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In some ways, no, it does not matter if you celebrate in exact concurrence with the natural magickal event.  Get enough people together and call it a Sabbat and it becomes a Sabbat sure.  In the same way that tomatoes can be grown in a hothouse during winter, one can have a Sabbat on an ordinary day.

However, hear me out, and even if you do not change when and how you celebrate, at least you will know the roots of these really misunderstood Festivals.

The modern Pagan Sabbat days Samhain, Bealtaine, Imbolc, and Lughnassadh are reconstructions of Celtic and Druidic Feast days.

The Quarter Days are not based on fixed dates or a lunar calendar.

Just as the earth revolves around the sun, and moves in relation to it, our solar system is in movement with our galaxy (and galaxy with the Universe, etc).

The Druids did not just follow solar-based earth-centric astrology, but also watched the movement of our solar system with the Milky Way.

The two great Feast Days of the Celtic tribes were the Druidic New Year on Samhain, and the half-year, Bealtaine. In fact, the Druids divided the year into only these two halves. 

These two Feasts were based on the sun's position to the zodiac- the other stars in the galaxy.  Among the stars were doorways to other dimensions, including the land of spirits-- the spirits of the dead at Samhain, and the spirits of fertility and new life at Bealtaine.

There is a very solid argument that the other two Sabbats, Lughnassadh  and Imbolc, were Anglo-Saxon and agricultural in origin.  The Celts were pastoral, and Samhain and Bealtaine were mainly celebrated with cattle. Samhain was slaughter. Bealtaine was the beginning of grazing and the Festival of fertility and mating.

I believe that both Imbolc and Lughnassadh were noted, as the quarters- the halfway marks between the two halves of the year.  And certainly there is a dimensional movement at those times. but nowhere near Samhain, or Bealtaine.

I think these two lesser days were mostly just nice holidays.  And certainly Lughnassadh would have been time to have some Celtic Olympics. Some spear throwing a la Lugh the Long Armed would not have been inappropriate.

So, how did the Druids determine the dates of these Feasts?

Samhain is determined by the sun's position at 15 degrees of Scorpio.  Usually the 5th or 6th of November.

Bealtaine is the sun at 15 degrees of Taurus.  On about May 5th.

Imbolc is 15 degrees of Aquarius, and Lughnassadh at 15 degrees of Leo.

(Samhain and Bealtaine remain the Irish Gaelic month names of November and May, respectively.)

 One final note: The Druids divided the whole of the year as they divided the day.  The new day was born at sunset, when the old day died.  The night was conception and incubation of the day come with the rebirth of the sun.

And so it was the year: Samhain was the sunset of the year, but also the New Year. Between Samhain and the winter solstice was the night, and Yule the morning twilight.

That is why Halloween is All Hallows Eve, or Evening.  That is why so many countries where the Celts passed through and settled have May Eve's like Walpurgis Nacht.

This year Lughnassadh, by these calculations, begins at sunset on the 7th of August.

August 1, 2012 does have an awesome full moon, and I just discovered this cool site-- info on the moon and also cyber Wishing Candles you can light for 24 hours.  Check it out:


I have written to the publishers of magickal almanacs and calendars, not because I want everyone to celebrate as I do, but because I think it is time the world understood what these all important "Quarter" days really are.

I have written about this on this blog and on my last blog, and I've sited sources and written long letters to people like Peter Beresford Ellis asking for verification and sources. I've interrogated non-Pagan astrologers.

I don't know if this information just falls on deaf ears of if no one cares anymore.

Some magickal people think that the information I am trying to impart is blocked to what the Harry Potter books called "muggles"- that is, ordinary, non-magickal mortal humans.  Some think that publishers can't admit their own oversite, and certainly can't move a Sabbat date around without the full consent of the pope and papess, whoever they might be in the modern day Pagan world.

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Friday, July 13, 2012


Today is the luckiest day of the year for witches and other magickal folk! Also a good day to find doorways and portals to other dimensions...

Magick has more power in the world of ordinary mortals, although the power does come via superstition and fear.  The mortals most fearful of other realms and the possibility of worlds beyond human empiricism often attract unfortunate circumstances.

And then there is the negative use of magick, and curses.

Of course, any negative can be used to create a positive.  It's all how you view a situation.  Here in the drought lands today would be a good day to curse the dryness with rain.

Then again, the best magick, especially where weather is concerned, is through appreciation and love. *

Curses and negative magick require an expenditure of energy outward, toward the undesired thing, to create a desired effect.  The price is too high.

Better to use real magick and create through the astral plane, or mind, the thoughtform of the desired thing, and then allow the resonance of the thoughtform to surround you, and vibrate outward to attract it to you.

I think of it as the scent of lemon blossoms, summoning bees to pollinate flowers.

Much better than chasing down the bees one at a time.

Nature is perfectly balanced with us, and we do have dominion over the weather and climate, we just have not mastered the skills yet.

But who knows? Today is a lucky day for magick of all sorts...

Tomorrow is Mercury Retrograde.   Are you REady?

Best Wishes!
Lady Rae

*When calling a rainstorm all the Elements and Elemental Kingdoms are involved: Dirt attached to water particles travels in the air to create clouds, clouds release rain when clouds are heavier than the air, and also when clouds are creating friction, which also creates thunder and lightning (fire).   
Alot of people want to be right about global warming and damage to the planet.  Don't get too caught up the shared reality of the ordinary, non-magickal people.  The persistence of superstition about Friday the 13th shows that their worldview isn't really strong enough in reason and logic to not allow a few "freak" thunderstorms to slip through.
And besides, everyone in a drought state will appreciate the rain.  And even if it hasn't been expressed yet, the anticipated appreciation can be used in the spell or summoning or visualisation, or whatever you call your thing.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Everyone ready for Mercury Retro on the 14th? It's gonna be a good 'un, if you know how to make the Retros work for you. It is all RE during a REtrograde; REvise, REwrite, REwork, REnew, REfresh. Good time to go back over things, not a good time to start something new. And any travel or communications REquire extra care! REmember, appeal to Iris, the other Messenger God/dess, the lady of the rainbow. Expect some above average rainfall, at least in the St Louis region. Also looking at a seismic event here sometime soon.