Sunday, November 20, 2016


... the centre cannot hold...


I was relieved to hear that a "tsunami of phone calls" was recieved by Congress regarding Trump's conflicting business interests.

NOW is the time to protest.  My personal opinion is that now is NOT the time to be out "protesting as usual".  Direct action and challenging the police is one thing if it is something like DAPL and the Water Protectors.  But in the case of a Trump presidency, laser focus on immediate results is needed.  That means targeting the individuals and institutions with the power to intervene.

That means a continual tsunami of unrelenting demands from the public to government officials.  Whether you voted or not. ESPECIALLY if you didn't vote.

Now is the time to wear a safety pin, Or a "solidarity" hijab. Or volunteer to register people to vote in areas where voters were turned away due to strict voting requirements.

I also think a nationwide "Taco Trucks on Every Corner" fundraiser for "Faithless Elector" sanction fees, and/or Legal Aid for immigrants, and/or funds for travel to abortion providers for states like ours that have just been invaded by "right to work" Reds.  (Funny how the Republicans of today are the "Reds" and actually behave just like they said the Soviets and Mao-ist China did.)

Taco trucks on every corner, donating a portion of the proceeds to the above mentioned services.  Musical acts and other entertainment could be included.  Permits for street faires, etc.  Or conversely we could make it a weekly or monthly event for the duration of the nightmare, if the Trump presidency ascends the throne (insert game of thrones/ toilet reference here if you'd like).  Taco Trucks on Every Corner could serve as havens of tolerance and black market birth control during the Trump/Pence coup.

In addition to the safety pins, taco trucks on every corner, and non-stop phone calls to elected officials, agencies and advocates, the best hope we have is the "Faithless Elector."  And whether the Electoral College hears our cries or not, the Electoral College needs to go.  Trump is exactly the kind of president the College was meant to prevent.

The President should not be elected by states equally.  Governors and Congress cover that.  The President should reflect the actual voting population of the country.  I'd be saying that even if Trump had won the popular vote.  And I'd be calling for Faithless Electors even if Trump had won the popular vote.

Because that is just how much of a nightmare Trump is.  Even if Clinton and Kaine came to office there is a lot of damage that can't be undone.  And it's really the middle class that is going to suffer the most.  The working class could be decimated, which would eventually raise wages, but I have a theory about who Trump really serves- whether he does so consciously or not. Below is a cut and paste from a hastily scribbled social media post.

If you need to, subtract mu opinions on 9/11.  This theory still bears investigating.  I bet the evidence can be found in the markets, and in the movements of the wealthy in Saudi Arabia and other Arab oil countries, and in Russian and Chinese communications.

One final note- it doesn't matter to me and the average person if the wealthy elite congregate elsewhere if we keep this country together domestically.  We need to focus on what everyone needs and providing those basics in our communities.  If we give into civil war the economy will collapse, and if that happens while we are under trade embargoes or a natural disaster or some draining conflaguration or war with another country- well... as I said, read your history.

I say Trump is our assassination of the Archduke of Ferdinand.  But had Franzy not been assassinated I think something else would have sparked World War.  We might not be able to avoid what is coming, or a Trump ascendancy, but we can be prepared and be focused on what we need and want from this country and our government.

That is why it almost doesn't matter what you do or who you call- as long as you do SOMETHING. Something non-violent, and legal, and forward thinking.

Anyhow, below is my not so crazy theory:

 The more I muse on it, the more I think Trump was played by or works in tandem with a faction of global superpowers and elites that want to shift the base of wealth and power to Putin's Russia. The death of the Bush regime means that the Saudi led oil cartels are going to go shopping.

( Especially if we are going to sue them for something I am certain Senior, Cheney and Rummy were part of- I mean 9/11.)

Pence, the Koch's, and the Paul Ryans of Congress will unwittingly assist in destroying us domestically and keeping us on the brink of civil war until they don't need the US's economy to remain stable. Trump will break enough treaties and pacts, sour enough relations, that the instigators will be able to hide in the crowd while everyone calls in their loans and bills past due. It will make "good business sense" to move out of the US.  They will "protect the shareholders".  They will collect massive bonuses and fees,

 PS-- I do not believe in a unified "they" or that this was planned or executed as some big overall conspiracy. There are always many ,many factions, working to advance their own interests. Right now there is a lot of fighting and activity. Each faction is going to align with whatever helps them most, and Trump-Pence presidency helps alot of factions, and they are always blind to each other, or suffer from hubris. Plus, the power players here are so wealthy it won't hurt them at all if they have to abandoned the USA.

Read the history books. This is a techno Space Age update of what happened during World War One. And to some extent World War 2.

 (Oh, Trump is not HItler. Seriously. Hitler was lower class, strict aesthetic and zealot, true fascist wanting continual war and domination of the world.  Hitler had been to prison and been a soldier. Trump is soft rich boy, vain, egotisical and hedonistic. Yes, he is very useful to the real US fascists- Pence, DoD contractors, Koch Brothers, Alphabet Agency zealots- but he is no Hitler. If he is direct cahoots with the Russians I don't know if he will be able to hold up to inauguration. If he's not, I still don't see him being able to survive the demands of even a puppet presidency. He probably got a whiff of what was happening- Dubai probably- and since he is NOT really a wealthy global elite, bought himself a role in the game and some protection.)

THere is only one power that come stop them, and that is YOU. Your awareness, your knowlege, your action, or inaction (and I don't mean that in a bad way- I mean, as in, refusing to follow orders,etc). No matter where the money goes, we are the ones that actually create it and we allow them to control it. Plus we the people always have "them" -- the many factions of governments and wealth- surrounded