Sunday, December 27, 2015


Dystopian fiction seems to always hold elements of the coming "utopian" future.  (I put "utopian" in quotes because, of course, once we get there it won't be a perfect utopia anymore!)  When I was young the movie Logan's Run would play on television a lot.   When I read the book 2150 A.D. ten years ago, the tunics and some of the landscape reminded me of the movie.

I believe that 2150 A.D. contains a true vision of the real future of the New Age.  Jesus came to show us what all of us could be, and he came when he did because at that point we needed 2150 revolutions around the sun to fully realise human possibilities.

I believe that even before 2150 we will be able to walk on water, heal our own bodies through thought, astral project, and communicate with other dimensions.  (Jesus communicated with the Divinity Dimension, and probably others that weren't recorded by his mortal companions.)

I was thinking the other day that, like aspects of Orwell's 1984, some of Logan's Run was true.  (EDIT: True of the Utopian future. Like Orwell and the surveillance- true as in drones, the NSA, etc, but also true in terms of social media, reality TV, being surveillance we all do willingly, because we want to. Because transparency belongs to the utopian future.  Because when we are all psychic and without fear or shame, we won't need "privacy" and secrets the way we do in this dystopian world.)

There  will be souls so stuck in the Old Age that even after another death and rebirth to this earth, won't be ready for the New Age.  In 2150 A.D. the "micro" Old Age is recreated by such souls.  People actually re-dye their skin white, black, red, yellow, brown and give up birth control.  They return to living in a class society.  

I can see where in an overpopulated world one or two generations from now, enlightened beings would willing give up their lives at age 30 so that they and others could re-incarnate.  A thirty year lifetime in a utopian world, coming on the heels of an Old Age incarnation, would be the equivalent of 150 years on earth with the body of a young person now.

But for someone like Logan- still not fully enlightened- yearning for the "freedom" of the Old Age, that world would be a hell, and death at 30 the end of life forever.  Just as many people think death is now.

Of course, Logan's Run is still an Old Age movie, so in it the enlightened try to kill him or prevent him from leaving the New Age society.  This is highly unlikely in the real future.  Actually not possible at all.  But I do think it is worth watching again, and plan to find it on streaming or at the library.

The earth's axis has started spinning more slowly- this is scientific:
and our rate of decay is increasing because of that.  It is important for those with 5D Consciousness and New Age architects to keep this in mind, if you are planning to stay in your current incarnation until the shift is complete and we are in the 2150 AD/ 5D world fully.

Especially for World Walkers and Astral Travellers, don't underestimate how the physical changes are affecting the astral.  

Hopefully things will begin shifting faster, but if they don't we are looking at the earth becoming a garbage pit by 2025.  That is what I see, anyhow.  This will happen alongside the New Age, but we are still the least populous and probably will be until 2025.  

For most of the souls incarnated right now, this is the last of the Old Age lives and everyone is loathe to leave, even as the planet turns to shit.  How do you learn to take care of things unless you first ruin something, right?  

2016 might need some extra protection for 5D's that came early for the New Age, and not to live out last Old Age bucket list items.

1)  Talk to the trees.  Ask them to keep you oxygenated.  Offer to trim kudzo, creeper, and other invasive vines or otherwise keep the trees healthy.  Ask each one and if they agree do what you can.

2) Bless the waters.  The oceans, the rivers, the wells, the water tap. Collect rain  water and use tap water as sparingly as you can.  (Do as I say, not as I do-- just start trying. In this country water conservation isn't innate or taught.)  This is still one of biggest problems we face through the 2025 transition, when the last remnants of the Old Age will die.

3) Put a Karmic shield on your armour that translates to "You Live If I Live".  Or "We Survive Together".  More and more non-magickal people are seeing auras and the astral dimension, in part due to fictional television shows and movies.  Those Logan's Run glimpses buried in the dystopia miasma.  Don't be shy about flashing your credentials to keep the Old Age hysteria from smacking you in the face.

If you took part in the Telepath Networking Event, I have added some comments to the post.  Will open the actual Pink Ball deliveries later today.

Peace out, peeps. 

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  1. I rescued a butterfly from the cold the other night..but I see him hanging from the ceiling..think I only prolonged his death..sigh*