Saturday, January 25, 2014


Happy Burns Nicht!

I just wanted to add, that the title to the last post is from Hamish and Dougal, as I say in that post.   But for those not familiar with the show, the title is a joke about the famous Scots frugality.  "You'll have had your tea?" Meaning, "we don't want to offer you supper."

I would also like to offer my favourite Scots joke, it does not involve kilts or sheep.  It was told to me by an Englishman:

A tourist goes to an "auld" pub in Scotland and orders a pint.

The bartender brings it to him and says "That'll be a penny."

The tourist is surprised.  "A penny?  Why so cheap?"

"Ah, it's our anniversary, so we are charging what the price was then, a few hundred years ago."

"Great!" The tourist drinks happily of his penny pint.  

Then he orders another.  He notices that while there are many others in the pub, he is the only one drinking.

"Why isn't anyone else drinking?" He asks the barkeep.

"Oh, those are the locals, they're waiting for the half-price Happy Hour."


Here is a YouTube link to Eddi Readers' Robert Burns Songs

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


If this were my world, what would I do?

I'd like all the religions that believe in absolutes to get them.  Right now.  Rapture, done.  See ya.

But actually I was thinking more in terms of shared reality.  I wouldn't outlaw any religions.  Or any beliefs.

In fact, my first decree would be "You can believe anything you want.  But for yourself.  You cannot kill or harm another person with your beliefs."  Murder, no. Suicide, okay.  Although, you would be required to do it in a facility, and receive some counseling first.  But if you chose to kill yourself, my world would allow it.  We would give you a room and the weapon or drug or your choice.

My second decree would be, "Whatever experience you want you can have, but those that involve other people must be simulated."  Basically, the best video games you can play.  Go ahead, kill a bunch of people, virtually.  Rape, pillage, whatever, to your hearts content, but virtually.

I have to stop numbering these because it makes me feel like I am ranking which are most important, and it has to do with what I am thinking of next.

Obviously the true first and second decrees would be "food and shelter for everyone."

Then, everyone gets a job.  With everyone working, we probably only need to work 5 or 10 hours a week to take care of everyone's basic needs.

My world is a kind of socialism.  So there would be no inherited wealth, but while you were alive if you wanted to work your 5 hours and then spend the rest of the time doing other things-- making music, performing plastic surgery, creating new products, raising chickens, playing sports, or making crafts-- and selling your talents/products to make more money, that is fine.

Prostitution would be legal for adults.  All adults.  I'd probably have to hold myself back from promoting it.  I am not saying people shouldn't fall in love, I am saying love and sex should not be viewed as the same thing.  In our class society sex is how women's "issue", children, are controlled.  Children, or perhaps women's sexual organs and bodies, are actually the first possession.  They are the cornerstone for all other possession.  (Even war would not work if there were no new soldiers being created.)

Women could rule the world through sex.  And if men could sit around looking at naked women and having sex, I feel certain most wars would end tomorrow.  Vast numbers of men I have queried about this over the years have agreed with me on this.

Birth control would be mandatory.  Only people that really choose to be parents should be parents.  I don't want to make it impossible to have children, but since my next decree would be:

Childcare is a community responsibility.  Too many people abuse their children.  Too many children just happen by chance.  I want childcare and child rearing to be transparent.  (In my world all financial transactions are transparent, too.)

Children should not be taught anything but basic life skills and math and reading.  No beliefs, no religion, no doctrines, including "infallible scientific proof".  There is branch of science/empirical minded people that have become as locked into current scientific observation as zealously and rigidly as these conservative Christians and Muslims are about their Bible/Koran, etc. Children need to learn this physical reality and how to live in it without anything else.  Not witchcraft, not Christianity, etc.  They can choose all that on their own when they are of age.

I don't want limits of any kinds put on children.  They should be fed, clothed, cared for, listened to, encouraged, and taught the life skills they need.  Not dates of past wars and what group of people did this, and so forth.  Let them seek that out on their own, as the need arises.  That stuff doesn't need to be taught anymore, anyhow.  Google that stuff.

Teach them to care for their bodies, to nurture their minds, understand their emotions, form healthy relationships, and find their purpose and joy in the world.  Encourage them and healthy self-esteem.  Don't tie self-esteem to beliefs or looks or anything else.  The rest is up to them.  Let them make their own minds up about what is right.

There would be no advertising.  And products/ services would only be able to tell the truth.  Nothing deemed necessary (food, medicine, housing, etc) would be for profit. 

Politicians would be required to actually work to make their neighbourhoods better.  No campaigning. No private campaign funds.  And no politics based on individual beliefs.  Only what benefits the whole.  No life long salaries.  No hero worship.  No lobbyists.

A leader should lead all the people.  What will benefit all of us?  What creates a better world for everyone?  What leads all of us to better lives?

I would also require every person to serve two years in what was formerly the military.  Instead it would be two years of service, travelling the world.  What can we do to make sure there is peace?  What can we do to make this community better?  Upon returning, I think we would already know who the real leaders were.

Eliminating hereditary wealth would change the world so drastically, that everything after it would fall into place.

I don't know if my world would eliminate all the "bad" people, whatever that means.  But it would make it very difficult for the truly evil to operate, and all the people driven to crime by poverty would disappear.

If everyone knew that they would have a place to live, plenty to eat, medical care, and a job, plus freedom to explore their beliefs and pursue their hobbies, I think most people would walk away from all the other stuff.  And if all babies were wanted babies, and were born knowing that there would always be a place for them on this planet, I think a decline in "bad" people would happen spontaneously.

This is the world I want to live in.  What about you?  The first step is to envision it.  The second is to share it.  The third is to believe it will come to pass.

Blessings peeps!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014



First the sculptor must summon the stone that is 
The whole story
Or drag it from the quarry of the subconscious

You have to love that big raw chunk
To find the strength to move it

Then come the Ghosts
Wearing the mask of fiction
Telling you how you must 
Carve it
To final form

The whole time mourning
Every piece you chip away.

I don't write like most people.  

That isn't quite it.  I don't come up with stories the way most people do. I am helpless against the tide of stories.   I could probably spend a good quarter of century do nothing (not eating or sleeping) just writing the stories in my head now. 

First the characters show up and tell me their lives.  Sometimes I don't even know what the story is. Sometimes a character will show up and hijack a story.  

It always becomes a little movie.  I can see all the people doing their thing, moving around, thinking, talking, eating, etc. Often times I don't know ANY of the facts.  Usually I don't know their names.  Although, in my current book, I did know that one of my characters had a certain middle initial, and that middle initial pointed to a "real world" historical family with a name that began with that letter.

Did I somewhere read of this family?  I don't think so.  But I must have, somehow.  Nine times out of ten, whatever a character tells me will have some "real-world" connection, but I have to be careful.  If I insert my own suppositions I could be wrong. 

An Orthodox Jewish character told me that her property passed to her only daughter's husband when my character died.  I surmised something from the plot to explain this.  No. Turns out that is Orthodox Jewish traditional inheritance procedure.  

It's like a mystery.  The "voices in my head" tell me something, then I have to go research it to find out where and why and how and when. 

If I was a real writer, I would make up stories with characters I knew and understood. I would write a neat little chapter outline and type a certain number of pages per day.

Apparently I am not a real writer. I am a transcriber for ghosts wearing masks of fiction.

I am now at the point where it is 99 percent certain I will finish, but am no longer carried by belief the book will have an audience. Which means that I sometimes whole days writing and wondering "will anyone want to read this?" 

I hope so. I love writing, but I also hate it.  It is so much work, so much research, and it is all alone.  Sitting in front of a computer (in the old days a typewriter).  For months and sometimes years on end.

And no one can help you with any of it. 

But it is who I am.  I knew as a small child that I was writer.  I wrote my first story at age 5.  And I taught myself to type when I was 7.  (For a Halloween report for my grade school. :D )
Blessings Peeps! I hope this full moon is treating you right!!!

PS-- Here is an interesting article.  I think magickal peeps that read it will be drawn to the same conclusion I was: these are those really fecking smart witches and Jedis.  Look at the clues.  And that Agrippa poem simulation is well worth watching! 

Monday, January 6, 2014


Tonight is the Night of the Magi, Epiphany, or Twelfth Night.  Miracles have a way of occurring on this day.  It will likely be decades before I can confirm this, but astrally and magickally I think the cold weather fronts are linked with an influx of the Avatar spirits.  The Age of Avatars, I think, will in future years be marked from today.

I also feel very strongly that regardless of how much corruption has been uncovered in the last few years by folks like Snowden and Assuange (and then just the internet and social media, and the vast amounts of information shared so easily) something even bigger is about to be revealed.  Deep veins of corruption, hierarchies of dishonesty.

If the government shuts down again I think we will witness some sort of uprising.  Something is brewing with the whacko right wing, but I don't know what.  Something in the north east.

But the truth is, for those of us that want to be part of the New Age of Electronic Fire, and the awakening 5D consciousness, the only real choice is to stay out of the way while the empire collapses. We are looking at a minimum of three years of upheaval, and we won't be "home safe" until at least 2025. 

I read my last two posts about the Phil Roberston affair and my subsequent reaction to it and also the Chick Phil A day and its supporters and I thought, "who cares?"

What is happening on this planet is really astounding.  Being part of this shift into higher consciousness is overwhelming sometimes.  I find myself simultaneously archaic and progressive.  Sometimes about the same things- like my last two posts.  Progressive, because the need for change is obvious, and some of the slow pokes need prodding.  Archaic because the more I embrace the lifeline of the New Immortal and the 5D consciousness, the more I realise it is ridiculous to get involved in this sort of nitpicking.

All realities are changing, including "consensus reality" which Wikipedia defines better than I do, but I consider to be the shared reality and what we can all agree on. What we can agree is happening to all of us.  This is not the same as the "gang mentality" of zealous Christians and other groups seeking to make the rest of us consensual with a reality that they experience as the only "real" reality.

In some ways it serves us better to stay out of it.  If the only connection a New Immortal feels to this age is to fight for justice, then do it.  Trust your instincts.  But if your connection to your soul is fed more by staying out of it, when you find yourself, as I did, responding to something like the Roberston affair, and it makes you feel less connected to the New Age, as it did me, then get out.

It is too easy to get sucked in, and may not serve your higher purpose for being here during this Shift.  And granted, it is harder for those of us with long range vision.  This world is so ridiculous.  Plenty of everything, but nothing distributed fairly.  Houses that are empty, food that is thrown away, the destruction of natural resources for no reason other than human greed.

I remind myself of all the lifetimes where I was on the "wrong" side of things. Indeed, all the moments in just this incarnation.  But we are all here to grow as souls, I believe, and there have been times where I was the laggard, holding everyone else back.  Every person has their own karma.  Everyone has their own beliefs.  Every individual reality is valid.

I thought I would be back in Los Angeles this month, and I was feeling down about it especially with the cold and snow. (The weather witches were adamant that this could not be avoided.  I did try to persuade them.  But no.  This is why I always ask.  Sometimes they say "yes".  That is why I never worry about weather magick.  A lot of witches think it wrong.  But once you talk to the weather witches, you learn there is flexibility available, and that it is okay to ask.)

The weather has made for a lot of unexpected downtime.  I found a wonderful website about St. Louis "The City of Neighbourhoods".  79 in all.  This one guy is on a quest to visit and document all of them.  He goes to the "Norf" side as well as the South.  That says a lot right there. This website reminded me that my need for discovery and exploration can be satisfied anywhere.  And St. Louis really does have so much "hidden treasure".

If you live in St. Louis I suggest checking it out.

Blessings and Happy Epiphany! I hope the miracle you weren't even expecting is waiting just around the corner!