Thursday, July 9, 2015


This is my latest Lady Rae facebook post:

I've been seeing a lot of posts about the weather, especially all the cold and rain in July in St Louis. In 1997 a paper was published in Scientific American about the global water supply predicting the world would run out of drinkable water by 2025. That estimate has not altered in the last 18 years. Global weather patterns are shifting, and we in St Louis are actually pretty lucky. Yes it sucks if you like hot weather, and yes, the garden veg is not doing too well. But we are abundant in the second most important element for human survival. We cannot survive few minutes without air. We cannot survive after a few weeks without water. The smart thing for everyone here to do is start collecting rain water.
Moreover, I am often wrong or "off" on the dates of things I predict, and last 
summer I predicted that another financial collapse was coming on 14 July, Bastille day. It didn't happen then, but I still see it and this time it will likely be muni and gov bonds. All of the water districts are not only broke, they are in lawsuits with water bottlers. The contents of these suits are hush hush but you can still look up the actual suit filings in court databases-- look for big names like Arrowhead up against the county water districts. The financial collapse is coming, it is an inherent part of capitalism. But no amount of money will buy clean water once it is gone.
The planet has been much hotter and much colder. Nature does not need us to survive, but we humans do need a very narrow range of temperatures and conditions to survive. The weather witches will help all those that ask, and the weather witches are the trees. Yes, I am revealing that publicly. Even if you aren't a witch any older tree (older in relation to that tree species life span) will talk to a human. Often they can tell me specifics, ie, when it will rain, for how long, etc. My understanding is that this weather here is a gift, not a curse.
We have a year, maybe two, to really turn things around or crash into that 2025 deadline. Get some rain barrells, cut down on your water usage, and then sit back and watch states like California come here to buy water for their factory farms. And places like Vegas and Dubai? Good luck with that.
Peace out peeps.

Just to add a few things: It won't just be muni bonds from the water distrcits that crash, it's all government bonds, state, local and federal.  

And it will be "developed" countries like ours that will suffer the most.  Our intestines are not used to drinking from local rivers and streams.  People will be screaming for showers and dishwashers and all this other stuff that we think is so important.

And the Ents in Lord Of the Rings are chatty cathys compared to real trees.  They don't say a lot.  But they will tell you what is up with the weather.  Put your hand on the tree-- old oaks and cottonwoods are the best-- and let your energy go into the tree, and the tree will send you energy back through your feet via the root system.  Sometimes it is just images.  Sometimes it is words.  They only have two words for mammals- creature and monster.  Guess which one humans are.  I've been called "creature" only once by a tree and it was a great honour.