Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Lady Rae aka “Rae Of Light”

I will ask you to think about your question or situation while I shuffle. When the cards are shuffled I will ask you to cut the cards. Cut them intuitively, wherever the deck “feels” like it needs to be cut.

Generally I prefer that you do NOT tell me what your question is, at least until after I have finished my first reading of your cards. At that time I will answer any questions you might have. I feel I can give you a better reading that way. Also, if you choose to keep your question private, then I can allow the cards to answer you directly.

I don't believe the cards do anything “super” natural or evil. They are tools for accessing the wisdom and knowledge of the subconscious and higher spiritual energies. The cards, and I, merely work as conduits for this information.

I generally do not remember the contents of a reading, tarot or psychic. If you want to record the reading or take notes, please feel free.*

 I offer the “HAPPY HOUR” Tarot reading for $5**. This is usually three cards, Past, Present, and Future, pertaining to one situation or question.
If you want to schedule a longer more in-depth consultation, either in person, by phone, or email/chat, I generally ask $35-50 (depending on where the reading takes place) for a full 12 card “Celtic Cross” reading, or we can create a custom spread tailored to your situation or question. I am also available for parties and events.

818.968.5815 cell

* (The human brain sits in a kind of chemical "soup". There is a "soup" for your brain when it is awake, and another for when you sleep, and another for meditation. That is why sleep dreams recede from memory so quickly upon waking. I believe that my brain's "soup" must change when I do a reading, because when I do recall a reading, which is rare and usually requires a lot of prompting, it has the same disjointed feeling as remembering a dream.)

**City of St. Louis: suggested donation/ for entertainment purposes only

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