soon the Wayseer will be 9 out of 10.

I often comment that this is the Age of Avatars.  Jesus was one of the first Macro-men, demonstrating Macro abilities (clairvoyance, astral projection, and psycho-kinesis), and demonstrating very highly the three Macro principles of Love, Wisdom, and Leadership.

 A shift in anything requires change.  And for many people that are deeply embedded in the world of the "micro-man", the shift to a Macro consciousness will be as personally devastating as the recent earthquake in Japan.

If a person is sincerely attached to the idea that there is not enough for everyone, or that ones colour or religion or sexuality or place of birth makes them "better" than others, or that this life is all that there is, than it will be shocking to find that indeed, there is NOT enough, and that one is surrounded by lesser people, intent on harm.

Micro man is in the process of perishing at his own hand-- by his own beliefs and way of being in the world.  Help when you can, but stay out of the way.  As the butterfly bursts from the cocoon, the unmatured worm explodes like a rotting bomb.

This full moon in Virgo is an appropriate sunset to the "olde" world order.  (Especially this year, as it is a super "Supermoon"!  And a quick note here that I am glad to see astrologer Richard Nolle getting the recognition he is due!)

This is the last full moon of the astrological year.  The sun is in the sign of the Fishes, and the moon is the sign of the Loaves.  Virgo is the only barren earth sign.

But she is barren because she is in full bloom.  She is the Goddess Demeter, the Harvest of the fields, of the seeds that have been planted.  One cannot be impregnated when one is about to give birth.

As such, the Virgo full moon is the Harvest of our emotional year.  Whatever seeds were sown last Spring, and tended and nurtured through Summer, harvested in Autumn, and the fruits eaten through Winter, we have the end of the cycle here.

The fields must be cleared now of all debris and old roots.  Made ready for a new crop.  And our hearts and souls must also be cleansed and made ready also.  Now is time when are hearts are neither sowing, or tending, or reaping or feasting. 

Sometimes we become attached to old things, places and people that no longer suit us.  Hanging on to old hurts, like Miss Havesham in her wedding dress, sitting to dinner every day with a spiderweb filled bride and groom cake on the table.

To hold on is almost worse than refusing to mature! To have wings, and yet cower in the cocoon, until it becomes a death shroud.

When the time comes, defy gravity-- spread your wings and fly!

Lady Rae

PS-- We are entering the Age of Aquarius, and leaving the Age of Pisces.  It is no mistake that Jesus is identified with the loaves and the fishes.  Or a Virgin mother.