Monday, July 18, 2011


I am doing this meditation over on facebook, and thought I might post here.  (Although, honestly, I think more people check my facebook page than this blog.)

June 21, 2011
Happy Summer Solstice! Today is also the first day of the 40 Day Meditation to help facilitate the shift in human consciousness. This shift won't occur to everyone at once. In fact it will probably really alarm those that are deeply rooted in ego, culture, race, religion, etc, etc. Not much to be done about those further behind, the Age of Avatars is here. Listen carefully today.
Day 2 of the 40 day Meditation to facilitate the shift to higher consciousness: What are you creating in your reality? Love, abundance, gratitude, health? Whatever you want more of, put your mind on that.
Day 3 of the Meditation to manifest the new consciousness: Save the honeybees!!!! I am thinking to day about how healthy nature is, and how She always supports us, and there IS enough for everyone, and we ARE smart enough to create a sustainable life on this planet!!!
Day 4 of the 40 Day Meditation to Manifest a new global consciousness: YOU are the creator of your reality. Even the things you don't want are invited into your life via your thoughts, beliefs and expectations. If there are negatives where there should be positives, maybe today will provide the energy to re-route the circuits in your brain.
25 June: Day 5 of 40 Day Meditation to raise consciousness. For many people the shift means change, and often people are afraid of change. Today, consider that there is a part of yo-the larger part, the "Higher" part- that will never die, in fact has never been born or lived; has not been hungry, sad, angry-- or happy, content, enlightened, etc. We are here in this life for the pain as much as the pleasure.
 ‎26 June Day 6 of the 40 Day Meditation to manifest a higher consciousness and 5-D Earth. Can you envision in your mind what you want? Can you see it happening clearly? While you are envisioning it do you have a good feeling? A feeling of well-being and contentment and excitement?
27 June Day 7 of the 40 Day Meditation to elevate consciousness: Can you imagine a world where there is no hunger? Can you imagine a world where everyone has medical care? Adequete shelter? If you can see it, it can exist.
28 June, Day 8 of the 40 Day Meditation to manifest a new global consciousness. In the future, the "average" human will be like Jesus or Buddha. Even within the next 100 years. This is the next stage of growth in human development.
29 June Day 9 of the 40 Day Meditation to raise consciousness. You create your reality through your awareness. Consider that at any given time on this planet--any second-- every single human emotion and 6 billion realities are present. Choose what you focus on. Choose what comes into your awareness. Or at least, choose to always be able to "re-set" to what you want.
30 June Day 10 of the 40 Day Meditation: 30 Days to manifest your own personal higher consciousness. What you want? What you gonna do? Does it make you feel good?
Tonight in the middle of the night a new moon and solar eclipse. Tonight, you could catch magick on your tongue the way children taste snowflakes, if you wanted. All of nature is love and prosperity spell right now. Breathe deep. Let your soul fill with what it needs to breathe.
1 July 11 Day 11 of the 40 Day Meditation to raise consciousness: In the video game version of this meditation, today you would pass by a chest and within would be a secret power pack of great strength against any enemy. You would obtain it by re-writing one bad event in your life so that you (the creator) had chosen it to occur.
2 July, Day 12 of the 40 Day Meditation to manifest a higher earth consciousness. YOU MUST BEGIN TO SEE MORE OF WHAT YOU WANT AND LESS OF WHAT YOU DON'T. If you want wealth and prosperity, begin with wealth and prosperity consciousness, and imagination, to see what you want. You will not get more of what you want pondering what you don't want.
3 July Day 13 of the 40 Day meditation to raise consciousness: Would you rather be RIGHT or would you rather be HAPPY? Much of your life hinges on the answer to that question. Give up the need to judge, to be "right" especially about the things you don't like in your life. Fulfillment will follow.
4 July Day 14 of the 40 Day Meditation. Nothing in this life is a permanent state. There is no such as "security", it is a fantasy. A belief that life will continue in a static or unchanging state. The only true security and safety is in understanding that your own awareness and beliefs create your world. Keeping yourself focused on the compass of your well-being, health, prosperity, and emotional growth.
5 July, Day 15 of the 40 Day Meditation: Raising awareness means raising your own awareness. Interacting with the world from a better place. Jesus and his disciples interacted with the same people, ate the same food, went out upon the same water, yet the disciples had a very different experience from Jesus. Are you relating to the world in a way that makes you feel good, and is you are attracting what you need?
6 July Day 16 of the 40 Day Meditation: In the book 2150 AD all people can telepath, astral project, and heal their bodies. 100 years is the new 29. But there are still people living on micro Island-diseased, fighting, poor, etc. Right now the Macro society and people with higher consciousness are on a kind of island. We are not here to change others, only ourselves. The new world begins in each individual person.
7 July Day 17 of the 40 Day Meditation: Your mind is like a garden plot. Any seed you plant will try to grow. Some thoughts are like weeds, they grow quickly and easily and need no attention. Others need a lot of care. What is growing in your garden?
8 July Day 18 of the 40 Day Meditation: Your awareness is the garden that grows the events of your life, and each thought is seed. The ground itself is made up of your beliefs and expectations. Many people want to believe in positive thought, but no matter how hard they try, their thoughts don't come to fruition. Today is a good day to test the soil. Do you really believe you create your life?
9th July, Day 19 of the 40 Day Meditation: Negative emotions clog up the "pipeline" of wisdom and higher guidance. It's not that healing and love and light aren't available, it's that they can't get through. Can love get through to your heart? Clear a path today.
10 July Day 20 of the 40 Day Meditation: YOUR AWARENESS IS LIKE YOUR MONEY! SPEND IT WISELY!!!!
11 July Day 21 of the 40 Day Meditation: The daydream you have today could change the world tomorrow. If you want change, stop observing and start imagining.
Day 22 of the 40 Day meditation: You can't choose for anyone else. You cannot control anyone else. You did not come to this life to change anyone else. It is not selfish to focus on yourself, it is the most powerful thing in the universe. If doing so makes you feel bad in any way, see if you are miscreating through a belief that there is not enough, or that you are not good enough. There is. You are.
July 13 Day 23 of the 40 Day meditation. Point your compass toward safety, prosperity, health, and happiness. do not stray from your course regardless of what obstacles you face. Get right back on track.
14 July Day 24 of the 40 Day Meditation to manifest a new 5D earth: The Universe is unlimited in bounty. If you can envision it in your mind, you can achieve it. What is your most cherished and desired vision of your authentic self? ....PS- Happy Full moon in Capricorn!
15 July Day 25 of the 40 Day Meditation: Everything is happening in the right way, at the right time, with the right people. It's all good.
Day 26 of the 40 day Meditation: "If you ain't got no haters, you ain't doin' shit." - Kat Williams
17 July Day 27 of the 40 Day Meditation to manifest a new 5-D Earth: No matter how irritable, cranky, or tired you are, no matter how put upon by others you feel, YOU are still the sole creator in your life experience. And all you can do is re-focus on what you like and what want... And yes, this day's meditation is almost entirely personal.
18 July Day 28 of the 40 Day Meditation: It does not benefit a thief to live in a world of thieves; or a murderer to live among murderers. The intolerant do not benefit from being among their kind. Believing that the world can be a good place, that humans can create a world free of hate, violence, and greed is not naive. It is intelligent. It just might be awhile before the majority of the planet understands this.
19 July Day 29 of the 40 Day Meditation: Don't be afraid to want something for fear you want get it. Desire has charms all her own and often opens previously closed doors. Allow yourself to want what you want, even if it is not currently manifesting. Allow desire to attract what you need, the way a blossom attracts a bee.
20 July Day 30 of the 40 Day Meditation: The blossom does not even concern herself with attracting a bee to pollinate her, because she knows that the Universe is perfect balanced, and she would have no need or desire that could not be filled. The blossom does not concern herself with the details, she instead enjoys her time in the sun.
21 July Day 31 of the 40 Day meditation to raise consciousness: If you really believe you won't be impatient or insecure. Even a starving person knows that you cannot tug the shoots of plant to make it grow faster. Some processes just have to go through their cycle. Patience is a true power.
22 July Day 32 of the 40 Day meditation: "Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes." ~ William Gibson
Day 33 of the 40 Day Meditation to manifest a 5-D earth: "Rather than trying to get the world to all do the same thing, or to do things that you like, it is much better plan to put yourself in the position of accepting that everyone has the right to be, do, or have whatever they want; and that you...will attract unto you only that which is in harmony with you."
Day 34 of the 40 Day Meditation: Many forces in the Universe had to come together to create you: salts, stardust, animal, vegetable, mother, and father. You have been entrusted with the package of flesh and thought, heart and soul, that is you. You are part of the whole Macrocosmic Oneness of the Universe, but it is necessary that you be a complete and seperate microcosm within that Oneness.
25 July, Day 35 of the 40 Day Meditation: Can you envision a world, even for just a moment, where every person had enough to eat, a place to sleep, shelter from the elements, and basic healthcare? There is no shortage of these things in the world, it is just that the world is not balanced. Powerful creator that you are, giving even a moment of thought to this balance can create it.
Day 36 of the 40 Day Meditation: People that are living in the lower "earth" chakras live in fear because they do not understand how this life is created. That is why the heart chakra becomes vulnerable when shifting to the "heavenly" chakras. Today make sure to bathe yourself in the light of your own heart chakra. Love yourself like your newborn child, or most precious lover. Love the Universe by loving yourself.
Day 37 of the 40 Day Meditation to facilitate a new 5D Earth: If you find it completely impossible to even envision a world where everyone had adequate food, shelter, and healthcare, can you envision yourself having all of those things, and anything else you feel you need to survive comfortably, healthily, and happily? Can you believe it?
28 July Day 38 of the 40 Day meditation: A diversity of people and experiences is a sign of healthy attractor. Our job is to channel what we want and like, and seek more of it. If something undesirable occurs the best thing to do is release it as quickly as possible. Don't focus on it too much--your healthy attractor is just doing its' job to show you everything.
Day 39 of the 40 Day Meditation: A new kind of human is emerging in the world. The Macro human, capable of higher love, psychic powers--to the point of walking on water, healing the sick, raising the "dead". For the time being the new world must live and grow alongside the old, dying world. This may not always be comfortable. Choose carefully what you focus on. 
Are you here to bring about the new or tear down the old? The choice is fully yours, and may change from moment to moment.
New moon born tomorrow, labour tonight. (Metaphorically- and magickally speaking-- of course!)
30 July Day 40 of the 40 Day Meditation to raise consciousness and manifest a new 5D earth: YOU are the creator!!