Monday, November 30, 2015

T IS FOR....

T is for Terrorism...

At the Thanksgiving dinner I attended there was conversation about the Mystic Massacre, the true "Thanksgiving Celebration" the Pilgrims celebrated.  An act of terrorism against the native people that had helped the terrorist invaders plant crops and survive the winter!

Later, when I got home and checked my social media I found the following in my feed:

(The Daily Kos article contains a speech by Wampanoag Frank James, if you don't read any of the articles at least read this speech: )

This is the truth about why these Trumps and Teddy's (Cruz) are so terrified of immigrants or anyone different from them.  This is the lineage they claim.  This is the tradition they seek to continue.  This is the inheritance, the Karma, they must fear.

And as a magickal person, I will say this is another of the first blood debts this land must cleanse and ask forgiveness for to truly be free.  Until there is justice, there will be no peace...

T is for Thug...

There has been a movement to get the mainstream media (MSM) to stop using the word "thug".  I heartily disagree!  I do agree the word should not be used to describe African American men, or peaceful protesters.  But I do think the word should be used properly, to describe the real thugs:

This lady below is the Wal-mart heiress who thinks her workers don't deserve a raise.  The photo is from a DUI arrest.  I got it from a Daily Mail article.

I figured the rest were pretty well known.

We the People need to learn from the real thugs of the world.  We need to be as tenacious in seeking living wages as they fight to not pay taxes or living wages.  We need to be unapologetic about our rights to live in this world and to have enough.  As tenacious about our eco system as the thugs are about destroying it.  As opposed to racism as they are at fostering it.  We need to oppose their acts of war with every bit as much fervor as they perpetrate these wars for profit.Thugs seek to control our political system and we need to become thuggish about taking it back.

No I don't mean get violent.  Violence against them doesn't work.  They own all the violence in the world.  They create it, thrive on it, desire it.  PROFIT from it.  I was watching the clash in Paris at the Climate talks on Democracy Now and thinking "when are we going to stop making it easy for the foot soldier thug police to attack us?"  Instead of congregating in one place, disperse all over the city.  Stretch out miles long, hand in hand down sidewalk after sidewalk.  Stroll for miles through crowded streets in groups of two or three or four, wearing placards and chanting.  Stop facing off with the police and start talking to all the people that aren't protesting.

Maybe not all the time.  A large group congregated does make a nice MSM camera shot.  It is obvious opposition to and disruption to the event (in this case the Climate talks).  It is a chance for like minded people to get together and raise a lot of energy.  (Again, as a magickal person, there is a lot of benefit in protest chants in terms of raising and releasing psychic energy.)

But individuals pay a high price in arrests and jail, and it gives the thug foot soldiers (police) too many chances to harm individuals.  We need to start getting creative.  Pesky,  Annoying.  And act with thug like determination and will.

And we need to get more serious about challenging things in court.  When the Koch Brothers decided to hijack national elections they didn't hire protesters, they went to court with Citizen's United.  We need to start changing the laws.  Yelling at the police isn't a long term strategy.

T is for Thanksgiving...

Even before reading about the Mystic Massacre, I never liked Thanksgiving.  It's at the wrong time, far too late, for a Harvest festival.  And as a magickal person, I've just feasted with my ancestors and family and friends on the others side on Samhain.  I am looking forward to Christmas and celebrations with the living.  Thanksgiving drains off both of those "real" holidays (instead of a holiday about blood drenched lies celebrating Manifest Destiny).  It makes Christmas in this country all about the commercial, materialistic"Black Friday" retail shopping orgy.

In this economy and with the wealth inequality, a world bleeding from war and poverty, the whole materialistic Christmas frenzy that kicks off the day after Thanksgiving is really crass, to say the least.   So many are suffering in this world, and our country's culture is engaging in riotous acts of consumer gluttony.  Maybe if we got rid of Thanksgiving altogether Christmas could begin in a more civilised manner, and a week or so later.

I do participate in Thanksgiving, most years, because this is when far off family comes to town, and I like the turkey dinner.  But this year I informed a few family members that in coming years I am going to switch it up.

Thanksgiving day should be a day of protest against the continuing atrocities against Native Americans (they have the highest fatality rates at the hands of police, just for starters). This year there was a gathering at the White House on Thanksgiving Day to demand Executive Clemency for Leonard Peltier.  He's been in prison now for 40 years.  (Mostly because he knows too much, and if he gets a chance to speak freely certain factions and cartels in our government and that control our government would be exposed.)  The fictional movie Thunderheart tells a more truthful tale about what happened than Peltier's trial documents and sentencing transcripts.  The true story is just more thugs, FBI thugs this time,

Even though you missed the demonstration, you can make a call to the White House to demand Executive Clemency.  "Don't let Leonard die in prison."  202.456.1111

In the future, after my Thanksgiving Day protest- which hopefully will not end with me being in jail- I shall invite everyone to my house for a costume party and celebration of that "Night in November", and do the Time Warp.

And what, you might ask, will we dine on?

Blessings, peeps!

PS- A fascinating collection of Native American short films on PBS' World Channel last night called Injunuity featured a short called Great Law, about how one tribe influenced the formation of our democracy.  The whole show was great.  But Great Law was enlightening. Another thing the white His Story never tells.

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