Monday, December 20, 2010


Shanahachie, shaman, sage, soothsayer and storyteller: Tonight is the night you are quiet and you listen inside. That you listen to your soul tell your story to yourself.

Tonight is truly a magickal night. Not just that full moon lunar eclipse and solstice occur together-- a very rare event-- but also who is here to witness it.

Tonight is the first night of the Age of Avatars.

The New Enlightened are born (bourne) tonight.

We are now in the new times. The new generation. What used to be miracles will become quite commonplace.

(I believe that many of us will be as healthy and young as we are now in 2094, when an eclipse and solstice occur together again.)

Yes, we live in an unlimited Universe. Yes, anyone can have anything they can envision in their mind, and energize by thought and desire and belief, to bring to themselves, manifest in this world.

But not everyone can see the same things. Witches are magickal people that can see themselves flying-with or without broomsticks.

Witches can see the creatures that ride moonbeams, know the spirits that surround a person they have never met, talk to a tree, or befriend a thunder god.

Witches can see the threads of each person's life and spirit that weave together and make the tapestry of this human life and world.

That is why the cosmic visionaries of the world-- The New Enlightened, the magickal folk-- must peel away the layers of the mundane life to reveal the miraculous in 2011.

We must make ritual of every day life.

Let us praise the electricity tomorrow, each time we turn on a light switch, or log on, or plug in the slow cooker.

Let each setting of the table become the laying of an altar. Let each road that is driven become a sacred path. Let each family become a new pantheon.

And tomorrow night, with the Yule log, and the Feast, and the merriment, let us--the New Ones-- look ahead, and see what alterations we might need to make for a brighter future. What rituals we need to create for every day.

Perhaps it is as simple as blessing the water each time we turn on the tap, or making sure we hug someone each day, or refusing to relate to anyone- even those as appalling as the Westboro Baptist church people- as anything less than the Divine entombed in flesh.

Tomorrow night burn away the last of the old year, along with some herbs and fruits. Make the hearth a beautiful and welcoming place for loved ones to gather.

(I hope in years to come the Yule log will revive in tradition. Nothing invigorates the Season's spirits more, than to have a bright and fragrant fire.)

Hopefully you will be somewhere lively! Don't forget some libations! Say a blessing for all that you love, and all that loves you. (Don't forget me. ;o)

If you are not in the environment you wish to be in, I hope you will consider using your powers to create a celebration with those you are with!

You might also sing a song to the passing of the Crow Shaman, Don Van Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart. He has left this incarnation to travel on the astral. I know he will visit as many hearths tomorrow night as he can. Especially those with guitars.

I urge you, muggle, mortal, or witch/wizard, to leave an offering somewhere, or make a donation (of coins especially) to a charity, or to someone in need.

(I have a bag of 193 pennies, 4 dimes, and 2 nickels-- all "found" throughout the year-- to be left at a location not yet determined.)

No night of the year has as much potential for miracles as tomorrow night. The birth of all things begins with the birth of the sun. Let us greet the dawn of the year!

With warmth and light, and Merry Wishes for a Bright Yule and Blessed Year!
Lady Rae

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