Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Part of being an immortal means living through the revolution and overthrow of the favourite lifestyle.  Of always having to watch everything one has loved become archaic.

A continuity and inevitable reverse of karma-- the grifter becomes the mark, the ugly becomes the beauty, the poor becomes rich.

You will see yourself reviled, without the rose coloured glasses of reincarnation, and you will join in the disgust.

For the enlightened immortal, one has to constantly expand in self-love, and de-FRAG (remove all fear, resentment, anger and guilt).  We are here to experience the last days of the old age, and the first days of the New Age.

We cannot live fully in either world, knowing that there are aspects of this world we will have to reject, and also things we have to accept in the New Age.

The pendulum that is swinging between this world and the next has a rhythm.  It has a binary programme that all of us can access.  It was swinging faster, but now that it has gathered momentum it is swinging wider.

We all have to become more fluid.

We will experience some extremes in order to learn how to mitigate them in ourselves.  The best trait for an immnortal is dexterity.

The NowEver is becoming stronger, as the souls that inhabit human bodies in this Earthly dimension remember their own immortality and eternal nature.

Uranus, ruler of the Unexpected and Unexplainable, is the ruler of zombies and the undead hordes. Uranus is the ruler of the Zodiac House of Aquarius. **

The fascination with zombies and the brain eating dead is actually rooted in both the great number of psychic awakenings that are happening, and the fact that the majority of people have not yet experienced it yet, AND our global awareness of each other, and all aspects of human live, thanks to the internet and mass media, etc.

The ghosts of the past and of other people with cultures and ways that may be hostile to our own is literally overwhelming us.

Remember to take a moment everyday, especially if you are a witch, to connect with the sky, with the earth, and with the sea.  Rejoice in her abundant fertility, that she is able to support all 7 billion of us.  Affirm that we are all healing and growing and there is enough for everyone.

Affirm that we will learn to create a sustainable existense for ourselves, and that we are heading toward a Utopian future.

Affirm it for yourself first, and then all others.

For many people in this world, the most unexpected and unexplainable thing would be if everything did turn out all right, and that everything really was all good.

Happy Full Moon Peeps!

** (Saturn was the ruler until the very end of the Age of Pisces, at least in European astrology, I believe, following the manner of Royal Houses-- although of course, backward in procession- as the planetary rulers, like certain Gods and Dieties, actually age in the exact opposite direction of our time here.  So Olympian Saturn gives birth to Titan Father.)

And Scorpio might rule the underworld and death and passion, but the the undead hoards and zombies belong to Uranus.  (Although, if you are doing magick, the Egyptian Pantheons are actually the best for resurrection and possession, etc. Some of the other African systms might work better, but too often the magick requires too heavy a price.)

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