Tuesday, April 7, 2015


In January of 2013 I started writing a "little" "children's" book.  As it has emerged it has become a massive three book epic.  It is, as might be expected of me, a very weird book.  It doesn't really have an easy definition or genre.  The story scares me because I don't know if I am able to manage it properly.

Last summer two fears seized me, almost simultaneously: the first, that I was writing some sort of Joycean epic about my generation, and second, that I was writing one of these Celestine Prophecy type of books.  I've never been able to finish reading Ulysses or the Celestine Prophecy.  Perhaps I wouldn't be able to finish this epic.

But I've kept writing.  And if you read my last post, you already know that at one point, despite my doubts, I realized I would have to make a choice between my participation in current events, and finishing this book.

I stayed off of all social media for almost two months (until the end of January or so) and I've found that while I love on-line interaction, and don't consider it an inferior form of socialising, I also didn't miss it as much as I'd thought I would.

We have so many choices these days, about what we can focus on.  We are inundated with information and a lot of it is peripheral and distracting.

Our planet has about 10 years left, before we run out of drinking water.  Despite all of the technological advances and a population of 7 billion (in 1970 there were 3 billion people on the planet), one in 6 people- 1 billion people- still live in slums.

Part of my decision to focus solely on this book was the belief that these characters could do more to tell the story of the world than I could by posting status updates and tweets.

This book I am writing- and my experiences with the trolls from my last post- have made me really understand that if we as a species are going to survive a mass movement is going to have emerge, and soon.

The people running things cannot be counted on.  Fiat currency and Bretton Woods aside, money has no real value anymore.  Natural resources and human labour are the only things that have real value. Right now, the smartest among the richest go to college and become doctors and men of enterprise.  We as a nation are still in a debt bubble.  When the next crash comes- and it will- it is unlikely the world will be able to recover.

You cannot buy clean water or arable land or breathable air once those things are polluted or exhausted. Killing off large portions of the population through disease, poverty and war will not save us.  Hedge fund investors and politicians and Department of Defense contractors and wealthy heirs will not be able to solve the problems we as humans are facing.

Chopping off heads or bombing cities in the name of God of Democracy will not solve any of our problems.

Only the equitable redistribution of resources- water, food, clothing, shelter, medicine, education, work (real work, that adds value to society, not stock markets and hedge funds)- is going to save us all.  And to save any of us, we will all have to work to save all of us, even the idiots that continue to propagate the same problems over and over again.

Isn't it funny, that a "conspiracy theory" is always a theory that blames the richest and most powerful people?  The people that have the means to start the Reichstag Fire or demolish Towers 1, 2 and 7?

The 2008 collapse of the Housing Bubble was a natural progression of our economic system, not a flaw, not an aberration.

Get your money out of the banks.  Start a credit union.

Stop buying shit at Wal mart and Target.  Start a Co-op.

Start collecting rain water.  Use it water your garden.

Pay attention to your neighborhood and community.  It is much easier to overthrow the power structure locally than the nationally or globally.  Chip away at the foundation.  The activists of Ferguson have proven that beyond a doubt.

And start talking to people.  What world do you want to live in?  Shouldn't utilities (electric, solar, gas, water), the internet, public transportation, medicine, schools, libraries the post office and banks, all be publicly owned?  (Not government owned, or regulated, not privately owned and for profit, but PUBLICLY owned?)

Prisons should be publicly owned, and there should be no profit from them.

Can you take a few minutes every day just to IMAGINE a world where everyone's basic needs were met?  Where the cap on personal wealth was $20 million, and that wealth was not transferable from one generation to the next? (Transferred back to the community equally.)

Do you think there would still be wars, property crimes?  Eliminating hunger, educating every mind fully, work that was equitably distributed, and medical care for all people, would eliminate most of the problems that humans face.

The people in charge would rather kill us all than give up one penny of profit.  To reach those 200 or so people would require billions of people acting in unison.  Start with your mind.  Start with your thoughts.  Reach out to the like-minded.  Stay focused on what benefits us all.

If you are one of the New Immortals, get your telepathic network in place.  Especially if you live in a developed country.  (The U.S. would literally collapse without electricity for one day.  Think about it.)

No matter what your situation is, no matter how poor or how rich, you can change the world by changing your thoughts.  Our thoughts have created this world, we can create a new one.

I believe that my book will change the world.  Or, at least, I think it could, if people read it.  But all I can do is write it. There is something you can do, and if you aren't doing it, I urge you start.  Now. The end of the world isn't a joke or a conspiracy theory anymore.

Peace and Blessings.

PS- New Immortals and Mages, this Night of The Watchers will be very important.  I am trying to get the book done and released as an e-book by that date.  If you read it carefully, the "mystery" of the Watchers is revealed.