Tuesday, July 19, 2016


The tide is turning but first all the wreckage has to be washed ashore. For humans to change and make the shift to higher consciousness globally and collectively, the shitstorm of 2016 will continue. Remember that wreckage that is dragging everyone down and screwing things up is the remnants of decaying and decadent structures that kept us enslaved to our lower natures for a long time.  Those structures served a purpose, were in fact once the "New Age" themselves.  But now they are useless.

Even though there is so much going on, I have felt an odd reluctance to post or work on Supernatural Saint Louis, or the Political Activist's Guide to STL (on my other blogspot profile).  And even finding the time and energy.  The shitstorm means most resources are needed just to stay steady.

But the other part of it is that right now I feel like this is the time for me to step back and allow other forces to work things out. The energy "soup" is changing in St. Louis.  Something or someone is going after the corrupt core that keeps this city in poverty and despair.  The visible faces of the core are not necessarily those with the power.  But they know who has it.

The schisms we are seeing right now in the world- the Saudis going after the US now that the Bush regime is no longer in power, the UK split from the EU, the divides in the political parties in this country- this is all part of the crumbling tower.  The secret rooms of hidden skeletons are cracking wide open.

The whole world is made of factions.  "They" really don't exist as a unified front.  There are millions of "They's" and sometimes there are several factions working together and sometimes they are just individually furthering their own interests.  But every faction of power relies on secrecy and deceit.

And the shitstorm is all about honesty and revelation, whether by agreement or force.

I feel this happening all around the world, and in St. Louis.  But I have not wanted to prod or explore it too much.  Not in any magickal or psychic way.  I read the news posts.  But right now letting the factions duke it out amongst each other is best.  Give them a big circle.

Right now seems to be a good time to listen, not talk.  Especially to nature.  To my own body.  To my dreams of a better future in the New Age.  There is a lot of supernatural stuff going on.  Especially in St. Louis.  But it is also overwhelming.  I can feel it all the time, and it wears on the psychic centres of the body- the endocrine system, sleeping and waking, etc.

I am not sure what is coming, but whatever happens, keep your balance and maintain faith in yourself.  Count your blessings.  And be ready to enjoy the hidden truths that are about to be revealed.  Be ready for emergence of honesty in human relations, worldwide and in St. Louis.  But it is probably gonna get nasty first. Be ready but stay out of the way.

Full moon Blessings!