Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Full moons are a sun-moon opposition.  The sun in Sagitarrius and the moon is full in Gemini, the opposing Zodiac House.

Gemini is the sign of the twins, an air sign, mental, ruled by Mercury.  Gemini moon days are always filled with a lot of back and forth chatter, and not a lot other than talking getting done.  

This is a good day for high ideals and grandiose schemes and utopian visions.  "Shoot for the moon and land on the roof."  The best visions take us beyond our limits.  Let the Lady illuminate you, let the Messenger deliver you and your message.

With this moon comes the dream, the R.E.M. sleep that is most dream potent just before dawn.  What dreams do you have?  How do you feel about the dreams you are pursuing? (Did you know that rapid eye movement sleep lasts only 90 seconds, yet that is when all your dreams take place.  As with wormhole travel in the movie Contact, in dreams you travel the astral, and can live whole lifetimes in what is just 90 seconds here.)

Find a story about your life that empowers you.  When you find it, reach for its fullest potential without consideration or care for how others see you.  The other messenger Goddess is Iris.  She travels by the rainbow.  Consider that you are as colourful as the rainbow, and your detractors, or those that do not share your vision for your life, are not seeing your full spectrum.

Let yourself be happy.  To some people I am so bereft of outer life and possessions and luxury that my inner life is seen as fanciful compensation for outer poverty. Witchcraft is seen as the imaginary power to combat my own powerlessness, probably learned in childhood, to offset my tragic home life.  I am an unhygenic "hippie" that doesn't shower every single day or get enough pedicures.

Then there are other people to whom I am wealthy beyond belief, and live a decadent life.  I am so powerful that I need not even concern myself with this earthly struggle at all.  I live entirely outside of natural rythyms and adorn and groom myself unnecessarily and excessively. 

I was recently reminded too, that among many of my friends, to be called a "dittohead" is an insult.  But I actually I was quoting Rush Limbaugh and his followers, who actually invented and proclaim the title proudly.   They are glad to know that they are among people that think all alike. Diversity and independent thought are not desirable.

Have faith that by speaking your truth and acknowledging your own shadow, your "dark twin", you will be find all that you need to be truly happy.  Let your light shine.

Allow yourself your full spectrum.  Let yourself live the way you need to live, to the fullest of the resources available to you, and without too much focus on what other people think. I have always been willing to abandon beliefs and ways of living if a better way presents itself, so I am always glad for all the authentic choices people make.

Whether I agree with their choices or not, being around strong individuals gives me the power I need to strengthen and nurture myself.  Gemini full moon is good for illuminating the dual nature of things-- the weaknesses inherent in strengths, the strengths in the weaknesses.

Full moons are great for celebrating and get togethers in this earthly realm, or on the astral plane to gather together and share secrets both magickal and mundane.

(The new moon is the moon conjunct with the sun. It is inward.  The moon herself is hidden from us and does not illuminate the darkness.  I have come to find that is the better night for most magick and spells, or at least the most magickal "work".  The full moon is for partying and for flight)

This full moon in Gemini is the best night for a ride on the broomsticks, or dragons, and maybe in warmer regions a nice night for a horse or camel or motorcycle ride in the moonlight.

However, I do think the astral is most highly favoured, and especially this year, what with Mercury having just returned to rule his realm, and the full moon's exact opposition is actually on the day of the week ruled by Mercury (Wednesday--even though most of us will be riding out on Tuesday night). Dragons and broomsticks especially favoured!

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, take just a moment to look at the Lady, if you can see her, and give thanks for the beauty of this wide and wonderful world in the moonlight!


Monday, November 26, 2012


Mercury goes direct today but won't be out of the past and "back to the future" until December 14th. That means he probably has a lot of paperwork.

Mercury's paperwork is a reference to the fact that when the planet is "retrograde" (or more accurately "inter-solar" and appears to be going backward from earthbound perspective) the "story" is that Mercury is going back to the Gods to report on all the coming and goings of mortals.  Then the Gods convene on how to run their Divine Interference.

But I do believe that this myth explains a naturally  occurring cycle in human nature.  These three weeks or so, three times a year, are when the revisions are made, the contracts renegotiated, on the astral plane between our higher souls/selves. (Instead of on Mt Olympus and between the "Gods".)
Mercury Retrogrades always occur right before the Wheel turns, and usually determine in what direction the Wheel turns. 

Which means that right around the Solstice the big surprises should be happening, or turn arounds, or whatever dam has been about to burst shall break. 

For good or bad, real change is here. Happy Monday peeeps, and keep driving safe and be extra careful today!!!!


Saturday, November 24, 2012


2EECH is my abbreviation for something my spirit and lightworker Guides call "Eyes to see and ears to hear."

It means that there is a shift in consciousness going on in many different spheres of society, of this world, and even of the astral.  If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, than take a moment to acknowledge the tremendous tides of change going on all around you, when you see or feel them.

Share them however you like, in any way, even if just sharing them with witness to the events or occurrences themselves.

When magickal and psychic people do this, I think it creates a current of energy in the world. It opens a space for that energy to enter and affect things. And on that current many miracles and manifestations can ride.

I've been trying to create some outward actions for these 2EECH events.

The first are the World-Wide Laugh Ins.  The inaugural Laugh In was on Samhain, November 6th at 21:30 local time.

The next is scheduled for December 21, 2012 at 12:21 PM.  All you have to do is laugh!  (And I have been thinking that I am going to make laughter a part of my routine, like brushing my teeth.  I wonder if any day wouldn't be greatly improved by a dose of laughter first thing in the morning.)

The other is my goal to get out some Pink Flyers before the December 21st.  I allow these things to happen organically,   Sometimes a few here and there, sometimes a hundred left at different places.  (I used to hand them out.)

I would like to ask people to share the Pink Flyer, even if just with themselves, by copying and printing one out, or by printing some and leaving them somewhere for anyone to take.

I wish Pink Flyers could become the new money and just buy everyone what they need. Because there is enough for everyone, and every person on this planet has a right to a space of land and share of food and a bit of shelter.  It should be entitled from birth.  If you are born, you have the right to exist.  Work should be found for everyone.  Shelter and food and proper care should be found for everyone.

We have birth control now.  We can choose to limit our population to a healthy balance.  We can choose to share.  We can choose to change the way we live so that we aren't always in such vicious competition. 

We are smart enough now to create a new and better world. One that retains and respects diversity, but without undue conflict and suffering.  I know this because I glimpse it every now and again, and lately it has begun to take shape a bit more.

I see it manifesting in the world.

So I am going to initiate some sort of simultaneous meditation between now and December 21st.  There is so much energy being put into that date by so many different types of people and for different reasons.  It is a shame for the magickal folk that know how you direct energy to not attempt to lift up the species consciousness with some meditations on New Age solutions to Old Age problems.

I know that  other people are doing similar things, and I would like to take part in as many as possible,

I am thinking December 6th, Saint Nicholaus Day, but I need to meditate on it myself a bit, and see a bit clearer. 

I hope that everyone that feels of a similar way will share or use or build on 2EECH as they wish.


I have just learned of this site: http://shiftmovement.com/

Thursday, November 22, 2012


So that Leahy bill is now the complete opposite.

As a writer my imagination is always able to come up with multiple explanations for almost any incident.  There was a whole part of the political races this summer and fall when I was certain that Romney was a ringer.  How could those people be exposing themselves so flawlessly?  Humiliating themselves so publicly?

When I saw the election results I considered in this scenario that the numbers for Romney were amped up.  To make it appear that it was a close race.

(I'd actually almost rather live in a world where something as important as an election really was manipulated elaborately behind the scenes by an elite group of political Illuminati than the more likely possibility that 43 percent of the voters really did vote for Romney.)

In this scenario, the new Leahy Bill and the Leahy Bill conspiracy, fit right in.  The Roves and Trumps and Kochs of the world are about unleash a dystopian nightmare upon us. Big Brother will be reading all of our emails and facebook posts, and as soon as we roll through a stop sign, the men in black will whisk us away under the protection of the Patriot Act and no one will ever know what happened to us.

It is the basis of many Hollywood movies, and I am sure such scenarios do occur, although I have much less faith in the average human's ability to sustain secret organizations and conspiracies-- even among government and politician and military humans.

Social and electronic media have changed the way a lot of people do things.  And I don't mean being more private, I mean being less private.  This is the age of TMI.  Because too much information drives anyone that cares to use it against you right out into the open.

I generally try not to have anything to hide.  I can't run from my past.  I do still have dealings with various law enforcement agencies and such because of my revolutionary political activist youth.  It is mostly cursory these days, but it does still follow me.  But even as a child, the way I grew up, the most private and/or intimate details of my life were often public or publicly recorded. The luxury of the illusion of "privacy" is not an organic part of my interior life.

Moreover, as someone that has accessed the Akashic Records and sometimes hears the unspoken thoughts of the living, and the words of the dead, there is another aspect too: only in this life do humans have privacy from other humans, and even then, only the most negligible.

Humans are changing, and those that haven't turned the corner yet can only see the end of their old way of life.  Without any structure or parameters, these people are terrified of what they themselves might do, and then looking out at the hurtful and awful and terrifying things, assume that the end of the world as they know it will have to be bloody and awful anarchy.

Since these people do not have psychic powers, everything is scarey to them.  And for others, the sometimes hellish gibberish of a half open Third Eye makes scarey situations even more scarey.  When I lived a nightmare life, even being mildly intuitive was awful.  To have a preview of a future bad event?  I did not want to be psychic.

Psychic abilities are only well handled by those that live in joy of the moment, and in anctipation of future joy.

If you have eyes to see and ears to hear (2EECH) than you know what I mean about that corner.  The new horizon that suddenly appears.  How everything is still there, but just with a new place and meaning.

That is why magickal peeps and Jedis and worldwalkers and aliens and superheroines should not be afraid of Big Brother and all that other stuff.  Even if it happening all around you.   Because what other people are experiencing as the impending going over the edge of the waterfall, the magickal peep is experiencing as a sudden shift in the waters, and a new waterway opening up before the waterfall's edge.

Because the next step in human evolution is the new powers of the magick, and the law of attraction, and using your mind powers.

And especially envisioning your own life path as you want it, and using that as the map to plot the course, and no other map and by consulting first ONLY your vision and no thoughts for whatever you might think the "reality" is.  

If you can see the path you walk to the future, a bright and beautiful future for you-- and you do not even need to vision for anyone else, because the cumulative effect of your life shifting will create a shift in others-- than now is the time to envision it.

Because you will be led through all conflicting currents by your own navigation. 

This change in consciousness that is happening for so many right now, with greater and greater abilities in telepathy and precognition and astral skills is how we will avoid Big Brother.  But also we will not even be travelling on the same currents.

On a mundane and political level this bill must be opposed, but on a spiritual level it should be seen as nothing more than a very powerful enabler of understanding that privacy is only needed if you are you are sailing the "ashamed" or "afraid" currents.
Accept yourself totally and completely for who you are in this world.  Many people like me have learned from the spirits of the dead just how precious the feel of possessing a body, whether healthy or sick or young or old or beautiful of ugly.  To the dead, the possession of any body and any life is desirable. 

Once that view is glimpsed it colours every moment of every day. Cherish every moment of your life and wish only good for it.  Have no fear of who you are, or were, or might be in the future.

Know that by staying open and happy and loving with yourself, it is much less likely that you will encounter what the Buffy the Vampire Slayer used to call "the big bad".

The more open you are, the more the closed and frightened people will hide from you, lest your radiance expose their own evil deeds.

Or perhaps, more accurately, the more open your eyes, the more you will be able to see the lagoon where you need to turn off, instead of closing your eyes and screaming and going over the edge.

 As the beautiful Rhye song says "Stay open/  Don't close your eyes..."

Keep your Third Eye open and don't fear the darkness, from your openness shines your light.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012


My poem and a photo of me reading AUTUMN WEARS A RED DRESS is up on the Chance Operations blog!!!! (The photo of me on the blog was taken when I was actually reading T.S. Eliot's The Magi. ;o)


I plan on being at the next Chance Operations. Hopefully with some new poems.

Monday, November 12, 2012



Samhain Eve was so interesting. And such a chill was here in St. Louis. All the spirits (and so many this year! ) taking up just a fraction of the etheric atmosphere, but enough to steal the heat.

There were many good spirits out and about during the offerings and fire and burning the hell money. The feast was great too, and well attended both physically, and by the dead, and those on the astral.

(I can't tell you how ironic it was to have several grandmothers from my family, and also my roommates grandmother, telling me how to dust and clean, as I prepared the house! Being a medium really has it's moments.)

The Laugh In was such a success and created so much wonderful energy that there is another on December 21, 2012 at 12:21 PM your local time. All you have to do is laugh!!! Tell a joke or do something silly-- wherever you are, alone or in company, just laugh!

I think it is safe to assume that I shall be creating a Laugh In event every few months! It is great way to share good energy with the world!

One very funny (ironic) thing that happened on Samhain Eve was that as I was standing on my porch, I saw a white hearse drive down the street.  This is not normal, in fact I rarely see hearses here.  (Earlier that afternoon I had seen a line of cars turning into the funeral home up the street.) The dead were present, and multidinous.  The spirits were out en masse!

And so it did get warmer after the Samhain spirits left on Thursday,  but what happened Saturday night?

The weather witches had been reporting a warm up, and “Indian Autumn” to occur right after the spirits left, but then on Saturday evening a storm came in. Last night, Sunday,  the temperature dropped and it was winter chilly this morning. Isn't that interesting? (More on that in a minute ;o)


The day after Samhain there was such a shift in consciousness, at least in my experience, that I saw that the whole world had changed course. So many new possibilities had opened. This was partly because of the election results, but also I think the conscious, visible understanding that a vote has been made in favour of the New Age.  However you define it-by a consciousness, President, psychic energy, etc.

People want to change.   

We all want to be happy. That is the common ground we all share. Now to work on tolerance, peace, sharing and cooperation, and a more equitable distribution of resources.

In my opinion, and as I see it, we also need to seriously examine the overpopulation of pets and also controlling our own population. Greater access to birth control and better pay and jobs for women is number one.

Many of the changes going on in the world have to do with women, in particular sex with women and the ownership of offspring. In some countries women cannot wear certain clothing in public or appear without head coverings. In other countries women can wear whatever they want, but they don't have the right NOT to bear children.

A woman liberated from child rearing has more power and freedom in the world, and that changes the balance of things. (And I am working on my blog post thesis about prostitution, and how I think it should not only be legalised, but actually replace dating and exist even in marriage. But that is really  a whole thesis.)


In the previous Age, the Piscean Age we are passing out of, Samhain was a night of divination, and looking ahead.  But in this New Age, we must use our Third Eyes' instead to “envision”.

To the visionary and mystic, I say, how necessary we are right now!  Those of us with imaginations broad enough to envision a utopian (as opposed to a dystopian) future. We that can view whether the ordinary mortal is ready yet to read minds, or levitate, or give up animal proteins.

What is really the best vision of the future? A world of diversity and freedom and growth for all?  If no one can see it, how do we get there?

 Do we need aliens and Jesus coming out of the sky? What would happen if every person on this planet had a spiritual awakening on the same day at the same time? The Rapture came, Cthulu awoke, Scottie came to beam us up?

We need pragmatic mysticism.  Idealism is necessary to create a beautiful future for the world.  We have the resources and the abilities to do that.

Magickal people need to vision as the Seers once divined for the people on Samhain night.

Those of us that are not afraid need to have a calming vision in our minds.  Spells, thought-forms, prayers, drums, chanting, or mastering the Force- whatever you do, do it now.  Let good dreams circulate, create streams of astral goodwill and Macro Love.

The world is shifting and for the better, I believe. But if you have eyes to see and ears to hear, then know that this is a time to envision what would be a good life for yourself, and for anything else that you can see from that higher love vibration.

There are many people that are so mired in misery that they cannot even imagine a good life for themselves. They might imagine that everyone around them is living that great life, and they are left out of all the fun, but not even be able to identify what would make themselves happy.

 I have lived that nowhere and no way out life.

Sometimes that thing that saves you from despair is the waft of a dream or vision that you glimpse on someone else.  It could be very subtle and vague, like a perfume.  But we all share certain traits.  We are all holographic, and what one sees, all can see.

So carry your beautiful vision with you.  Open your angel or fairy wings and beam out magick or love or whatever into the world.  Let those thoughts go out into the current and heal and help where they can, and at least guide you yourself in safety.


I believe that we are about to move into a reality where everyone on the planet is like Jesus. We will all be able to levitate and walk on water; to heal the sick and raise the dead and create loaves and fishes whenever necessary. We will all love each other as brothers and sisters in Divinity.

I believe this future is best exemplified in the fiction novel 2150 A.D. I encourage you to send a donation to the Macro Society or get the book somehow. It is a true vision of a possible and extremely probable future.  It is the future I aim myself toward, as best I can, as I evolve to a more Divine consciousness.

We are passing now through the Age of Avatars. Choose the Demi-Urge you would become.


During the Samhain meditation forenvisioning a better future, I really felt the presence of the spirit I consider to be Jesus and have encountered in the past as Jesus. Just beautiful light from the sky, and such overwhelming love for everyone and everything. Compassion and trust and guidance and nurturing.

I really felt that Jesus was manifesting physically on this planet during my meditation, and I was not consciously thinking of him, but actually just seeing the world where all had enough to eat, and had shelter, care, human dignity and companionship.

I had a dream on Sunday morning before waking up that I was out on my usual route of errands and just as I was coming up on my local grocerty store I saw an "eye" in the sky.   These are cloud formations, and sometimes at night planets or stars will form an eye or a face.

Usually the Eye Of Horus, in the clouds, I see quite often on this particular walk and this part of the sky. Both to the East and West. And lately I have seen quite a few, and will look around to see if I have any photos of one, to post later.

As stars at night, two level eyes in a constellation "face" have found my eye a number of nights recently, in the West a few hours after sunset.

So in my dream, I was eastbound, and when I noticed the eye shape with my peripheral vision, I looked up expecting a cloud formation.

When I looked at the eye I saw it was real eye, and another eye and a large face was appearing in the sky. A man's face, with brown hair and I think a beard. The eyes were brown but had begun as grey.
As the face emerged it was very Jesus-ish, but the more realistic Israeli Jesus.

The face took up the whole length of the horizon over the grocery store and parking lot- both about a block away.

In my dream I was amazed, then it occurred to me that while this was startlingly clear and visible with my physical eyes-- and I normally see this sort of thing with my Third Eye-- it may not be visible to others. I began looking around to see if anyone else could see it,

It was this reaction that really made the dream feel realistic, even though, thinking back now, I see that there were a few strange perception shifts. But the dream felt really realistic.

I was in the astral version of this world, a uniform one. It was a complete sampling of a perfectly random and realistic day. My pace was normal walking pace, I was in my own consciosness. I was surprised when I woke up and realised that it had been a dream.

I wondered if this was to assure me that I would be able to handle the next psychic "bump up" we are all set to recieve soon? That when things begin to manifest in my regular vision I will be able to handle it? Sometimes I will see things in my dreams as percursors to their arrival, as reassurances that all will be well, even if it gets weird.

A face in the sky wouldn't slow down my pace too much. I would still probably need groceries, probably still pause on the bridge to look for the ducks, even if only quickly! A face in the sky would still be worthy of my attention!  But I feel like a lot of other people would freak out.

This would scare a lot of people.

And I do worry that there are some people that are going to freak out no matter what, because we are in the midst of a tremendous shift in human history, pretty much from all perspectives.

So that dream was VERY interesting, in terms of all that.


And then as I awoke from this dream  I hear about this weird storm coming out of the blue. It felt like a storm in the Terminator movies or fairy stories. How interesting. Storm riders or aliens coming by or something. Did anyone else feel them? And the UFO sighting are out of control around the world. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/08/ufos-on-india-china-border_n_2093003.html)

The Sky People have returned-- the Stargate aliens, the Titans, the Angels, The Lemurians, etc. Astral entities are hovering nearby, both helpful and destructive. Or both.

Even  if it is just the empirical muggle mind having a mass hallucinations originating in our primal shared brain stem, fearing the coming changes and reversing of all known poles, as the religion of science and no gods would explain it.

Whatever it is, the power for the changes we all need is here. Use it wisely and well to make your own world better, and not to condemn or interfere in another's world.

That is what I am really feeling right now.

If each person made himself happy and set about to his own enlightening the whole world would be transformed.

And that is the truth of the Avatar. That is the secret the dead know, and some wish they had remembered when they were living.

Live your life. Live for this moment. Cherish yourself and your every moment upon this earth.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012


The Laugh In 6 November 2012, 21:30. We were watching the Star Wars Cellos on You Tube.

This Laugh In was such a smashing success another one is planned for 21 December at 12:21 PM Local Time!


Monday, November 5, 2012


I have a few things in this post:

Mercury "Retrgrade, or Intersolar Tomorrow

The Power of Laughter and the Samhain Eve  Laugh In

More Samhain Ritual Suggestions and Notes

And briefly, today is Guy Fawkes Day, not a bad day to burn an effigy of your past regrets and also to watch the V speech.


In all the spirit activity of this Samhain I keep forgetting that Mercury will be going intersolar on the 6th as well.  So as per usual, try not to sign any contracts, double check the details, and wait to start new projects that aren't routine.  Travel delays and communications mishaps are more likely.  Electronic communications could be especially vulnerable.

That this is happening on both Election Night in the US and also Samhain-- serious on so many levels, and yet also with great healing and transformative power for good and betterment of all.

However, it is difficult to not expect a total quagmire of society for the next three weeks. And then all the people dealing with storms and earthquakes. Mother Nature is doing some voting right now, methinks.

So be as prepared as you can, and especially stock up on patience.  Breathe in. Breathe out.

Remember, you live in "interesting times."

And Mercury goes direct on the 27th, although won't be back up to speed until 14th of December.


One of the rituals I have created for this Samhain is a Laugh In.  Initially it was with the spirits during my ritual, because many of them never get to laugh. Especially the ones that were very angry and isolated during that lifetime.  So no one ever remembers them with joy and laughter.

But then as I pondered this I realised that the spirits that were currently all in bodies might like to laugh too, for no reason other than to laugh -- with themselves, with other people in the world, with the spirits of their ancestors!!!

Just to laugh is a great joy of life.  And it is interesting that humour is so personal, that laughter is a one of the best views into a person's soul, into their beliefs. What they find humourous, what makes them laugh?

But on the other hand, the act of laughing- of even just smiling!- changes the chemistry of the body in such a way as to create better health!

There should be a Laugh In a Day, and two on Mondays!

So I hope everyone will take a break from whatever they are doing at 9;30 PM your local time (21:30) and just laugh!!!!!

As a postscript, someone on my facebook got me to thinking about the tremendous COURAGE it takes to laugh!  I have known many people- men, mostly, but women too-  that were so full of anger and bitterness, that clung to those negative feelings so deeply, that they could not laugh or even smile.

In fact there have been times in my life where I was like that.  My mouth puckered and foul as an asshole and always looking for something to disapprove of or condemn of be "better than."

So nothing could ever be light hearted and funny.  It would have taken such great courage for me to set down the burdens I was carrying and realise how full of hate I was.

The closer laughter is, the better life is.  That is the truth.  Reasons to laugh and share laughter should be sought like diamonds.  Or fossil fuels in the early 21st Century lol...

Humour can be a bit tricky, because sometimes we don't find the same things funny, but seeking fellowship through laughter is also revealing and enlightening.  What do we share as humans? We will find laughter and solutions and evolution there!


So I was reading on another witch's page that Samhain is calculated by the position of the Pleiades.  That would make sense because the Druids looked at the position of the solar system as much as the planets in relation to the earth and sun.  And the sun calculations are probably close enough.

I will research this thoroughly this year.  So far I have only been wrong once, maybe twice.  So you can use the sun's position and your own sense.

In addition the Laugh In on Samhain Eve, I am also doing a meditation basically transmitting the human viewpoint of this current transition and also my best visions for the future, and for December 21, 2012, because at this point it has become something of a Western cultural phenomenon.

Magickal people I hope will sharing in this.  All you have to do is put in your mind what you want as a perfect life for yourself.  We are holographic, we share many more similarities than differences, despite politics and religion and tribes and so forth.  And what we transmit will contain the essence for a good life for many of us.

The more shared ground we can find on what constitutes a good life, the better.  Things are really changing profoundly.

Whether you laugh or celebrate with a full on feast with your ancestors, I hope you are feeling the touch of all those that have gone before you, and how much love they carry for you and your life here!!!


Sunday, November 4, 2012


A poem and a prayer:

Did not your God demonstrate
Great Miracles,
And lead people through deserts,
And part seas;  turn staffs to serpents?

Did not your God create
ALL of creation and everything,
Including the Devil, Shaitan, and
Loki, Baal, and Kali, too?

And He made ALL the people,
Including me?
And all of us with a
Purpose, and part of the Grand Plan?

If your God is so great
And your Afterlife so wonderful
Why do you begrudge us sinners
Our moments of pleasure?

Perhaps your true test
Is if you can pass through Hell
Without involving yourself in it,
Because then you are of it.

Is this Life for you
A Gladitorial arena, where
You battle it out
With Sinners for cash and prizes?

Does your God
Give you points only for
Condemnations and Hate?
High scores for spying on your neighbours?

Without the benefit of your God
Many people, pagan and athiest,
Have determined the basics of
Human dignity: sustenance, shelter, safety, privacy.

Are you unable to navigate
This world without
Your punishing, judging, jealous,
Allmighty God?

And if your God is so Good,
Why are you unable to see
Good in everyone you meet?
If your God created us in his image?

 Copyright 2012

Saturday, November 3, 2012


So if you are reading this you probably already know that Samhain is not on Halloween, and this year it is from sunset on November 6th to sunset on November 7th.

I will celebrate this year what I believe is the last Samhain of the Old Age, before the New Age. (Although really, the last "normal" Samhain was last year, if that makes sense?)


In much the same way that I believe that every soul that has ever lived has come to touch down in some sort of physical incarnation during this time, to be part of this tremendous shift, I also see that all the spirits have come to visit this Old Age one last time.   And even the after-life is about to change (for it is truly part of this life, and I am sure we have all tried out most of them at some point -Heaven, Hell, Paradise, Shangri-La, Summerland, etc).

That means that the spirits of all your past lives are here as well as  all of your ancesteral spirits, and family.  Everyone that has ever lived or died will probably be in this dimension, even if it is as nothing more than a wisp of air or a fluttering by of a white moth or movement out of the corner of one's eye, on this Samhain Eve.

Create a space for those that have left your life, and for all the lives you have lived before, to really celebrate this life.  A few crumbs is a huge feast on the astral.  And the act of just saying a loved one's name out loud, or lighting a candle or a having out a few flowers and some photographs-- all of these things create a space for the dead to inhabit, and to share in the feasting.


Samhain was a good night for divination in the past.  But in this New Age it will become a night of Visioning. Envisioning the year ahead.  One of the most important things any witch can do is envision what she wants. 

I have found that this is a very difficult skill for many people, including myself.  What I don't want, very easy to list! But a clear vision of what want? That can be challenging.

But if you can see it, you can recieve it.  As we evolve this skill will become better and better and demonstrated-- seeing what you want and then allowing the Universe to bring it to you.

But right now the world needs some strong magickal peeps and Leading Edge astral surfers to envision a better New Age than the dystopian one being hyped in the media.   Or even the many Apocalypse, Cthulu, and Alien jokes going around about December 21.


In fact, one great service the magickal peeps and visionaries could do for the world is to envision a truly enlightening December 21.  Send out some good visions to counteract all the fear.

(I've been working on a vision where everyone awakens with a heart full of love for themselves, and a vision in their minds' eye of what would truly make them happy in a way that is for the good of all.  Perhaps this vision is recieved as a dream, or perhaps through true communication with the Higher Soul.  But just for a magickal person to have that kind of wish for the world is very powerful!)

For someone that is facing Christmas in a crisis situation, the Mayan "end of the world" hype might make the crisis seem worse.  Witches know the power of the spirit and psychic world, and all the angels and other types of entities are assembled to assist us.


What do you believe? What do you see? What do you want?

Goethe said "If only everyone swept in front of his own door, the whole world would be clean."  So even if you can only vision the world as YOU want it! That is enough! If all 7 billion did this, what a wonderful world! For everyone to have in their mind a vision of their authentic happiness! To have for even a moment such a world where everyone dreamed their best dream and wished their best wish, just for themselves!

I often ask clients and friends this question "Can you see what you want from this situation?" (Or your life, career, etc?)  Often times the answer is filled with the behaviours of other people, usually disparaging that those people will not do what my client or friend wants them to do. I do this, too, a lot of people, I think, This is somewhat normal in our current stage of human evolution.

To truly envision the desired outcome all resistance must be released.  Don't impair the vision with the lack of it in your current reality.

Finding the good feeling is fundamental.


Feel good and let yourself focus on an image or thought that continues to generate good feelings.  Just stay there for a while, feeling good.

Now I must close my eyes and see and feel how it is to live that life.  Not by imagining the whole world changing, or being just like me, but by seeing how it feels to have what I want.  To quickly release and move on from undesirable things and quickly re-focus on my joys.  To allow others to be who they are and live as they want.

And I believe that there is enough for whatever we can create. I believe we cannot have a thought that cannot be filled to satisfaction.  Your mind could not envision it if it weren't in some way possible,.  Let the Universe bring it to you.

Details are nice for getting what you want, but you can't always get too specific.  A great marriage is available, but maybe not with the spouse you are divorcing.  The perfect house and lifestyle might be in another city. 

If you can nail it down to the tiniest detail and feel good about it, go for it.  But if the details make you anxious, just focus on the feeling that you want: There is enough time, money, health, etc.  Breathe in, breathe out.  See yourself feeling good and happy.  Breathe in and out.  Relax your body.  Feel how joyous it feels to be your authentic self.  To not feel separate from your ideal.

Center on that good feeling.


Let joy be your compass and allow your mind to create what you want.  Be open to allowing as much of that vision come to you as possible.  Don't resist with thoughts of your visions "impossibility".  Let the Universe receive it.

And if you are of a strong talent for imagining or visioning or creating magick and working with energies, how much better if you could see a world where everyone has what they need to live happily.  Where the "family" of humanity becomes the new tribe and allegiance, instead of all these warring factions.

How can we live in a world of great diversity, and great power and change, and do so with complete use of our powers?

For me, I want to feel good. I want to write great things, and be a published, famous and well-read author and poet. I want to hear a lot of great music.  I want to live in a beautiful world of both natural and man made beauty.

 I want to have good relationships.  I want to have enjoyable days. I want to travel in mind and body.  I want freedom.  I want prosperity.  I want to do the "Great Work" of learning about myself. I want to be healthy and vital and vibrant.  I want to bring joy and magick to the world.  I want to be of assistance to the Spiritual Powers and The Divine in bringing about a more joyful and fufilling world.  I want to be surrounded by interesting, interested people.

I want to live in a universe of multiverses and not be affected by those things that harmful for me.  I want to know that my life will always be guided by joy and seeking the best for myself.  Regardless of what circumstances I may find myself in, always looking for what I want and focusing on it to the exclusion of things I dislike.

And I freely wish this for all people.  I trust Joy as a guide.  True Joy will never lead to dangerous or evil places.


I do not think that if people demonstrated such power they would end up wishing bad for themselves or others.  I do not think a murderer would dream of happiness for himself as an endless series of victims.  I believe he would dream what he really wanted, which is to be happy. (I further do not believe that harming another person or yourself ever creates true happiness.)

And if they still dreamt of their evil deeds, than I will send them the vision of all the suicide bombers in one place at the same time, and let them all blow themselves to bits with their own glory on their lips.  And the rest of us safe with our loved ones, and seeing the fires only as a distant smoke. How could they turn that vision away?

Even if they could with their mouths their own minds and beliefs could not, and I have put in the world a bit stronger wish even than they have for themselves- that they might be happy.  Because people that talk about Hell or punishment live in it themselves.

(You already surmise that hell for Westboro Baptist Church exists in this dimension.  In fact it is probably composed of openly homosexual people, having sex with each other, and the Westboro people cannot turn their eyes away.)

 And even better that in that envisioned moment when they live out their dreams and blow themselves to bits surrounded by all the other martyrs-- I still wish for them that they see how wonderful their lives are, just to breathe this air and see this sky! And this last bit I learned from the dead, and on Samhain Eve I am helping them to send out this understanding to the living.

In fact, many of the spirits trapped on the lower astral are there because they failed to appreciate this life while they lived it.  And when they see those of us that remember them, or see their descendents, and they do not want  us to suffer as they did.

So even if just in your imagination, let everyone that would harm themselves and the world turn away from their hate and pain and guilt and resentment, and reach instead for joy and happiness and delight in life! Just for a moment in your own mind.

The power of a vision, where people on this earth have found a way to live in happiness and peace and prosperity with each other! To release that vision and let it find a place to come into the world, perhaps on the morning of December 21st?

Just to send that vision, and to share with the spirits living and dead.

That is powerful.  That is more power than most people ever dream, no matter how many people they try to harm or control.


Let us ask from the Higher Planes what the spirits of this world are seeking? Their Higher Soul and spirits will answer on the astral plane, what it is they really seek.  Is it their own glory, this sacrifice they want to give like gladiators for their God? Or is the blowing to bits really about harming others that they fell they have been hurt by?  Or just wanting to hurt others?

What do all these unhappy people really want? Can the Universe fufill them and us in a way where we are not harming each other? Can people only be satisfied when they are proven right?

Or do they want to be happy? To eat a peach and walk on the beach, and muse about to whom the mermaids sing, each to each?

At each person's very core is the desire to be happy. Really happy in a way that is personally meaningful, and does not impinge on other people or create pain for anyone.  Part of the New Age shift is to become more firmly rooted in this understanding, I believe. 

A feeling of punishment, or feeling that one cannot get what they want is one of the main reasons many people cannot even conjure what they want in their own imaginations.  Unable to turn away from their hate and fear for even a moment.

Cannot even dare  to dream.  Because it hurts too much to glimpse it from their belief in lack and poverty.  So better to not even know. Now that is true weakness.  To be afraid to dream. That is a total loss of power.

A person is so separated from their own happiness that to acknowledge wanting is to painful to bear.  Or to be too afraid to admit what one might truly want. To be afraid to even think of something! To be afraid to even imagine being joyful!

But on this night, with the dead there to whisper of how even the pain of unfufilled wanting  is so precious, because this life is so wonderful, and we now must come to a place in human history where we truly understand and embrace that. That is powerful.  The astral is ready to recieve it and breathe it back into this world.

And even for those that are non-magickal to embrace the joy available to us in simply wanting what we want, with absolute freedom and the full power of our imaginations and desires!

 From one joy I was led to another joy, and from there to more and more joy as well...


So the joy of this new understanding of life will carry us to what we truly want, is what I believe.  But even to have that vision as your compass, instead of your disappointment, and always be seeking what you want! And surely finding more of it by looking for it consciously..

It begins with each of us.  Knowing and seeing what we want.

If you are that person, please join me on the night of the 6th for this meditation.  You may do it any time that is convenient for you.  It is the creation of the visions and the good feelings that are important.

Know that the spirits are all gathered for this.  That all the beings that want a world of more happiness and joy and enlightenment will be gathered to send Love and Light to all of us, for our visions.


I would do this meditation for about 12 to 20 minutes.  Longer if you are adept or in a group, but for most that will be long enough, to sustain those visions for 3 to 5 minutes each.

I also hope that everyone will join me for the WORLDWIDE LAUGH IN at 9:30 PM your local time (21:30 Local).  Laughter is the most potent healing and transforming energy in the world.  Tell a joke or do something silly and LAUGH!  Laugh by yourself or laugh with others, laugh with the whole world and all the spirits!!!!

Lady Rae

EDIT: It just occurred to me, how EVIL witches are lol, that my Samhain ritual essentially consists of LAUGHING and of everyone IMAGINING THE WORLD THEY WANT-- including all the visions of world that people that hate witches would have, you know, a world of no witches LOL!!!

And further EDIT or PostScript-- If the world were better off without witches I know that I would be happy to give it up, and I think most other witches would too.  That is why you cannot trust people that are too rigid and zealous, or that can only embrace one worldview.  Of course, an extreme psychic or empath sort of has the multiple viewpoints thrust upon him/her, and maybe not always so advantageously!

Still, I think the world is in better hands of those that question even themselves.  No one should ever consider something an ultimate authority.

Friday, November 2, 2012


On November 6th, 2012 at 9:30 PM (21:30) Local time, tell a joke or watch a funny video clip or do something silly and LAUGH!!!


Be part of the "Laughter Heard Round The World" !!!

This is a special night in the year, not just because of the election in the USA, but because of the stars and planets.

You love to laugh, what else do you love? Laughter makes the world a better place! Wouldn't it be great to live in a world filled with laughter, even if for just one moment?

Please join us!!!

El 6 de Noviembre de 2012 a las 9:30 PM (21:30) Hora Local, contar una broma or ver un video divertido o hacer algo tonto y reir!!! RISA EN EL TODO MUNDO!!! Ser parte de la "risa se escucho alrededor del mundo"!!!!

Le 6 de Novembre 2012 a 21h30 heure locale, raconter un blague ou regarder un clip video drole, ou faire quelque chose de stupide et rire!!! RIRE DANS LE MONDE!!!! Etre un partie de la "Rire entendu autour du monde"!!!!

Doesn't everyone love to laugh? Couldn't we all use a little more levity?

You can join the facebook event and invite people, too:


Thursday, November 1, 2012


I am on a new quest to make Halloween longer, and to include Samhain in the celebrations, even secular (bonfire and burning effigies should do it lol) and lots of opportunities for dressing up.  (The ghost of Tasha Tudor has descended upon me, lol.)

So it starts with Halloween, and trick or treating for little kids, as per usual, but I think the scarier aspects should really begin with the Day of the Dead.  Go to the graves and visit the physical remains of the dead.  The night of November 1st would be great  night for a Zombie run and ghoul feast.

The Halloween Holidays really need more parades than just candy seeking children.

(And there is a real interesting irony there, that the children trick or treating are really a cover for spirits to gather, going door to door. How this evolved from a night you don't go out, to a night when children get candy can only have something to do with either the Catholic Church setting it on a fixed date and making it a feast, or perhaps the commercialism of the post war years and the sudden abundance of sugar? The Higher Spirits sneaking in a new ritual that allows us to become more aware of the dead and our past lives. And providing us with sugar we need to process all the psychic energy!)

So a Parade of Souls would be in order.. I would love to have an All Saints Parade every year..  It would include all the Saints, religious and those like Our Lady of Loreal, a strict but consistent Goddess.  Or perhaps everyone dresses as their own personal Saint.  Saint Elvis, Saint Marilyn Monroe, etc. And/or a fantasy/sci-fi parade as well.

Everyone needs a chance to get dressed up and be crazy!  And the parades could be like the Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans, with every neighbourhood and parish having their own.

A Zombie run would be great, and Haunted houses, in my opinion,  really serve a purpose. (http://toodler.blogspot.com/2005/10/queen-scary.html)   They help to cleanse the soul of the horrors and fears of the year.  Get the blood and gore and all the old angers and guilts out with a few frights and screams!

Many movies and tv shows would be good for concurrent seasonal film festivals.  Charlie Brown, the excellent Rankin Bass Mad Monster Party. And Rocky Horror Picture Show was on "A Night in November."

And at some point you would want to watch Nightmare Before Christmas, at least, I do every year. And then horror movies, and there are so many to choose from.

Of course, the final night would be Samhain. Feast with the ancestors, divine the future and bless it, make preparations for the year ahead, and settle all old grievances.  This would have been a time that the Celts would have marked the half year of a year long marriage.  A night to check on relations and prepare for winter.  A night to celebrate with all that has come before now, and appreciate it and the harvest.

I like the idea too, of borrowing from Guy Fawkes day the burning of an effigy that represents all the mistakes of the past year, along with letters to the dead, and also the Chinese Hell Money that I burn on Samhain, as the Chinese burn for their ancestors on their New Year.

And if it were my world completely, this night would replace Thanksgiving, which is too close to winter, and really should be a day of charity, where everyone donates coats and time helping the poor and elderly and homeless get settled in for winter.  There could still be big football games and bonfires that night. And eating.  But it is too close to Christmas, in my opinion.  Just make it a four day holiday and we all go to Disneyland or something instead.  Or the Rock N Roll Craft Show ;o)

So if you like these ideas, keep the jack o lanterns and witches hats out!!! Throw your Halloween party after Halloween!  Don't take down the decorations just yet!  And leave out a cuppa of your auld uncles favourite and light a candle for him.

Happy Halloween HolidayS!!!!

EDIT: This is about sugar, and it was up there in the body of the post, but I felt it needed to be seperated:

And a note here on the sugary aspect of the two holidays of modern Halloween and also the sugar skulls and treats of the Day of the Dead.  I think part of the evolutionary shift we are going through, which is how we are going to evolve to that Age of Avatars, where everyone is as a God/dess is considered now, is being facilitated by a quickening of our lymphatic system, which is where the chakras reside and also how psychic energy gets transmuted into this physical dimension.  I believe that until we can adapt to the mechanical, empirical speed of this era with our thoughts, then we will no longer need so much sugar.

You just have to keep an eye on your consumption of it, because sugar can become something that eats up the pyschic energy, and then also your body, too.  And while I do believe that humans have the power to control all aspects of their physical lives here in this reality/dimension, I do not think enough people have mastery of that skill yet.

Further, it is good for us to really understand the physical.  Instead of all the work to repair the sugar, why not make the taste buds experience broccolli and salad as divine as meat and cake?  None of this will happen overnight, and the best any of us can do is just take is from where we are right now, staying touch with how we feel, and growing in our own power.