Monday, December 14, 2015


In one of my last posts** I was talking about watching the Paris Climate protests, and wondering when we, protesters, would stop making it so easy for the police to surround us?

I frequently muse on adapting the "hands across" theme to protests.  Human chains a mile long instead of centrally located for easy arrest.

Guerilla Theatre needs to be more widely adopted.  The Ferguson protests were a stunning display and inspiration.  Business as usual ceased to exist in St. Louis, and perhaps in many other areas.  There was an element of surprise, of a new generation and invention, in every protest.

I love flash mobs and performance art.  I think a new approach could be to have one person out protesting openly, and make a scene when the police showed up.  Not a violent scene, but just very loud and insistent.

And tens or hundreds or thousands watching.  Recording.  Witnessing.  And then participating.  Like a thunderstorm that comes out of nowhere on St. Louis summer day.

A flash mob would be a good Five for Eleven.  My post about doing 5 extra political acts a month for 11 months every year, beginning on 5 November.

Remember, remember, the time we took control of the world?

Blessings, peeps.

** It's under "T is for Thug".

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