Monday, November 30, 2015

T IS FOR....

T is for Terrorism...

At the Thanksgiving dinner I attended there was conversation about the Mystic Massacre, the true "Thanksgiving Celebration" the Pilgrims celebrated.  An act of terrorism against the native people that had helped the terrorist invaders plant crops and survive the winter!

Later, when I got home and checked my social media I found the following in my feed:

(The Daily Kos article contains a speech by Wampanoag Frank James, if you don't read any of the articles at least read this speech: )

This is the truth about why these Trumps and Teddy's (Cruz) are so terrified of immigrants or anyone different from them.  This is the lineage they claim.  This is the tradition they seek to continue.  This is the inheritance, the Karma, they must fear.

And as a magickal person, I will say this is another of the first blood debts this land must cleanse and ask forgiveness for to truly be free.  Until there is justice, there will be no peace...

T is for Thug...

There has been a movement to get the mainstream media (MSM) to stop using the word "thug".  I heartily disagree!  I do agree the word should not be used to describe African American men, or peaceful protesters.  But I do think the word should be used properly, to describe the real thugs:

This lady below is the Wal-mart heiress who thinks her workers don't deserve a raise.  The photo is from a DUI arrest.  I got it from a Daily Mail article.

I figured the rest were pretty well known.

We the People need to learn from the real thugs of the world.  We need to be as tenacious in seeking living wages as they fight to not pay taxes or living wages.  We need to be unapologetic about our rights to live in this world and to have enough.  As tenacious about our eco system as the thugs are about destroying it.  As opposed to racism as they are at fostering it.  We need to oppose their acts of war with every bit as much fervor as they perpetrate these wars for profit.Thugs seek to control our political system and we need to become thuggish about taking it back.

No I don't mean get violent.  Violence against them doesn't work.  They own all the violence in the world.  They create it, thrive on it, desire it.  PROFIT from it.  I was watching the clash in Paris at the Climate talks on Democracy Now and thinking "when are we going to stop making it easy for the foot soldier thug police to attack us?"  Instead of congregating in one place, disperse all over the city.  Stretch out miles long, hand in hand down sidewalk after sidewalk.  Stroll for miles through crowded streets in groups of two or three or four, wearing placards and chanting.  Stop facing off with the police and start talking to all the people that aren't protesting.

Maybe not all the time.  A large group congregated does make a nice MSM camera shot.  It is obvious opposition to and disruption to the event (in this case the Climate talks).  It is a chance for like minded people to get together and raise a lot of energy.  (Again, as a magickal person, there is a lot of benefit in protest chants in terms of raising and releasing psychic energy.)

But individuals pay a high price in arrests and jail, and it gives the thug foot soldiers (police) too many chances to harm individuals.  We need to start getting creative.  Pesky,  Annoying.  And act with thug like determination and will.

And we need to get more serious about challenging things in court.  When the Koch Brothers decided to hijack national elections they didn't hire protesters, they went to court with Citizen's United.  We need to start changing the laws.  Yelling at the police isn't a long term strategy.

T is for Thanksgiving...

Even before reading about the Mystic Massacre, I never liked Thanksgiving.  It's at the wrong time, far too late, for a Harvest festival.  And as a magickal person, I've just feasted with my ancestors and family and friends on the others side on Samhain.  I am looking forward to Christmas and celebrations with the living.  Thanksgiving drains off both of those "real" holidays (instead of a holiday about blood drenched lies celebrating Manifest Destiny).  It makes Christmas in this country all about the commercial, materialistic"Black Friday" retail shopping orgy.

In this economy and with the wealth inequality, a world bleeding from war and poverty, the whole materialistic Christmas frenzy that kicks off the day after Thanksgiving is really crass, to say the least.   So many are suffering in this world, and our country's culture is engaging in riotous acts of consumer gluttony.  Maybe if we got rid of Thanksgiving altogether Christmas could begin in a more civilised manner, and a week or so later.

I do participate in Thanksgiving, most years, because this is when far off family comes to town, and I like the turkey dinner.  But this year I informed a few family members that in coming years I am going to switch it up.

Thanksgiving day should be a day of protest against the continuing atrocities against Native Americans (they have the highest fatality rates at the hands of police, just for starters). This year there was a gathering at the White House on Thanksgiving Day to demand Executive Clemency for Leonard Peltier.  He's been in prison now for 40 years.  (Mostly because he knows too much, and if he gets a chance to speak freely certain factions and cartels in our government and that control our government would be exposed.)  The fictional movie Thunderheart tells a more truthful tale about what happened than Peltier's trial documents and sentencing transcripts.  The true story is just more thugs, FBI thugs this time,

Even though you missed the demonstration, you can make a call to the White House to demand Executive Clemency.  "Don't let Leonard die in prison."  202.456.1111

In the future, after my Thanksgiving Day protest- which hopefully will not end with me being in jail- I shall invite everyone to my house for a costume party and celebration of that "Night in November", and do the Time Warp.

And what, you might ask, will we dine on?

Blessings, peeps!

PS- A fascinating collection of Native American short films on PBS' World Channel last night called Injunuity featured a short called Great Law, about how one tribe influenced the formation of our democracy.  The whole show was great.  But Great Law was enlightening. Another thing the white His Story never tells.

Friday, November 20, 2015


...Somebody's watching me/ And I got no privacy/ whoa ah oh...

Remember that song?  By Rockwell, with MJ singing back-up. Here's a link to the video:

The video is about spirits and being haunted.  Spied on by the dead.**

Yesterday I saw two drones heading North through Baden.  I'm concerned my computer might have caught the most recent spyware virus.  Anonymous is shutting down Daesh/ Isis. **  The CIA is blaming Snowden for the Daesh attack in Paris.  (YES, REALLY. Ridiculous.)

Spying, surveillance, privacy, we are being confronted by the reality of this New Age of Electronic Fire. That Rockwell song is from a world before the internet, when the planet had half the population it has today.

There are twice as many somebodies now.  Our population is the number of humans that have gone before us.  Half of all the people who have ever lived are dead.  And the internet?  My personal belief is that way back at the dawn of Homo Sapiens we had telepathic powers with our "tribes" and nature spirits and the dead.

Without psychic abilities, without spiritual medium skills, without telepathy, this mortal ("muggle") world has the ability for faster communication with more living people than ever before.  Ever before.  And with more living people together on this planet than ever before. (No wonder everyone is going crazy.)

George Orwell got it right, he just didn't realise that it would be reality tv and webcams and facebook and livestreams.  That we would partly be inviting the world to watch us.  And the world would be inviting us to watch it.  His dystopian future is an accurate vision of what a lot of people are doing all day at their jobs (ie, watching other people on social media).

One battle the Old Age is engaging in as it crumbles is whether people have the right to privacy from their government.   Privacy is over, ironically.  But part of the transition to the New Age is having this conversation about how the Old Age does things. (In other words, I sign all those petitions against the NSA spying on citizens and that sort of thing.  I support whistleblowers and leaks and full transparency of our government.)

Real intelligence is the ability to see more than one side, to empathise with the enemy to understand him. Psychics and mediums can tap into the collective human spirit, but we are still just individuals, with limited time.

For all this communication and broadcasting and spying and reality tv, as humans collectively, we still don't understand how to use this knowledge for our own good.  Government intelligence is a joke.  It's an oxymoron with a punchline.

For those government agencies to really watch even one person around the clock requires at least five humans working 8 hours a day each.  The knowledge those humans collect has to be consolidated and shared, and by the time the facts and conjectures have run through five different filters and then presented, it has been diluted.

All of these private emails and phone calls that NSA collected, would require five times the labour to disseminate that it took to produce it.  They would have to hire every person in China to do intel.

I'm not suggesting that people stop shredding their mail or using passwords, but I am suggesting that people really learn to release any fear about surveillance. Magickal folk especially,  For one thing, there are a lot of effective spells and shields that can be used to keep private your financial information, or your porn collection, or whatever.  Magickal means can used with empirical systems or alone.

We New Age, Macro, 5D people need to accept that we are moving toward a future where everything is going to be transparent, empirically-- financially, politically, socially-- and also psychically.  By 2035 the people that don't have rudimentary psychic skills are going to be anachronistic.

This breakdown of what the Old Age, micro, 3D, world called "privacy" has to happen.  We will have a new version of it in one more generation's time, but it won't be the same.  We will learn to shield our thoughts out of politeness, The outer transparency will transform society and be part of the transformation to a world without wars, hunger, poverty, etc.

Those of us that came early will likely be uncomfortable during this transition.  My personal choice has been to "hide out in the open".  To be, essentially, "crazy" to the muggles until science catches up with the 5D world.

I know many others that are choosing to move to rural areas, and shut out the Old Age collapse while creating havens for respite and escape if things get too hairy for their peeps.

Others are retreating to begin construction on the tempplate for the New Age world- collective farms both urban and rural, worker owned co-ops, housing co-operatives, etc.

No matter what you are doing, just remember that as the deceased shed all shame and secrets, the Old Age too will shed her dignity without disgrace.  The New Age thrives in honesty, not shame.  The New Age creates prosperity for all and not profits for a few.  The New Age embraces every reality, and ensures that all human life is cared for and nurtured.

Everything is changed now, and many things have become their reverse (as noted earlier: we are overpopulated, a threat to nature, instead of vice versa).  When we are all mind readers there will be no more lies, and non-magickal technology is catching up.

In fact, it maybe that if that technology catches up too soon before the New Age is firmly established, that Old Age greed will destroy a lot more than it is now.  The humans that have no "New Age" vision are seriously freaking out.  This is a hell of some kind for them.  Their secret affairs and most shameful secrets and bad camera angles are potentially being examined by their own government and their neighbours and that girl they didn't like in high school.

They have no sight other than physical and they cannot tell a good person from a bad.  So they lump everyone that dresses or speaks a certain way into one category.  They do not believe that a better world is coming.  For many the highest spiritual reality is to die on this planet and go to an after-life.

Dystopia is all they know.  Don't let them drag you into their reality.

You can keep yourself protected during this time by remembering to move with intent through this world.  By employing your guardian spirits/angels/lightworkers/etc to keep you protected and safe through your activities.

Your spirits are always watching you, and they are here to assist in this transition.  Shine the light of conscious love and healing whenever you can.  Release goodness and affirmations of health, wealth, happiness, and safety everywhere you go.

Speak your truth about the New Age to yourself even if not to others.   We have lived in this muggle world and the magickal world, now we must straddle the emerging New Age as well. (For me this is actually four lenses: Muggle/Old Age and Magickal, and Magickal and New Age/Macro.)

We're still at least ten years from levitation, at least collectively that is- not individually.  But once these powers start to emerge in scientifically measurable ways, we will need to be prepared for the level of honesty and transparency required in all of us.

That will likely be harder for us that were born before the Indigoes.  We will be alright, but I think that collectively we all might be needed to make greater adjustments in our day to day lives.  We don't have the same protection as a sports or cultural celebrity, but out awareness of other people is as large.  Celebrities have to put up with a lot of garbage and other people's thoughts and opinions, like we do.

Celebrities have body guards and publicists that shield them from too much exposure, and assistants to keep them focused on what they are doing, regardless of what is being said about them on the nightly news.  In the same way, employ guardians to protect your mind from things that don't matter.  Ask the Sylphs to help filter out all the muggle transmissions flying around via the airwaves.

And develop tougher skin, so that when one gets hit psychically with someone else's negative opinion, one doesn't have any sort of inner reaction that is harmful to oneself or distracting to one's true purpose. If it is actionable in the muggle world, that is different.  But opinions of muggles thought in their heads, that they do not believe anyone else can "hear"- get a shield to deflect it.

We have powers that other people don't have yet.  In some ways we are omnipotent, in others we are crippled.  Using these powers to protect yourself is not wrong or bad.  You would not ask a secretary that could type very fast to type slow because it wasn't fair to the other secretaries.  It's time to speed up.

In another 20 years the supernatural won't be super anymore.  It will be natural.  Utopia only seems like perfect world from the view of a dystopian world.  There will be new problems then, even when there are no lies or wars or hungry people.  There will always be problems to solve, and there will always be challenges.

Fight for privacy as a right in the non-magickal world, but consider that soon it won't exist.  Consider that some day we will have no need of it, and adjust to straddling these two realities during the transition.

Peace out peeps.

** The Anon that is behind OpIsis and Wikileaks had an epic twitter fight the other day.  One of the things Wikileaks said to OpIsis was "You say you are for internet freedom but you dox KKK'ers."  Actually a different Anon did that but I am not sure.  Wikileaks also did not agree with OpIsis sharing their intel with government agencies.  The conversation that is happening about privacy and freedom and "spying for safety" etc is very complicated and multi-faceted.

**From the movie Dogma.  I couldn't find a clip of this on Youtube:

Rufus: You know what the dead do with most of their time? They watch the living. Especially in the shower.

Monday, November 16, 2015


I have set up a blog for the new zine.  The first issue should be out and around town on the 25th of this month.  (Planning 13 issues a year with the full moons.)

EDIT: Lay out and printing/pdf problems have not resolved properly and I need to see if I can re-do it using photoshop, MS Word (I am using open office which is free but doesn't have a lot of features, and in particular, images don't always print as they appear on screen, or export in the pdf).  Keep checking back!

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Edit 20 December 2015: Please see this post

Part of this post (see below) was originally in Je Suis Paris.  But it needed to be separated and I wanted to add some more stuff.

Cut from Je Suis Paris:

I haven't posted my Samhain report yet for reasons I will make clear another time.  But I did post on social media last Monday and also Wednesday when the storm came and the winds of change started blowing.

Like the other psychics and sensitives I know, I thought what was brewing on the astral and about to hit in this dimension, would be here in this country.  Another mass shooting, perhaps in a theatre here, not the ISIL army but the INCEL (involuntary celibate) army, or another white supremacist attack.

One of my stock quotes about psychic abilities is that the skill is rooted in self-awareness, not awareness of others.  I always think of Paris during the month of November. 15 years ago I was working in Paris on Armistice Day and couldn't find anywhere open to eat dinner.  That was during the election "scandal" (when people in the USA temporarily forgot, including me, that that the popular vote doesn't actually elect the President, the electoral college does).  It was before 11 September 2001.

Third Eye hindsight is also 20/20.  I don't usually recall strongly another memory from November of 2000, of walking back to the hotel one night, each night taking different streets to see as much of the city as possible, and passing an embassy with a number of extra guards.  And a brief conversation with one of the guards, about threats they'd received, and having extra security.  That I did recall that memory this year, a few times, for "no reason", but did not pay attention.

Worse, and I need to see if I can find this in in my Facebook activity list, but within the last two weeks someone in my feed had posted something about Eagles of Death Metal gig in Paris.  At the time I found it amusing that I should see this in my feed.  But I didn't pay attention.

I've told my Guides before, to not trouble me with information I get that I cannot act on to change the outcome, and even if I had pegged the exact location and time, likely there would have been nothing I could have done.

The Winter Solstice this year is December 22, 2015 04:48 GMT.  In St. Louis it is December 21st 10:48 PM (20:48).  If you have "Eyes to See, and Ears to Hear"(2EECH) please use this moment to send me a telepathic message with your location (use a map image and city and country name, not co-ordinates).  Use the Green Owls as messengers.**  We need to build a global network of people with 5-D consciousness.

The Old Age structures are collapsing, and the "muggles" are getting trampled. We may not be able to steer every boat to safe harbour, but we can study the tides and the storms, and salvage what we can.

The consensus is, both psychic and empirical, that this is not the worst of it yet.  2016 is going to see the worst of the Old Age collapsing.  Let's be ready with the New Age systems in place.

Blessings, especially to Paris...

**EDIT: oops, not complete- I'll send back the green owl with another messenger (another animal, another colour).  I wonder does every New Age mystic/psychic etc get those "Eye of Sauron" intruders?  Seems like those most organised living people and non human entities are the ones that have kept the Old Age power structure in tact and assisted with the expansion of "evil".  Neither the Green Owls or the other messenger I use will deliver to or from the Old Age.  (It is written on the tablet.)

And please feel free to initiate this with any other contacts.  If I don't get the message perhaps others will, it doesn't have to be a central network, linked through one person.  In fact, a lot of local networks are better.  Spells of protection and non human Guardians are greatly aided by mortal intervention.  And don't wait until the Solstice to start shining the Light of Protection and Healing of the 5D consciousness.

End cut from Je Suis Paris.

About telepathy: Colors and animals are an easy way to practice.  Both travel well on the astral.  By choosing a date and a time you can send and receive the messages in real time, instead of astral time.  (Ironically after I posted yesterday the real owls in the ravine started hooting it up with each other.)

I will post in the comments of this post what locations I received.  If you are participating and you want to, you can mail me what animal you got back, to verify.  (Like a buffalo from Buffalo New York, or something along those lines, if you don't normally travel the astral and don't have any messengers you use regularly. I'd make the buffalo pink or something, though, to doublecheck.) The next step would be to send an animal to me, or whomever you are working with.  And as things develop more complicated and complex messages can be attempted.  But establish the connection first with "easy" messages.


So I was trying to focus on what has been running through my mind that I haven't been giving enough attention to. I got Kingston 12 in the Third Eye. Googled Kingston 12, and then London Kingston 12 to narrow the search. Kingston's postal codes end in 1 and part of it in 2. It's 12 miles from the city centre. Some medical researchers from Gaza were recently denied entry to a convention at the University. A UFO was found in the street on the 5th but was later determined to be a pizza oven. The next storm clouds on the astral horizon are hovering over Friday and Saturday next.

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Je pleure pour Paris...

15 November 2015 EDIT: I removed the rest of this post and put it in the post "5D Telepath Network on the Winter Solstice."

Weeping for Paris is all this post needs to be.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


I like having "V Day" and the Million Mask March in the middle of Samhain.

The turn of the year, and the return of the spirits, should include current social and political issues. Samhain is the time for change, for the death of the old ways that no longer work.   There should be a revolution every year.  Every Samhain.

Below is a reprint from the Occupy Public Transportation in St. Louis blog (OPTINSTL).  I suggest witches and magickal peeps, especially, take the "Five for Eleven" pledge, until Samhain next year.


Thanks to the movie V For Vendetta, The Fifth of November is no longer just a bonfire day in England.  It is a day for social protest and action, and the "Million Mask March".

To quote the character V:  
People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

They don't fear masses of us in the street, we've seen that they just send in the teargas and rubber bullets.  I'm not saying we should stop protesting in public. But we need more action, and we need effective actions on wide scale, that we can maintain for years, in fact, that we need to make part of our day to day lives.

You know: brush teeth, wash face, call the Mayor's office...

We have to disrupt the ordinary, day to day lives of people in power, in annoying legal ways. Calling them constantly while they are at work, showing up at their meetings and in their courtrooms and watching what they are doing.  Asking them well-informed questions and demanding answers.

Make a pledge today to make 5 significant actions for social change for 11 months in the next year.  (Give yourself a one month break.)  If enough people did this, we could have a literal "armchair revolution". 

Here are some suggestions:

If you aren't registered to vote, register.  Voting is less important than being than being a registered voter.

Voting is less important than calling or writing your elected officials on a regular basis about the things that are important to you. 

There are approximately 220 million people eligible to vote, and only 150 million are registered.  Of registered voters, only about half of those 150 million actually vote in Presidential elections!  As was demonstrated in 2000, the popular vote does not elect the President.  The electoral college does.

And the people that make the most difference in your day to day life are your local leaders.  Voter turn out in local elections is often less than 20%.

It is a lot easier to change things from the bottom up, than vice versa.  

More important than voting for political leaders is the who is in the judicial system.  Learn about the judges on the ballot in your next local election. 

Join the nationwide Fight for $15 an hour minimum wage.  Do the research.  It will not be the end of small businesses.  It will not be the end of corporate jobs.  The minimum wage hasn't raised with inflation since 1970.  What has risen is corporate profits, executive salaries and bonuses, and credit card debt.

And we need to raise the "exempt" wage.  Right now employers in Missouri can require an exempt employee to be available 168 hours a week (that's the entire week) for $455 per week, if the exempt employee supervises 2 or more employees for 80 or more hours per week.

For example, if you are the live in administrator at a small residential care facility or half way house that is "24 hour awake" care.  The state requires that of those 80 hours, 42 are required 6 hours a night for the administrator to sleep.  The other 38 hours will generally be support during the day with cleaning, cooking and medication paperwork.  If the exempt employee takes a full day off, half the weekly pay can be legally deducted.  $455 a week is not even minimum wage for 168 hours worth of work.

Learn how your local government is spending tax money.  Are the same contractors used again and again?  Is there nepotism and "legacy" hiring in your local government offices and agencies?

Signing on line petitions and then sharing on social media is a good way to get dialogue started, and to show visible support for the issues that matter to you.

You have the power to change the world.  Make the pledge: 5 for 11.

Happy V Day!  #5NOV

OPTINSTL will be back on blogging and taking it to the streets about public transportation in St. Louis toward the end of the year.  Absence on social media does not mean absence from the issues!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Yesterday at sunset I went for my walk at the river and the mists were already rising. There was a presence so strong I thought maybe I'd gotten the date for Samhain wrong (7th and 8th this year). As darkness came and the mists started coming up the street I realized it was the earth spirits that live here in the area, that inhabit caves and grottos, and that the Osage called the Wakon.

Sometime between the end of twilight and about 10 pm there was an "earthquake" on the astral.  I experienced it as the actual ground shaking, I hate it when stuff manifests that strongly on this plane.   Did anyone else in the region feel it?  There are a lot of otherworld and not human entities here, in addition to the yearly "visitation."

This Samhain is pretty massive. All of us "sensitive" types have been feeling it. If you are getting inundated, light a candle for the dead, or put out some flowers, or a treat, or all of those things. These are good ways to honour the dead and also gives them a physical presence away from your memories and mediumship.  A place to inhabit which is not your body/mind/emotions.

Of all the people that have lived, half are dead. That's this shared, mortal reality.  The population of the planet has doubled since 1965.  Our current population is equal to all those before us, all those that we would recognise as human.

On another level, that means that we are visited by the spirits of our previous incarnations. We are haunted by our former selves. Everyone that has ever lived is here.  Many are trying to get in their Piscean Age "bucket list" lives, or those experiences that have never been available before. Or pay off their Karma before the shift.

But many of us are here as the "construction crew" for the New Age.  Feeling out of place and isolated, out of step with the times. But the big "switcheroonee" is looming.   We've had it so "easy", so carefree from the mundane world.  The Wheel is about to turn.

As this dimension shifts, our responsibilities and ways of being in the world will shift, too.  

In the meantime, I expect a lot of supernatural occurrences today and on through tonight in the St Louis area.  More than just the mist crept in last night.  Leave your jack-o-lanterns lit, the fresh flowers on the graves, and candy in the dish by the door.

Blessings, peeps.