Wednesday, October 8, 2014


First, let me warn you that this blog has been compromised.  And this email account.  Someone or some entity has been logged in since before my last post September 17th.  At first I thought it was a glitch, as I do sometimes use another computer.

But today, it was unmistakable.  The only reason for this kind of hacking into my account would be to track who reads this blog, and to possibly intercept my emails.  (Have you gotten an email from me in the last month or so, and don't know me personally? Please let me know.)

Why would someone choose this blog, instead of my political blog? (Occupy Public Transportation in St. Louis.  I don't link them because I don't want the Lady Rae profile on that blog, but my name is on there. I am not hiding.  Just prefer the Guy Fawkes mask and separate profile. I also don't enforce copyright on that blog.)

I don't know. I suspect it is because anyone that can hack an account this way, can also verify that I actually did send the 08 Superbowl prediction the night BEFORE the game.  Someone that doesn't know me, or skeptics, might not believe it, but anyone that could check the sbcglobal server would know it was true.  Do government spy agencies believe in psychics? I don't know.  Certainly some do, or we wouldn't have Remote Viewing.

From 1982-92 I was a radical revolutionary, and that has given me a fat FBI file. (I don't have those views anymore, but governments are excessively stupid about who is really a danger and who isn't.) I don't expect privacy, even inside my house with all the windows shut and no electronic devices on. I hide everything right in the open.  (As far as I know, the NSA still can't intercept telepathic messages.)

I am going to change my password, but I don't know if that is enough.  The NSA and other Federal agencies just go directly through Google now.  If you are scared of being spied on, or feel like you don't want anyone to know what you are doing on line, you are probably shit out of luck (sol) but I gave you fair warning.

So, in other news, we are right in the "Revolution cycle" although the next few weeks may not feel like.  As the Ferguson protesters continue to reveal the massive racism that runs our society, and it comes out in the open, I think a lot of forward thinking and New Age people might be discouraged.

I say "don't be discouraged."  All this hate and oppression was there before, but it was hidden.  What Ferguson protesters are uncovering in their quest for Justice For Mike Brown, is the moldy rotten basement or tomb of secret hate, the corruption of the "Good Ole (White) Boy" network/gang, and the generally useless and archaic system of governing and "law & order" (which is not the same as justice).

When you clean out a rotting, moldy flooded basement, you drag everything out into the sunshine.  You make a mess of your yard, and at first it seems so overwhelming.  Is all this stuff ruined? There's so much, it's going to be so much work, etc.

But then, once it is all out, and you go back to the basement and drain all the moldy water and sanitize and clean the walls and floors, and go back outside and start going through the stuff, you being to see that yes, some stuff is beyond repair and irreplaceable, but most of it was useless or forgotten anyhow.  Most of it is trash.

Revolution, violent or non-violent, IS an upheaval.  But it is necessary.  It has to be done.  And based on the young people in Ferguson (and Hong Kong and Ohio, and so on, around the globe) I think they can handle it.  I think we can count on them to lead us and create a better world for everyone.

So, yeah, it's messy and inconvenient and uncomfortable for some (or even many).  But the world is a mess. The current structure doesn't work anymore.  The old ways of doing things will not work in this New Age of Electronic Fire and 7 billion world population.

Ask yourself, if Ebola or a huge natural disaster crippled and destroyed enough of the governing bodies or population, would you rebuild this current system? I wouldn't.  This great income inequality, this great abundance in wealthy countries and lack in poor countries, the oppressor divisions of race, religion, and class ARE OVER.

Let's all pitch in, and clean up the mess and get going on a better world for all of us.  We don't need religion or government or anything else to tell us what is right.  A thief doesn't benefit from a world of thieves and theft.  A murderer doesn't benefit from a world of murderers.  Even a racist does not benefit from a world of racists (think about it).  Ditto a religious zealot does not benefit from a world of other zealots.

The rich would not benefit from a world of the rich (who would do the labor?).  The poor would not benefit from a world of poor people.

What benefits us all is healthy, prosperous, equitable and just world.  Those of us that can see that need to be doing what we can right now to share that vision.

Hate is a dead end. Greed is a dead end. War is a dead end.

I don't want to live in a Soylent Green world, even as an interim to the manifestation of the New Age.  I don't want the V For Vendetta world for even a minute (even though that movie really is an accurate reflection of how white, middle class USA culture feels right now).

The people that are running the world right now are greedy, violent, sociopaths.  They would rather kill us all than share or govern fairly.  They are not going to stop or step down of their own accord.  Personally I do not think that we need violence- at least in this country- but we do need ACTION.

As I have said before, during the next few years, we all need to work positive political action into our day to day lives. Sign a petition, make a call, go to a march or protest, study, read, make a local network, get more self-sufficient in terms of food and water (gardens, water collection).

Start right now, if you haven't already.  Make a commitment to yourself and the future of the world, to just do a little bit more than you are already doing every day.  Ask others to do the same.

And through this Mercury Retrograde, if you are a magickal person, DE-FRAG before you go out in public (cleanse all Fear Resentment Anger and Guilt).  Ask the other messenger goddess, Iris, to assist you while Mercury is on vacay. (Also, feel free to direct the pixie hoardes to disrupt whomever or whatever is monitoring this blog. )

Keep your Third Eye open in the back of your head, look at everything through the lens of your heart.  This will keep you safe no matter what you encounter.

Peace out Peeps! Stay on the Cosmic Consciousness Channel, keep broadcasting the Higher Love Vibration to the Universe!