Tuesday, March 26, 2013


This is the first full moon of the astrological New Year.  We are still in the "Tide of Destruction" and the planetary line-up is still all wacko.  Basically, whatever isn't working is completely breaking down.  You MUST make the changes. 

That is really true every day, every year, for everyone, but right now, if you can't or won't change the world is going to change it for you.   

There is a great deal of spiritual, psychic, and magickal energy during any full moon, but in this "Full Moon of the Spirits" that energy is doubly so.  If you are a Medium or Psychic or Empath you may feel plagued or drained.  

And drained in the same way Psychic and Emotional Vampires drain you.  In that seductive, all-consuming way. People often fall under the "spell" of the Vampire because the connection is so intimate.  To feed another entity's immortality with your own life/energy/blood is often a trade off from feeling disconnected to your own immortality.

This is the secret of vampires, demons, and even addictions of the sort like drugs.  The victim will begin to crave the Vampire's bite for the intimacy, and the displaced sense of satisfaction.  True, it is the Vampire's satisfaction, but so many people live unsatisfying and tedious lives.  ANY intimacy, ANY satisfaction is better than the same old, same old, day after day.

The Twilight series is a perfect example of this, in my opinion.  Before the vampire boyfriend, this girl had a very dreary, boring life.  The "specialness" that these other worldly creatures recognized in her was not visible to the "normal" people in her mundane world.  

Even she was not able to see it or feel it.  And then her need for love obliterated her own sense of self.  She had to keep reconnecting the the vampire, and became one herself, because she was never able to make any deep connection to herself.*

Psychic and magick energy runs through your glandular and endocrine system. (The chakras are the astral counterparts of the glandular/hormonal system-- which is why woman need to realise their root chakra is twin and in the ovaries, although you can "feel" it at the base of your spine if you want to stick with the male-centric yogi system). 

These otherworldly energies that run through the endocrine system can be very confusing.  A lot of Mediums end up overweight, or heavy smokers. And this is why so many Mediums and Psychics have thyroid and other glandular problems.  Or crave sugar, alcohol (which also quiets the voices, but can solidify bad feelings), or want to over-consume starches or heavy foods.

It gives the psychic/magickal energies a physical conduit, albeit an unhealthy one,  and the weight give the person a feeling of being grounded after all that "high" energy.  (Or in the case of drugs and cigarettes, creates a different kind of "drain" for the energies, although, again, usually an unhealthy one.)

I don't know what it is in garlic (the allium maybe?)  but these supercharged spirit times always make me just want to eat a pound of it. But too much makes everyone hate me and messes with my digestive system.   

But one thing I have been learning this cycle is that exercise and nutrition and breathing are the only things that really work.  No matter how stressful things become, I have to do yoga and breath work.  I need tonics- like the garlic.   Not sugar and drugs and drink.

Clean air, clean water, clean food.  Cleansing my chakras, connecting with the earth, honouring my own needs above others, no matter how dire and urgent their requests.  "Stay in the moment, stay in me" is my continual mantra right now.

I do wish I could do something for all the dead peeps that are so lost.  The spirits of murders and suicides are always very disturbed, and they are all very loud right now.  I can ignore them, but I cannot completely shut them out.

Here in Saint Louis there is a famous case of a little girl that was found in 1983.  She was buried in a graveyard where a young boy that had been buried next to her became, literally, unearthed.  When they re-buried him they discovered that her remains are now missing. 

Sometimes, being aware of something is not enough to change or resolve it.
A friend was asking me recently if I had any thoughts on the Zodiac Killer. I really am not interested in serial or mass killers, but I did look at the Zodiac Killer's Wiki entry when my friend asked me.

In reading the letters on the Wiki page, the killer stated in one that "in the afterlife everyone I kill will be my servant" or something like that.  I know that the afterlife is as big and varied as this planet, with many different types of terrain, but I think this was some sort of demonic delusion. This pretty much goes against all the laws of Karma.  It is much more likely that he would be his victim's servants.

I do know that whatever you go through in this life, in the afterlife you have to pass through all the experiences of it.  He will experience his actions from the point of view not only his victims, but of everyone that they affected.  All of us will experience the full spectrum of all the events that take place while we are in this earthly, human dimension. (In the afterlife I will have to read this post from the point of view of everyone that read it.)

Being psychic is really a lot like being dead. Hmmm. That is not a comforting before bed thought. ;o)

Finally, I just want to add that the last couple of storms have not been entirely non-magickal. Something is brewing on the astral plane, which usually means something is going on down here. It is my belief that the storms are actually trying to dampen a current of violence developing in the NorthEast.  Not just mass shooters, but violent, revolutionary movements.

I hope I gotta enough garlic to cover mayhem and madness, or maybe this time, serenity and superpowers
.  No matter how you look at it, this Spring is going to bring changes.  

Tonight, look to the Lady as she shines her full face upon us, and welcome her healing and strength into your heart!

Lady Rae 

*(The novels are really more about the hormonal effects on any young girl.  The sudden possibility of loving deeply and sexually, and then the fear of the loss of that deep love and physical manifestation of it.  Her need to be consumed by it, rather than live without it, even though she has never done either.)  

Sunday, March 17, 2013


This is a much better holiday to celebrate than that murderous Welshman's (Patrick wasn't Irish or Scots**) victory over the Pagan Druids (the "snakes")!!! I love me some Patsy! And Edi!

"Stoli, darling!"

Mercury is about to go direct as I write this.  I have my lavender incense and rainbow candle burning as thanks to Iris, the messenger Goddess.  It's actually snowing and raining here right now, so there is a possibility of a rainbow appearing.

(Either for Iris, the "other" messenger goddess, to depart after filling in for Mercury, or for the pot of gold to appear at the end of - and mostly likely be puked into by all the green beer drinkers- remains to be seen.)

I admit that, while I am not exactly "cowering", I am staying inside.  Drunk people, slick roads, and a Mercury station don't mix for me, and this "holiday" is just not my vibe anymore.

Mercury won't be out of his "shadow"- that is, moving past the degree where the "retrograde" began- until April 6th, but if you couldn't get your plans revised and your fortifications repaired during the last three weeks, the next three weeks probably won't help.


There is a massive global shift taking place right now.  A direct result of the December 21, 2012 solar system "eclipse" of the centre of the Milky Way.  A kind of "Super-Samhain" line-up.  The old world has ended, and the new one has begun.  Even those of us that have been preparing (in this incarnation) for the last 13 years have not even begun to grasp how great the changes are going to be.

Things are probably not going to calm down.  The revolutions will continue to be televised.  The old structures will continue to collapse.  Chaos will become the new order.  And that is not meant to refer to the Nazi's new order, although I suppose some people will end up in a fascist reality.

Multiple realities are about to become the standard.  Which is a good thing for witches and other magickal peoples.  If you realise that everyone chooses from a buffet the experiences they wish to have, that each person has the ability to control and direct his or her own reality, for you this is a bright new beginning. Not a dark, doomsday ending.

Because it does seem that a large portion of the world is not going to learn to make things better before it gets a whole lot worse.  Regardless of whether a monotheistic "know it all" God or empirical, "know it all" Science is ruler, neither is going to lead people to the kind of transcendence that is needed in this New Age.

If a person believes that there is only this one lifetime, and nothing further, or nothing but a "reward" for time served here in a fleshy prison, and that one's life  here is just a tiny ship on a vast ocean of mostly uncontrollable currents and tides and storms, doomed to fight with other sailors for resources, all is lost.

Fascism and violence won't work at all anymore.  (Not that they ever did.) Kill everyone and they will just have to re-incarnate and recreate the same problems for themselves all over again.  But people that think they have to change everyone else to make a better world don't realise that.

But you do, right?  Change YOUR world.

Those of us with Eyes To See And Ears To Hear (2EECH) must begin to build the New Age as the Old Age crumbles.  Right alongside of it.  We will certainly use the debris of the past to build anew, but the past holds no answers for the future.  Lessons to be learned and remembered, as to not repeat them.

On days like these, for me, it can be hard to find energy to tap into.  The Wanderer is not comrade among, nor Leader for, the Lost. Despite the old adage, the One-Eyed Man is not a King among the Blind.

If you can recall your past lives, you remember that all of these things that "muggles" are experiencing right now you probably experienced at some point as well.  Unhappiness and misery are as much a part of this earthly life as happiness and joy. Disease as much as health, poverty as much as prosperity.

Don't be stingy about other people's right to their suffering.

Also, remember that all the "lost" and "hidden" worlds are still here.  Atlantis, Tir na nOg, the Sky People, et cetera, they are all still here.  But as their vibrations shifted, they shifted from the view of mortals.  The spirits of the dead, too.  As they leave their bodies, mortal eyes cannot see them.

If you find yourself becoming invisible to portions of the population, don't be afraid.  It is not that you have vanished, you have simply become invisible to those still living in lower vibration reality.  We will find our way to each other, in the right time and the right place.

Reach out to the Lady, as she appears in the sky as the Full Moon each month.  Join the vast, trans-global, trans-galactic, and trans-dimensional network that she willingly hosts each "moonth" on the night of the full moon. (You might want to read this post, as well.)

De-FRAG .  Rid yourself of Fear, Resentment, Anger and Guilt.  Make it a daily habit, if you can.  That doesn't mean you have to become a self-less servant to the miserable, but even if you decide to engage in battle for any reason, do it with a pure heart.

(Remember, for one thing, that sometimes you are "karma".  I determined a while back that someone with the kind of fearlessness and skill I have at arguing should not avoid confrontation.  Learning to do it with higher intentions is the challenge.  There are things to be changed, and walls to tear down, that have my name on them.  I will be going into this more in later posts.  In particular those that are part of the creation cycle often must engage in destruction, etc.)

Celebrate when you can, with green beer or Stoli or just a clean glass of water, and toast the New Age, the Age of Avatars.  Let other people experience the misery they need to in order to complete their karmic cycles.  Just keep on your own path of joy and prosperity and growth!

And as Saint Patsy would say, "Cheers, sweetie-darling!"

**Where is my darling Ms Alt-F with her post on this? 

Oh and a PS to psychics and telepaths-- please send an email to my gmail address if you want to start exchanging telepathic messages.  I love having peeps to practice with, but I do want to know who you are in *this* dimension, life, etc.  Ca va? Merci.

Monday, March 11, 2013


Happy New Moon in Pisces, the Sacri Fish All Martyr hanging on the cross. Neptune is in Pisces too, so don't be surprised if people are turning on the waterworks, this is a giant catharisis before the revolution. Also, don't be surprised if people continue to be shockingly deluded about reality. Let them have their fanta-seas, Saturn in Scorpio will rock (or more likely, overturn) their boat soon enough. Ye gads, still another week of Mercury retro. You have your lavender charms handy right?

A few examples in the news of the current planetary line-up (Saturn in Scorpio and Mars, Neptune, Mercury, and the Moon in Pisces):

Mercury and Mars

Mercury And Saturn

Mars and Saturn

Saturn and Pluto (both sinkholes actually, the one in Florida as well)

All of the unusual comets and meteorites are actually from the "Super Samhain" line up of our solar system and the centre of the galaxy that brought about the "end of the world as the Mayans knew it".  I don't know how much longer this will be going on, but I would say probably until at least this coming Samhain. I'd expect at least one more to hit. They are like the Storm Riders (the astral/magickal ones, not the ones in Stephen Kings' books), looking for specific targets.  De- FRAG.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


We are in Pisces, the last sign of the astrological year.  And right now we are also in the dark moon.

This is pretty much the sleepiest time of the year for me.  I have a lot of energy but it is scattered. I feel lazy but can't sleep! And with Mercury retro (and part two) and then Neptune in Pisces, Saturn retro in Scorpio, man... It's crazy out there and kind of dangerous. Even for an uber-witch like myself.

(I am sitting in a house that still smells like smoke from my flaming pita toast. I also have cuts on both index fingers- the ones from last weekend had just healed!)

No one gets to live completely unencumbered by accidents and misfortunes, and as far as the planetary configuration we are in right now, I count myself lucky.

Things will pick up a bit after the New Moon on Monday.  And by the full moon on March 27th we will be in a new cycle and have some new energy.  But if anyone else has been having problems, I just wanted to share.

As I said in my other posts, this is time when you find out what you are made of, and what the weak links are.  A time that will test your flexibility.  Like the Spring winds that come and move the tree limbs after winter hibernation, getting the sap moving and clearing away the dead branches.

The green buds of spring aren't appearing yet, but we can feel them.  So there is also a kind of impatience.  Still sleepy from winter, but it is still not yet the dawn of the year.

It is a good time to uncover hidden secrets, especially with Saturn in Scorpio.  But it is also the Time of the Assholians, as someone I know jokingly refers to them.  The spirit of the jerk is riding those winds, looking for unhappy people to inhabit.

De- FRAG. Get rid of all Fear Resentment Anger and Guilt.  These are the emotions that seek punishment.  It doesn't matter why you feel guilty or angry, those emotions are going to seek out more of themselves.

If you should encounter the assholes or the FRAGers, keep moving. Not for their sake, for yours.  I fear another mass shooting or other such madness maybe upon us.

This weekend is a good time to banish and cleanse.  A great time to really clean house and also cleanse yourself.  A good time to lay low and check all the emergency supplies.  Next weekend is going to be a bit of a doozy- the Ides of March on the 15th (Et tu Brutus?).  Then Mercury going direct on Evil Snake Killer Day also known as American Drunken Day or Saint Patrick's.  ;o)

Focus as much as you can on the renewal of nature, and the regenerative aspects of the season.  

Conjurings readers might remember this, my daily prayer upon rising-- My own "St Patrick's Breastplate"

Praises Thanks and Blessings
Above and Below
Behind and Before
To the Right and the Left
From Within and Without;
To the East and the West,
And the North and the South, 
In all the directions, from the Highest to the Lowest,
and to all that I Love, and all that Loves me,
Praises, Thanks and Blessings!

PS- if you do work that is Inter-dimensional, that is shape-shifting or manifestations on the physical plane, I think of this as the most difficult time of the year to do work, but I would love to hear from others!  Maybe I am advancing, but the energy seems more open in this regard this year?