Tuesday, March 26, 2013


This is the first full moon of the astrological New Year.  We are still in the "Tide of Destruction" and the planetary line-up is still all wacko.  Basically, whatever isn't working is completely breaking down.  You MUST make the changes. 

That is really true every day, every year, for everyone, but right now, if you can't or won't change the world is going to change it for you.   

There is a great deal of spiritual, psychic, and magickal energy during any full moon, but in this "Full Moon of the Spirits" that energy is doubly so.  If you are a Medium or Psychic or Empath you may feel plagued or drained.  

And drained in the same way Psychic and Emotional Vampires drain you.  In that seductive, all-consuming way. People often fall under the "spell" of the Vampire because the connection is so intimate.  To feed another entity's immortality with your own life/energy/blood is often a trade off from feeling disconnected to your own immortality.

This is the secret of vampires, demons, and even addictions of the sort like drugs.  The victim will begin to crave the Vampire's bite for the intimacy, and the displaced sense of satisfaction.  True, it is the Vampire's satisfaction, but so many people live unsatisfying and tedious lives.  ANY intimacy, ANY satisfaction is better than the same old, same old, day after day.

The Twilight series is a perfect example of this, in my opinion.  Before the vampire boyfriend, this girl had a very dreary, boring life.  The "specialness" that these other worldly creatures recognized in her was not visible to the "normal" people in her mundane world.  

Even she was not able to see it or feel it.  And then her need for love obliterated her own sense of self.  She had to keep reconnecting the the vampire, and became one herself, because she was never able to make any deep connection to herself.*

Psychic and magick energy runs through your glandular and endocrine system. (The chakras are the astral counterparts of the glandular/hormonal system-- which is why woman need to realise their root chakra is twin and in the ovaries, although you can "feel" it at the base of your spine if you want to stick with the male-centric yogi system). 

These otherworldly energies that run through the endocrine system can be very confusing.  A lot of Mediums end up overweight, or heavy smokers. And this is why so many Mediums and Psychics have thyroid and other glandular problems.  Or crave sugar, alcohol (which also quiets the voices, but can solidify bad feelings), or want to over-consume starches or heavy foods.

It gives the psychic/magickal energies a physical conduit, albeit an unhealthy one,  and the weight give the person a feeling of being grounded after all that "high" energy.  (Or in the case of drugs and cigarettes, creates a different kind of "drain" for the energies, although, again, usually an unhealthy one.)

I don't know what it is in garlic (the allium maybe?)  but these supercharged spirit times always make me just want to eat a pound of it. But too much makes everyone hate me and messes with my digestive system.   

But one thing I have been learning this cycle is that exercise and nutrition and breathing are the only things that really work.  No matter how stressful things become, I have to do yoga and breath work.  I need tonics- like the garlic.   Not sugar and drugs and drink.

Clean air, clean water, clean food.  Cleansing my chakras, connecting with the earth, honouring my own needs above others, no matter how dire and urgent their requests.  "Stay in the moment, stay in me" is my continual mantra right now.

I do wish I could do something for all the dead peeps that are so lost.  The spirits of murders and suicides are always very disturbed, and they are all very loud right now.  I can ignore them, but I cannot completely shut them out.

Here in Saint Louis there is a famous case of a little girl that was found in 1983.  She was buried in a graveyard where a young boy that had been buried next to her became, literally, unearthed.  When they re-buried him they discovered that her remains are now missing. 

Sometimes, being aware of something is not enough to change or resolve it.
A friend was asking me recently if I had any thoughts on the Zodiac Killer. I really am not interested in serial or mass killers, but I did look at the Zodiac Killer's Wiki entry when my friend asked me.

In reading the letters on the Wiki page, the killer stated in one that "in the afterlife everyone I kill will be my servant" or something like that.  I know that the afterlife is as big and varied as this planet, with many different types of terrain, but I think this was some sort of demonic delusion. This pretty much goes against all the laws of Karma.  It is much more likely that he would be his victim's servants.

I do know that whatever you go through in this life, in the afterlife you have to pass through all the experiences of it.  He will experience his actions from the point of view not only his victims, but of everyone that they affected.  All of us will experience the full spectrum of all the events that take place while we are in this earthly, human dimension. (In the afterlife I will have to read this post from the point of view of everyone that read it.)

Being psychic is really a lot like being dead. Hmmm. That is not a comforting before bed thought. ;o)

Finally, I just want to add that the last couple of storms have not been entirely non-magickal. Something is brewing on the astral plane, which usually means something is going on down here. It is my belief that the storms are actually trying to dampen a current of violence developing in the NorthEast.  Not just mass shooters, but violent, revolutionary movements.

I hope I gotta enough garlic to cover mayhem and madness, or maybe this time, serenity and superpowers
.  No matter how you look at it, this Spring is going to bring changes.  

Tonight, look to the Lady as she shines her full face upon us, and welcome her healing and strength into your heart!

Lady Rae 

*(The novels are really more about the hormonal effects on any young girl.  The sudden possibility of loving deeply and sexually, and then the fear of the loss of that deep love and physical manifestation of it.  Her need to be consumed by it, rather than live without it, even though she has never done either.)  


  1. last night walking back from the laundry I stopped and leaned up against the truck and looked at the moon and stars and sky...so lovely

    1. The moon was really gorgeous here last night too! I took some pics but they don't do her justice!