Tuesday, October 27, 2015


What better time than the Samhain Season to start anew and celebrate your mortal body?  Much better than the January 1st calendar new year.

I joined Planet Fitness.  In September I was driving on the freeway and I was behind a car with a Planet Fitness sticker (the "thumbs up").  I had been thinking about joining the gym but was feeling broke from auto repairs and gas for my long work commute.

I was behind this car for ten minutes or so, and I found myself feeling surprisingly resentful toward the unseen driver of the Planet Fitness adorned vehicle.  A few weeks later, riding a long with a friend on some errands. I found myself in front of a Planet Fitness.

When I walked in there was that sort of immediate click I usually feel only during magickal/spiritual/romantic events.  I also had the urge to run around the whole gym and hop on every machine for a few seconds!

I took a mini-tour, but I had already decided to sign up.  During the tour I kept trying to convince myself to act sensibly.  It was Mercury "Retrograde", number one.  Don't sign any contracts!  I hadn't looked at any other gyms lately, in comparison, and Planet Fitness has no sauna or steamroom.  (They have tanning but I can't do that to my skin.) And I wasn't sure I had the $10 or $20 a month.

When the nice young lady that worked there- and the whole staff is friendly and helpful- showed me the black card spa chairs and told me it came with unlimited guest privileges I signed up on the spot. 

I am pretty out of shape, so my current goal has been a minimum of three days a week, I alternate upper and lower body on the weight machines, doing low weight and high reps. Next month I will increase my workouts, and probably add some free weights.

Planet Fitness has a great range of cardio machines- treadmills, recumbent and upright stationary bikes, two kinds of eliptical machines (I can't use these because of my knock knees), and a stair climber.  They have a 30 minute circuit fitness room, and a contraption called Planet Fitness 360, I think.  I'll give those a try when I am bored of the weights.  That could be a while.

I love the feeling of pushing myself past my comfort levels.  And I love that the gym, weights in particular, are about nothing more than me and my body.  I do get exercise from gardening and housecleaning and my daily constitutional.  And I love dance and yoga.  

Lifting weights in gym has a kind of secular purity.  There is nothing else in it but you and your body. Strengthening your body. No other reason for it, no other result.  You are creating the strength to do the dance or the gardening better, with less effort and greater endurance.  

And there is a high from lifting weights that comes the next day and lasts all day.  (There is also the feeling of your limbs having become as heavy as lead, lol, when you are out of shape!  But that passes and becomes less intense with each workout.)  And there is no better way to reduce mental and emotional stress.  In fact, for me, I work out harder when I am stressed or angry.  And I always feel better afterwards.

I learn about my body every time I work out.  It's the library for the muscles in my body.  Right now, due to my current fitness level, my support muscles have to assist when I do many of the exercises (especially in my upper body).  When I work my back I feel my arms and chest, when I work my chest I feel my arms and back.

But I know that eventually I will be able to feel each muscle individually when I work out.  I will be able to communicate and interact with the strip of cells that make up my tricep, or my glutes, or my calf muscles.

I think a gym membership should be required with health insurance.  Everyone should have access to a gym.

About Planet Fitness, there is only one caveat for me, and it is not big enough to override 24 hour access nationwide, the massage chairs and unlimited guest privileges (these come only with the $20 a month plan, but it is well worth the extra $10).  That is their stretching area.  The mats are against the wall, the room has ab and leg machines in it, and there are no mirrors.  One of their promotional ads has a negative slant towards yoga, too, although it is meant to be humorous.

They are so clean, so big, have so many machines, plenty of staff, and as a I said before, always friendly and helpful.  I can do yoga at home or take the occasional class.  And I have enjoyed using their stretching contraptions- one is a little chair and the other is a metal frame with bars of vary heights.  

I always try to make a fresh start every Samhain, and this year it is the Body Temple.

Blessings peeps! 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


So I did not do the Watermelon Man spell yesterday (see my last two posts).  It was the wrong time for a number reasons.  The first being that I realised that I need the full moon for illumination and opposition, and to keep the nightmares out.  The second that the entities I have requested assistance from are unclear on who I am trying to reach. (People with prejudice that have no empathy for the people they dislike? apparently that is almost everyone, etc.  Apparently, doing spells in the Old Age was much easier. That and, as anyone has read my comic book script knows, the afterlife resembles a giant bureaucracy.)

Moreover, my own dreams have been getting visited by every assholian on this plane that doesn't like me or wants something they can't have from me.  None are strong enough to give me a full on nightmare, but I want to make sure I send good guardians for this spell.  So if you did your dream spell yesterday, and it felt right, it probably was.  No worries.  But for me I realised I wasn't prepared enough.

In other, related, news, I've been talking to people about the 11 September 2001 so-called terrorist attacks.  In particular, the magickal side of what happened.  Every psychic and witch that I've talked to has a story about that night, and about the "Eye" -- seriously resembling the Eye of Sauron-- that dominated that area of the astral plane for a couple of years afterward.

Yesterday a guy told me that after 9/11 there was a big Satanic ritual at the base of the towers and that was what opened the Eye.  (Remember, most Satanists are really "bad" or inverted Christians. Not Pagans or witches, necessarily.) I had never talked to this person about my visions of the Eye.  A lot of stuff clicked into place that I thought I'd share.

First, regarding the Bush Regime's version of the Reichstag Fire.  It was not anythiny supernatural that made me start reviewing my initial suspicions about the whole debacle- the way the towers collapsed, the collapse of tower 7, the ridiculous story fed to us about the Pentagon- it was learning about Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE).

The AE do not say that Bush and his oil cronies orchestrated the attacks.  They definitely don't get into anything supernatural or astral or Satanic. They simply point out all the evidence: airline fuel does not cause steel to burn, the presence of thermite, the way the towers collapsed, the lack of any real structural studies in the massive 9/11 Commission's Report.

 The Bush regime, the Illuminati, the El, the Vril, whatever you want to call the real "Evildoers", if you are a psychic or a magickal person, you have no doubt encountered them on the astral plane.  (And if you live in St. Louis, or any of their other earthly strongholds, you have probably encountered them in person.) Maybe, like me, you have figured out their limitations, and you know that no magickal person has anything to fear from them.

If you haven't, let's run through the process of their power.  If you want earthly power- control over humans, wealth, and resources- and you want to control it through magick, you have to CONSTANTLY remain connected to both the astral realm, and to the earthly realm.  That takes a tremendous amount of magickal power.

It is even more tremendous than the power and resources it takes for a whole host of government agencies and contractors to spy on one ordinary civilian.

The problem, of course, is that no one has more power on the astral than any other person.  The least adept person, the poorest, the most physically or mentally handicapped-- the least advantaged in this realm-- has as much power on the astral as the Evildoers, or you, or me.

So an Evildoer has to find ways to block off the average "muggle" (non-magickal person) access to the astral.  The Catholic Church and most organized religions served that purpose very well for thousands of years.  They've kept Jesus spirit in bondage by ritually devouring his flesh and drinking his blood, shut off access to the astral plane except through their priests, their God, His grace, and His afterlife.  Beatifying men like Juniper Serra. Dictating how people live their lives and by what rules.

If Pope Francis is what he says he is, and not a puppet or mask of the Evildoers, I hope he leaves the Catholic Church. What good has come from the Church- and there has been good-- it is overshadowed by the evil that created it and it has harboured for the last two thousand years.

And science has been helping a lot in the last 100 years, to block off access to the astral.  Science is a problem for Evildoers, though, because if a person's belief in magick and the astral plane is completely blocked, then Evildoers have no ability to reach said muggle's thoughts or energy from the astral.  (Witches, psychics and magickal folk don't have belief, they have knowledge.  Big difference.  That is why it is so important we stay in the light.)

Of course, there are plenty of mortal Evildoers that walk the earth without any magickal powers.  Plenty of Hitler's, plenty of Bush patriarchs, plenty of Pablo Escobars, plenty of Dick Cheneys, plenty of greedy bankers and CEO's that care only for their own wealth and power, plenty of murderous men.  And they want power especially.

There are plenty of ordinary mortal men that simply want power over other humans, whatever the cost.  Nothing else matters to them.  Not the comfort of their own lives, not their karma, not the suffering of other people.  Nothing.

The true architects of the September 11th attack reveled in their power over the world while the rest of us wept.

But the Evildoers, on this plane, are basically Darth Vader.  Without the machines of this existence, without sustenance on the earthly plane, they cannot survive on either plane.  Magickal folk can battle them on the astral, but that is one on one.  To eliminate their power we have to block or destroy them on this plane.

Sounds scary, doesn't it?  Take on these people and entities that orchestrated something as big as the September 11th attacks?

But you are thinking in terms of being like Buffy or Blade fighting vampires.  That you have to go crawling around in graveyards, driving stakes into their hearts and risking getting bit.  There is more than one way to fight vampires, and the best way is to be the sun.  Be poison to them by harbouring truth within yourself.

Let the Light of Truth shine on vampires and they disintegrate.  Sunlight is poison to vampires. Just as the sun rises everyday with little thought to whether it is going to ignite vampires on fire, the truth also rises.  Like the sun, the truth can be covered with clouds, or obscured for a time. but it cannot be stopped.

As a magickal person all you have to do is THINK about the Truth, even if you don't know exactly what that truth is. Just meditate on Truth rising over the horizon of human consciousness like the sun rises over the eastern horizon at dawn. Think of yourself AS the sunlight.

Truth is immortal, unceasing, indifferent, and all powerful.  Stand in the light of truth and anything that wants to attack you will be forced to come into the light... and commit suicide in the process.

The truth is about to rise on the 11 September 2001 attacks.  It is already happening.  By this time next year I predict it will be revealed on this earthly plane, but it is already emerging on the astral.  The only downside is that we are also looking at a rash of mortal deaths (through "natural causes", i.e., their vile existence eating them from the inside out with cancer and other diseases, old age, accidents) before the perpetrators can be brought to justice.

The Evildoers were sloppy and arrogant.  They left incontrovertible evidence of the truth and someone out there has it.  (I don't think it was Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, actually.  Or anyone in banking, or auditing the banks in the wake of 9/11. It is someone that has no astral footprint at all, or someone so out there in the open, that either way, they are not on anyone's radar.  It could be the earthly slip up of an evildoer with Alzheimer's, or it could be one of these rare mortals that works in silence and obscurity.)

In the Gnostic tradition of Christianity the demiurges were the God of the Old Testament.  The "fashioners" of the mortal Universe were left in charge to run things until Jesus, the real Avatar of the Divine, showed up.  (This is my interpretation of the Gnostic story, btw.  If you want academia, check out Elaine Pagels' books.)  The demiurges spent a few thousand years, running around hiding in burning bushes and flooding things, and doing a lot of other things they weren't authorised to do.

Jesus was "The Light and The Truth and The Way" of the Divine.  Basically, once he showed up the naughty demiurges had to disappear.  Like vampires scurrying in the sunlight.  Like the Gnostics, I believe that Jesus came here to show us the best of what we as humans could be- and that is, just like him.  By 2150 A.D. we will all be able to walk on water, heal ourselves physically, and communicate with our own Divinity. Powers the demiurges and organised religion have lorded over us.

The Old Age is over.  The New Age is here and those that cannot evolve are freaking out. And the Evildoers that have controlled things for the last two aeons are dying.  The new generation of Evildoers have cut themselves off from the real power source on the astral.

(Or rather, the removal of the physical base of power here on earth to areas that have no astral gateways.  Like the shift taking place from St. Louis to Wichita, KS.  The new generation is masked and puppeteered by the Koch regime, hence Wichita.  But the Bush regime -knowingly or unknowingly- had the Mounds, and the earth spirits in the caves, and the interdimensional doorway that the Arch frames, the Basillica, and the primordial river -the Mississippi, and the confluence.  But the shift already happened, and even if they were to move back here, the spirits would this time refuse them. Or possibly put the Evildoers in astral bondage, to balance karma.  All I know is, they can't return to St. Louis.)

On the astral level, we all have exactly the same amount of power.  All of our thoughts inhabit the astral, and the light of truth in your thoughts will help with the removal of Old Age power structures here in the earth realm.  So will registering to vote (not necessarily even voting, just becoming a registered voter), signing petitions, calling politicians, attending civic meetings,creating community cooperatives, demanding New Age legislation and laws, and sharing information.

Work in both dimensions is the best solution.  Shine the Light of Truth on the astral plane, and work to create New Age structures on the earthly plane.

And the absolute most important thing you can do, that all of us can do, is to have the best life you can have in the moment that you are in RIGHT NOW.  Do not let the difficulties or the Evildoers of this world rob you of your good life. That is what Evildoers on the astral and earthly are taking from you.  They are robbing you of your good life.  They are stealing your best self and your power.  Meeting them in battle is exactly what they want.  They can only be banished when we don't engage them and shut off their access to this plane (poverty, disease, prejudice, fear, etc.).

Enjoy the life you have, and work to make the future better for everyone.  Use your Divine Gift of Free Will to its fullest extent. Let your light shine and reach for your best life now.  Even if your best life has not yet manifested in the earthly realm, create it with your imagination and vision on the astral.  Believe in it.  Believe in yourself and your power, and no other. Look for it in your mundane dealings and encourage and magnify it whenever and wherever you find it growing.

And remember, remember, this Fifth of November, and at all other times, that those that work in darkness and seek to steal the light of others, they can never shine the light of truth.  Even on that which is harmful to them.  They can work to get others to reveal it, but always in darkness, never by the light of truth.  (This is why the media, and anything controlled by large corporations, can never get anything right.)

And they can try to kill the messenger, but on both planes Ideas Are Bulletproof.  

Cast out the shadows with the light of truth, and you are protected, on Earth and in Heaven.  That was the message Jesus brought. Seek your own Divinity. Divinity made humans in Its own image, and gave humanity free will.  We are all Gods, and we are all humans beings of planet earth and Nature.

No dimension is "higher" or more holy or above another.  The spiritual fulfillment that so many religions say can only be found in the afterlife can also be found here, just as the suffering many seek to escape in death is found on the other side.

Stay in the moment.  Stay in your own Light. Stay in the path of making your own life better and better.

I know this was another long winded, deeply esoteric blog post.  Thanks for staying with me!  (;

Blessings, Peeps!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


EDIT 13 September 2015: See my latest post on the War on the Astral, at the beginning I explain why I didn't do this spell yet, and why this was the wrong time for me.  I will let you know!

The Watermelon Man Spell: http://laladyrae.blogspot.com/2015/08/the-watermelon-man-spell.html

The best day to do this spell before Samhain (the real one, not Halloween) would be Columbus Day.  So far the ingredients include Watermelon (natch) and Valerian, but I am seriously considering using printed facebook memes on racism, African - American history, manifest destiny, internment, refugees, immigrants.

I'll print the whole recipe after I have done the spell.

It occurred to me that the watermelon itself is representative of the colours of the heart chakra (in the Western New Age chakra system): green and pink.

It also occurred to me that I will probably end up receiving the flip side in my dreams-- the view through the eyes of the people that receive the dream spell.  I've been embracing this lately, anyhow.

To me, most people seem scared of all the wrong things.  Worse, a lot of people seem to think that living in fear is the only proper way to live.

The more rigid someone's belief system is, the more fear they have to live with.  It doesn't matter what the belief system is- rigidity breeds fear.  And all of these people so attached to the past, to the Old Age, it must be terrifying to find themselves obsolete.

When a person's view of themselves as the best, or the holiest, or the most righteous, or most deserving, is based on other people not being the best, holiest, deserving, etc., a New Age of Enlightenment, Fairness, and Abundance for All, is nothing short of Armageddon.

I want to make sure that I root the spell in the compassion and empathy of the Heart Chakra.  These are people that lead and dominate through brutal force and control of this earthly life.  There will never be enough money or power or superiority for them.  They have only one incarnation as humans and Gods that will damn them for eternity.  They judge human life based on who has the most money, or the least melanin in their skin, or has bombed the most countries, or whose God is the most powerful.

They need Love more than the rest of us.

Oh, one other thing, this one humourous: Since I mentioned Anansi I have been seeing spiders everywhere.  Not always a good thing! Ouch!

Blessings, peeps, hope you're having a great Samhain Season!